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The temperature went over 20 degrees C this week, at which point I discovered all the things in my wardrobe that aren't really suitable for hot weather. One of my favourite Svaha dresses is too lowcut for me to wear without something underneath, unless I can figure out some kind of insert to the neckline. (Or possibly go to a professional alterations place and get them to do so.)  Another of my staple dresses (from Evans) is beginning to wear out. I have had a spendy month and ordered a bunch more Svaha dresses, which will turn up at some point when shipping and customs get around to it.

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The weather also prompted me to actually get my hair cut.  It was getting increasingly shaggy and annoying me; while it was just long enough to tie up off my neck, I really wanted to get it tidier.  The post-chemo curls were also a constant reminder of having had chemo. The more recent growth seemed straighter, but I wasn't sure if it was just being pulled straight by the weight of hair below.  Spoiler: nope, my hair seems to be straight again (photos at Twitter).  I am quietly delighted and enjoying having my hair back again.

(I promptly spoiled the lovely blow-dried effect by letting C persuade me to go swimming yesterday afternoon, but my hair seems to still be straight.  Woohoo.)

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Content note: weight changes, body image
(This one is a bit more fraught for me than yesterday's, but I still want to note it.)
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Today's bird: Shoveler
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I am very overweight. My initial attempts to lose my pregnancy weight just sputtered out after a while: regular hard exercise has been a hard thing to make time for in the post-baby world. Since last October I have been slowly trying to "get my act together" generally: eating better, sleeping better, and exercising.

My weekday routine includes 4 miles a day of walking, but I kept being tempted to take the bus some of the time, and the walking was not a very challenging pace. Other activities (ballet, swimming) were hard habits to establish and tended to unestablish very easily. When we went on holiday in June, I had time to think out clearly what I'd been feeling fuzzily for a while: I needed a challenge, and I needed exercise I could do when it suited me.

I thought about running for a while but I'm very paranoid about my knees, and my ankles like to twist at the mildest provocation. Then I was reminded of the "London MoonWalk" and I've always enjoyed walking, so I decided to give power-walking a go.

I realised that next year's MoonWalk was too far away to effectively get me moving right now, so I settled on the Bristol half-marathon, which gave me 10 weeks to train. I've followed a power-walking training plan more-or-less faithfully, apart from 3 weeks in the middle when I kept getting summer colds. Until this week I wasn't really sure I could do the walk in the time required (the race is primarily for runners, and timed accordingly), but checking over the final information this week, I reckon I can complete the race before they stop guaranteeing support. So we're off to Bristol tomorrow and I'm racing on Sunday. Hopefully Tony will manage to take some photographic evidence which I can upload on our way home.

In the mean time, I've lost no weight at all (if anything, I've gained 0.5-1kg), but I've had to start wearing belts with some of my trousers, and I'm keeping up with Tony much more easily when out and about. I've mostly-established a habit of regular high-heart-rate exercise, and will be working towards the full marathon next year.

(And if you want to sponsor me for Sunday, you're very welcome.)
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End of June (last posted): 93.8kg
End of July: 93.4kg
End of August: 93.8kg
End of September: 94.1kg

On the other hand, the ballet regime is going well and I begin to feel confident that I am establishing the habit. My muscles are showing a little more definition, all my size 22 jeans & skirts are now loose on the waist, and a number of my baggier tops are beginning to look very baggy indeed. (I can wear layers under them for the winter, hurrah.)

Best of all, I have just taken ownership of two comfortably-fitting size 20 jeans from La Redoute (ironically from the mainstream collections - the plus-size jeans were too tight). I have another pair of previously-too-small jeans in the underbed-drawer that is snug over the tum and gapes at the back of the waist - they fit my legs fine now but clearly have the wrong shape for my middle. Now if only I could remember if that was meant to be the 'pear', 'apple' or 'hourglass' cut ...

Charles is two next week and I weigh now about 5kg more than I did when I got pregnant. I'm way behind last year's weight-loss targets, set when I was managing to shift around 1kg per month, but I'm making some visible progress and I'm doing it by incremental habit changes rather than anything drastic.
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Sunday: took Charles to the rec for >1 hour
Monday: mowed lawn (bit pathetic, wasn't anywhere near 30 min, but did get me out of breath)

Tuesday: spent HOURS taking part in silly "corporate team bonding" games on inflatable torture devices in the rain. I did mostly enjoy the games, especially the last one which involved climbing and thus I was able to be vaguely competent (unlike certain other games - good thing I don't feel overly attached to my dignity). My team came 2nd! I have a pretty rosette, which Charles already broke the safety pin off.

No idea about tomorrow, but I have an Exercise Menu on a card in my diary now. Picking something is much easier than being creative, especially when I'm tired. I already worked this out about food, which is why we try to have supplies of ping in the fridge/freezer.
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At the end of April (when I last posted) I was 95.4kg.
At the end of May I was 94.8kg (0.6kg lost)
At the end of June I was 93.8 (1kg lost).

This follows essentially no change for the five months before May, so I am relieved to see things finally moving downward again. I think the focus for me on sleep and exercise is paying off weight-wise as well as in general sanity-maintenance.

The nicest thing about June was I spent a week in France eating whatever I felt like, and had no weight gain on my return - previous trips always seem to have added a kg or two to the scales, so perhaps I am doing better at staying in touch with what my body actually wants.

I suspect my minimal alcohol intake may have something to do with it as well: maybe the 'stop eating, I'm full' signals come through better when sober. I'm not being puritanical about drinking, but my body is consistently signalling 'stop drinking, do not want' after fairly small amounts (1-2 units at most), and this has been the case since I had Charles. (When I was pregnant, it was amazing if I could actually drink a whole unit of alcohol in an evening, even though I was 'allowed' 1-2 units once or twice a week).
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In March I lost 0.3kg. In April I bobbed up and down a little but have ended the month exactly the same as I started. Currently 95.4kg. Sleep was a complete lost cause for most of March and April, and exercise only intermittent. Both are looking a bit more back on track now, in that I am actually getting >6 hours straight most nights and actually getting >1 hour's gentle exercise most days in the last week. I eat a more balanced diet when I'm not perpetually tired.

Maybe May will be better, if I can keep up the good sleep+exercise work. I currently weigh about 6.5kg (1 stone) more than when I got pregnant with Charles, and have done for months, and it's a bit tedious.
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Given regular exercise and a relatively balanced and healthy diet, I have recently observed that the single activity that really correlates with my weight dropping (rather than staying still) is going to bed before 11pm.

Must Do Better At Sleep for so many reasons. This is just one more.
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I have gained 0.5kg in January, weighing in at 96.1 today. I put most of it down to illness reducing exercise but not appetite! I am not going to calculate a 3-month average weight-loss and forecast from it. Instead I will try to get regular walking back into the routine (this week has been quite good for that) and see what happens in February.
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This month I started at 97.5kg and am now 95.7kg. 1.8kg loss this month, average over the past 3 months is 1.4kg/month. Last month's 3-month average was 1.1kg.

Target Weight /kg BMI Date when last weighed Predicted date of reaching target
Lightest since Charles born 96.5 34.2 Nov 2006 DONE! 12th November
Pre-pregnancy weight 89.0 31.5 Jan 2006 Apr 2008 (was May, Jun)
Wedding weight 84.0 29.7 Jul 2005 Aug 2008 (was Sep, Nov)
"Velvet dress" weight 77.0 27.3 Apr 2004 Jan 2009 (was Mar, May)
Final Target 70.0 24.8 Dec 2002 Jul 2009 (was Sep, Nov)
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Weight reading
11/11/07 Sunday 95.2 96.6
11/12/07 Monday 95.4 96.5

I am back to the lightest I've been since Charles was born, which I last weighed about a year ago.
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Going well!
This month I started at 99.8kg and am now 98.2kg. 1.6kg compares well to 1kg in each of the past 2 months. I can now comfortably wear the size 22 jeans that I bought 2 weeks ago. I will shortly have 2 good-quality pairs of size 24 jeans for grabs if anyone's interested before I get them to a charity shop.
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My waterproof coat zips up over my belly again. I bought it just before getting pregnant, and so it fitted ok for all of three months. Then I had to faff with the bottom zip (it's one of those that unzips from either end, depending on need) or just use the velcro rather desperately.

Such a simple thing, but so nice to have a concrete example of how I'm getting thinner as well as lighter. My current size 24 trousers are all getting a bit baggy at the waist, but I don't yet fit into a size 22 of the same things. I'll try again in another kilo or two.
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8/26/07 Sunday 99.8 100.0
8/27/07 Monday 99.8 100.0
8/28/07 Tuesday 99.4 99.9

For those not familiar with the Hackers Diet, the first column of numbers is the actual weight reading taken each morning.  The second column is an exponentially-weighted moving average of the weight readings (the "trend"), which smooths out the normal up-and-down of daily readings.  The trend is what I think of as my weight.  It has been in 3 digits since last December.

Obviously the change from 100.0 to 99.9 is about as significant as the change from 1999 to 2000.  However, I have now lost 0.9kg in August and I could reasonably expect to lose another 0.1 in the last 3 days of it, which means the second month in a row of losing 1kg by means of changing my lifestyle slightly (more walking, less sugar).  At this rate it will take me another 2.5 years to reach my goal weight of 70kg.  But it's the right direction and at least I'm not dieting ;)
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Partly inspired by Keith finding some 5-year-old photos of me, I've decided to start thinking about how to shift some of the weight I've gained in the time since then, especially in the last 15 months.
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Weight: 89.0 kg (-1.8kg)
Trend: 89.4kg (+0.1kg)
Daily calorie average: 2200

The weight has fallen a lot, but that's usual in the first week or so of not eating Christmas-dinner amounts of food. The trend (exponentially-smoothed average) rise shows that all I've really done is failed to put on much more weight. I've still eaten a lot more than my target, but I think being busy and ill has used some of that. The weight is now back below the trend (and has been for 3 days) so during next week I can hopefully drag it downward. I'd like to end January with the trend somewhere between 87.3 and 88.3.
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Weight: 90.8kg (BMI 32.3)
Trend: 89.3kg
Chest: 110cm
Waist: 93cm
Hip: 117cm

WLR goal of 85kg, at 500g/week, daily calorie target of 1869.
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Been stuffing myself silly in various places, and feeling ill Sat-Tues didn't help. Managed to stick quite close to 1800 calories on Thursday and Saturday, otherwise I've just overeaten by hundreds of calories.

Daily average calories: 2350
Trend: 87.8kg (+0.2kg)
Weight: 88.4kg (+1.2kg)

Hurrah for exponentially-weighted averages, they at least damp out the worst of the changes if I can but manage to stick to my limits.
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Mean daily calories Delta trend Delta weight
2500 0kg +0.4kg

Overeating a bit this week, rather spectacularly over the weekend. However, now I've been going three weeks, I've got a reasonable set of data for the Hackers Diet, which tells me I've been undereating by an average of 133 calories per day. I've been eating an average of 2350 per day, so very roughly I should need about 2500 for no change at all - which agrees with the last week. Parties and other distractions are proving too easy for me to give into temptation. Must try harder there, but I think I'll also try to routinely eat less so I've got a bit more leeway for such occasions. Changing my activity level on WLR to 'moderately sedentary' reduces my allowance to 2083; in practice I'm going to aim for 2000.

Normally I'd not measure for another week, however as I'm altering my goals a bit, thought I'd measure again this morning:
Chest: 108cm (-1cm), Waist: 90cm (-2cm), Hips: 117cm (no change)

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Mean daily calories Delta trend Delta weight
2450 +0.6kg 0kg

Very disheartening week, really. Seemed to be going well and then I had gut issues and suddenly regained lots of weight, and that was before the Alumnae Dinner on Saturday. Booze is definitely correlated with eating over my limits.

Measurements are identical to 2 weeks ago. Better than bigger, I suppose.

WLR chirpily tells me I should have lost weight as I ate very near to my quota. New quota 2432.

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Mean daily calories Delta trend Delta weight
2150 -0.3kg -0.8kg

My calorie allowance from WLR was 2436 (an absurdly precise number), and as you can see, I averaged rather below that. I think this is partly due to being obsessive about eating lots of vegetables, and partly just the effect of recording everything I eat ... suddenly those birthday cakes in the office are less attractive. Vegetables are good for making me feel full. I'm trying to get into good eating habits overall, not just losing weight, but it appears eating lots of veg meets both goals.

WLR gives me a new calorie quota of 2420, along with a mild telling off for undereating my last one.

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I've been inspired by [livejournal.com profile] lnr (that sounds so much better than "I'm being a copycat" doesn't it?) to archive all my old weightloss stuff and start again. It's just too depressing to open it up and read how at the start of the year I was a bit above 80kg and now I'm at nearly 89kg. Last Friday, despite the migraine, was notable for being my "Day 1" of health - i.e. nothing hurt anywhere around my uterus, at all, all day, for the first time since June. So, I am well enough, and I just need to start being organised enough, to sort my weight out. I've been blithering over the weekend, not helped by working it, but I think [livejournal.com profile] lnr's approach is the one that will work for me too.

So. New account set up at Weight Loss Resources and the old one cancelled. It was free due to a very minor favour I did the site organisers way back when, but I actually think that if I'm paying for it, I might use it more diligently. New Hackers Diet spreadsheet set up (the old one is archived). It's going to be an interesting challenge, trying to moderate my calorie intake without having periods of low blood sugar (because that way lies migraines), but I'm going to start slowly, get back into the habit of calorie-counting at all (as opposed to 'not bothering' which has been the case for, ooh, most of the summer), and actually read my GI diet books. And get home from work early enough that I have sufficient energy to think about food for the evening and the next day.

I told WLR I am 'moderately active' and picked the slowest rate of weight loss: 250g per week. Their magic numbers give me a calorie allowance of 2400 per day for now. Feels quite generous.

I start with: weight 88.6kg, chest 109cm, waist 92cm, hips 117cm.


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