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My favourite of the 'official' wedding album:

Many more photos of that day are linked from here.
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It's not quite a year since our wedding, and today I have finally got around to sorting out my webpage about it, which mostly consists of links to photographs.

In particular, the wonderful official wedding album is finally available for public perusal. For the avoidance of any doubt, its lateness is entirely our fault, our lovely photographer supplied it long ago.

I have also been digging out links to other people's photo collections from the day: if you have one online and I haven't listed it, do please send me a link and I'll update it. I'm also quite happy to host sets of photographs, whether currently digital or even old-fashioned paper (I have a scanner and am not afraid to use it), so again, do let me know if you'd rather not go to the faff of organising photograph hosting yourself.

As a result of this, I have now spent several hours looking at pictures of a very happy day and reminiscing pleasantly. And I have ticked off a few long-overdue things from the to-do list, which is its own pleasure.
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I had a trial bridal "put up" done today, and am very happy with it. Rosie came to represent the bridesmaids and we are settled on a similar style for them, minus the veil. I decided I wanted to keep it in for the afternoon, to see how it lasted, and arranged to work from home so as not to distract my colleagues (also makes for a better test than cycling back to the office). Back at home, Rosie and Keith wielded cameras.

This means that logistics are all done for the wedding preparation, hurrah. I've also managed to sort most remaining accommodation out this week.

I am amused to note that Fotopic have started offering personalised wedding invitations through their online shop. Nice to feel like a trendsetter.

Must. Write. Order of Service.
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I have finished the data entry from replies to wedding invitations. I have managed to procrastinate about it superbly, to the point where I felt so embarrassed about even looking at the paper pile or the emails that I immediately went and did lots of other things instead every time I contemplated it, to make the sick feeling go away. However, the number and importance of things dependent on me getting it done finally reached sufficient urgency this evening to push the guilty reactions over from avoidance into action. I feel relief, rather than pride that it is done.

There is still a longish to-do list, and I know what my main non-work focus is going to be in the next month, but only one or two essential things remain (getting formal permission from the Director of Music for the chosen music, and printing an order of service). Everything else on the list is about making it less stressful on the day - worthy aim, but not essential to the service and reception taking place. Oddly, that makes the list easier to contemplate.

And now I should be in bed.
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I am officially stressed. Be nice to me, and be patient with my whining, please.
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I had a nice long phone conversation with my mum yesterday. Some of it was administrative: she has what sounds like a lovely dress on order for the wedding, I let her know about the impending cats (she is mildy allergic, Mick very much so), and we talked about holiday ideas for the boys and I enthused madly about Scotland after my trip there three years ago. We are both working like mad things, and as a result, we probably aren't going to be able to have any lengthy time together before the wedding. So part of the conversation was her telling me useful and intelligent things that she could think of about marriage and life and relationships. I'd wanted to go away together to talk about it and we'd talked about talking, and as we can't go away, she's thought over what I wanted to know and has answered it. I appreciated that part very much. Some of it is still sinking in and worth thinking over and talking over with Tony in the next few weeks.

My mother is wonderful.

Completely changing the subject, I've noticed a new Punt & Dennis radio 4 comedy show starts tonight in the usual 6:30pm slot: "The Party Line: Topical sitcom by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, recorded just before transmission. Frustrated backbench MP Duncan Stonebridge believes his career is going nowhere, ever since he fell off the stage on Question Time. Duncan is a man trapped in limbo, struggling to deal on a local level with the edicts handed down from Westminster. Starring: James Fleet, Simon Greenall". So I'll be listening to that before I head to the beer festival :)
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The wedding is in 50 days, which scares me slightly with its feeling of being a small round number. Any of you who think I am too organised may be comforted to know that there is precisely one weekend between now and the wedding upon which I can meet up with all of my bridesmaids at the same time to continue wedding-planning ... but it is the pre-wedding party. Workarounds are required.

Both Tony & I have been letting other things (like work, illness, family etc) prevent us from deciding the hymns and dealing with all those replies people sent me at the end of April. But we have decided that this evening sees an end to such procrastinating. It was going to be Wednesday evening but we postponed it ...

I mentioned this in the pub last night to a couple of people, and we decided that "The Procrastination Ends Tomorrow" would make an excellent tshirt slogan.
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Well, the election diet didn't really work, and I've been neglecting really to eat properly. [I'm also behind on wedding planning, and constantly playing catch up at work. What am I doing with my time?] The GI diet habits have only really stuck where breakfast is concerned and the weekend's post-migraine face-stuffing has left me topping the scales this morning at the highest weight so far this year. Bugger.

So. This morning I entered the vital statistics into WLR and set Yet Another Starting Point.
Weight Bust Waist Hips
82.8kg 110cm 87cm 110cm

I have a wedding dress that looked just great when I was weighing 78kg, and I am going to fit into it in just under eight weeks time. (Yes, I know, I have become a cliche.)

If I can lose 750g per week for the next 8 weeks I should be around 77kg by the wedding day and all will be well. So it's full-on calorie-counting and as strictly low-GI food as I can manage (if only because keeping my blood sugar steady while I undereat is probably the only way to survive this without migraining everywhere). As I've been reminded recently of the existence of my Playstation and the only two games I own for it, there might have to be a fair bit of dance mat action over the next few weeks as well.
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We went ring shopping today at Cellini, where I got the engagement ring valued way back when I first got it. The salesman dealing with us was pleasant and helpful and we were able to find what we wanted in about 15 minutes. It probably helps that we both wanted "plain gold bands" and were merely investigating variations on width and height and shape.

2-3 weeks for the rings to arrive. Once we've checked they fit and are as much what we want as we think, we can order the internal engraving, which should take another 3 weeks or so. 8 weeks until the wedding, and they made a note of the date, which gives confidence. It's all rather exciting: another solid step in the planning, like finding the dresses and choosing the music.

I don't think I updated about the bridesmaid dresses. All the pieces did eventually arrive in the end. I got a completely random top instead of one of the bodices, and when I rang to complain, I had to make a fresh order for the bodice, and return the random top to the shop myself. Ah well. They are all here now. We had a pleasant evening with [livejournal.com profile] emperor and [livejournal.com profile] atreic and my rather scary Wedding Music CDs, which resulted in an in-principle settled set of music, apart from the hymns. Hurrah. I have been listening to the selected music a lot lately, and am getting to know the liturgy fairly well too.

I have a backlog of replies to process. The election distracted me somewhat, but I really do need to crack on, as we are at 8 weeks and counting. Not yet time to panic, but if nothing else, it doesn't give people on the backup list much notice if I don't hurry up. Next week doesn't seem to be quite as busy from here, so maybe I'll manage it ...
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Bridesmaid dress-buying DOOM )
At the back of my head, part of me is killing itself laughing at the spectacle of me getting so het up over clothes with poncy names like Titania Sky. It'd better be a temporary aberration.
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On Tuesday evening we had our second marriage preparation session, which was mostly a wedding-preparation session. We'd covered most of the "so, is marriage a good idea for you two then" ground in our initial meeting where Ruth agreed to marry us, and in the first session.Read more... )

Yesterday was the bridesmaids gathering for clothing-discussion, showing off The Dress, and a chance to discuss planning and details and so on. I only realised the latter bit of mission creep a week in advance and hurriedly invited the best man, who turned out to have a prior engagement, but on the whole I don't think he missed anything that I can't summarise later. Read more... )
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I am writing out wedding invitations and having the most freaky panic attack. People aren't going to like them, I've been too patronising/rude/uninformative in the information pack, my handwriting isn't good enough, including a bus tour leaflet is is too tacky, the address labels are too tacky, I'm somehow getting the form of address wrong and will offend people. With work people, I keep panicking that all the people in the same office who haven't been invited are going to feel left out or slighted or hate me. It's not good enough and I suck.

Intellectually I can dismiss this as excess perfectionism. Objectively I know that Tony & I have done the best job we can of this, and everyone who's opened an invitation so far has seemed to like them. And normally I don't care so much what other people think anyway. I can keep doing the job because it has to be done, but the lies are running through my head as I write each invitation and I just caught myself hyperventilating. It's all very odd and most unlike me. Now that I'm writing about it rather than experiencing it, I feel a bit calmer. I realise I felt nearly as nervous and hypersensitive last weekend when I was preparing the first few invitations to take to Tony's family.

I have grown used to detaching myself from my work, or more accurately, criticism of my work from criticism of myself: when writing software, this is something of an essential skill. If I can convince myself this is just another type of work, I should be able to distance myself a bit more. While it's no bad thing to be deeply emotionally attached to the success of my wedding-planning project, it's no good if that lack of detachment impedes my ability to make the project succeed. So it musn't.

And so, more than half an hour after starting to write this, I've worked my way through to an answer that might just work to keep me calm tomorrow. For now, it's bedtime.
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I have today had the first occasion to use what will be my married name: requesting my badge name for DWCon 2006. I wonder whether there'll be anything else like that between now and July. My default assumption is that I sort it out after the wedding, when I have the certificate. As we're honeymooning in the UK I don't even need to bother getting my passport in advance (though that is a very nifty service).
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Here's where I ask you to beta-test a questionnaire. If you don't think you're in the target audience, please imagine you are for the purpose of seeing if I'm asking the right questions.

The target audience of the questionnaire are guests at a wedding in Cambridge on a summer weekend, who might be interested in a walking tour of the city with other wedding guests at some point over that weekend. The wedding takes place at 3:30pm on the Saturday in one of the central Colleges. The Tourist Information Office has great flexibility in the tours they offer, so the couple are trying to establish what would best suit their guests. Multiple tour times are possible if there is sufficient interest.
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The invites are approved and ordered and should be with us by early next week. I haven't written the accompanying bumf yet, though most of it is assembled in my head and should come out without too much coaxing. I need to beat the last few names out of [livejournal.com profile] fanf, and then we have to triage. Astonishingly, we have managed to come up with well over 250 people we want to come and celebrate with us. 250 is the fire limit on the main hall at Arbury Community Centre, so I really don't want more people than that attempting to squeeze in for the speeches. I feel a bit guilty for the people I want to invite that will have to wait for some definite Noes to come back, but mostly I guess we're lucky to know this many people well enough to want them there. (And as [livejournal.com profile] dunkm reminded me, I'm even more lucky to be getting married!)

We've also finally made a decision about food at the reception: we're going to ask people to bring-and-share food, while we provide a good celebratory base of fizz and beer, as well as booking the cash bar for the duration. This saves us a significant amount (about 3k minimum) on caterers (some of which will go into better booze), and hopefully gives an extra reason for people not to feel obliged to give us wedding presents - just bringing themselves and some food is more than enough. I'll attempt to coordinate at least a balance of sweets and savouries, and some thought for dietary requirements (just among my family we have lactose intolerance, coeliac disease and vegetarian).

Right, I should probably write some of this bumf ... I detect my very own essay crisis as immediately three dozen things look more interesting.
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Looks like I have a venue for the wedding reception. The Arbury Community Centre has a hall that will hold all the people we want to invite, a nice large kitchen with a hatch into that hall, another smaller hall (quiet space for kiddies?) and a bar. The hiring cost is very reasonable and the staff member I talked to very helpful. Still need to sort out catering, but at least I have plenty of ideas there.

I am so relieved. I have spent all the time I could spare (and summon the will to ring up strangers) in December and January ringing people up and being told "we don't do evenings" or "that's too many people" or "we were booked up months ago".

Next job: invitations.more wedding wittering )
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Time seems to move too fast, and I don't get enough done. I want a pause button so I can catch up.

I've spent this morning being 'mentored' (or 'trained' as we used to call it) on an ETL tool for making a reporting database. I managed to break it in interesting ways and confuse the mentortrainer. We have two more sessions booked next week.

I've spent this afternoon working with my team leader on a mission to clear down the helpdesk call queue, which now means I have zillions of emails (both copies of the ones he sent out, and people's replies). I've also got a list of my outstanding calls and what I need to do next on each, but no energy left to start on them.

I have leaflets to deliver for Friday's county council by-election, and newspapers for the neighbouring ward that I think are less urgent but should check when I've got home. I've got Christmas lunches on Friday and Tuesday. [livejournal.com profile] fanf and I are going to London Thursday night and Friday night, and I've a party Saturday night, and another Christmas meal next Thursday night.
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However, I did have a lovely weekend, and I know rationally that I'm being more useful at work than it feels right now, and [livejournal.com profile] fanf helped prove yesterday that we can still communicate when both of us are very grumpy. Also today I was reminded by [livejournal.com profile] techiebabe's post to sign up to sponsor a child with Plan UK. They'll be sending my welcome pack shortly.

And this is absolutely not a beg-for-presents post, but I got asked by enough people that it was worth writing a wishlist page and I managed to get that done too. So I'm happy, both that I got it done, and that I needed to :)
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Last Sunday I created invitations.mdb, set up a basic schema and started entering names. Having embarrassing memory problems with names of relatives, even the ones I like. There are lots of addresses I'm going to need to chase up. I might even be able to get the reception booked before I've got them all.

Earlier this week Tony finally got around to asking [livejournal.com profile] firmbutfair to be his best man. Mike was kind enough to say yes. In his own words he'll "make sure Tony isn't coding in his socks half an hour before the ceremony", which is exactly why he's the perfect man for the job.

Yesterday I swore the affidavit in front of the chaplain, so all I need to do now is return the affidavit and commission to the Faculty Office and sometime around my birthday next year the chaplain should receive our Special Licence.

Tomorrow I'm herding the bridesmaids to my favourite clothes shop in the whole world to try on lots of pretty things and work out what looks good on who. I doubt we'll actually buy anything wedding related, unless we're really lucky, but it should be a good start. I can also find out about the likely costs, and possibilities for getting stuff altered or made up for us. To be honest I'm lacking in clothes-related enthusiasm this week but finding another Saturday we can all make is even more daunting. The others seem gratifyingly excited today and I'm hoping that'll help me perk up tomorrow.

Mum made some useful suggestions about accommodation when I spoke to her on Wednesday, and there were some good ideas floating around on #chiark: fun things to play with during the speeches (as seen at someone else's wedding a few weeks ago).

This wedding isn't taking over my ENTIRE BRAIN oh no. I'll be creating weddingplan.xls soon to hold it all instead.
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The Special Licence is approved. Having posted the form on Monday morning, I had the affidavit and commission to "enable you to swear before any Anglican minister in England and Wales" through the post Wednesday morning. As the letter says "I confirm ... that it is in order for you to make all your marriage arrangements". So hurrah.
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After the last entry about wedding-planning I've come to some decisions about what to do for LJ-witter about it. I particularly noted [livejournal.com profile] atreic's comment that "what you plan for your wedding is a part of your life" and [livejournal.com profile] ewx's that "I'd rather people hid things they want me not to see, and otherwise just showed me the lot".

So, I'm going to follow my usual approach of "journal is public unless the subject matter is such it shouldn't be", in which case what locking I use will depend on why I want to keep things not-public. I'm probably going to continue using the couply userpic and cuts so that those with no interest or wedding allergies can spot-and-skip easily.

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One of the recurrent questions one gets asked when engaged is "So, have you set a date yet?". The answer has been "No" up until now. Well in fact, it's still "No", but I'm hoping to rectify that soon.

For various reasons (housing, money, my health/stress issues) we'd specifically not been planning the wedding. However, over the past few months I've been doing a lot better stress-wise and house-sharing as a couple-with-others is going well, so after some discussion we're going ahead with planning. As a result I am now very bouncy because I get to organise and plan and arrange and other stuff I thoroughly enjoy. And of course throw random questions at Tony to make sure we're in agreement with all the organising and arranging etc :)

I'm going to be bouncing a lot into LiveJournal I expect, so there are some important questions to consider: do I make a wedding-filter of my friends list or do I give the wedding its own journal? There's only one way to tackle such questions: a Poll! (and I haven't done one in ages and it's about time).

[Poll #343599]


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