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1. I have been heard to say that I am too lazy to puree food for babies, let them just help themselves off whatever the parent is eating when they aren't having milk.

Well, that worked for Charles.  Nico it turns out is very keen on eating whatever his parents are eating, but lacks teeth and competence to eat a lot of it without choking.  So I have an icecube-tray or two of roughly-blended adult food in the freezer, and if my meal looks like he might choke on it, I microwave up a cube and spoonfeed it to him.  (I've started making him his own little bowl of porridge in the morning because I like to adulterate mine with seeds).

2. I have been heard to say that Elimination Communication is lovely-sounding, but far too likely to be messy and difficult for us to even try, especially with baby moving between three main carers (me, Tony, nursery).

Except that this baby's attempts to tell me how much he hates wetting his nappies are finally sinking in and I'm admitting that part-time EC is better than none.

Turns out different babies are different and parents may need to adapt to individual needs.   Who'd have thought.

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A second tooth followed the first within a week, and Nicholas is much more interested in food that others are eating now. Over the last week he has tried most things I have been eating, most notably refried beans at Las Iguanas. He will tolerate being spoonfed but much prefers to be in charge[1] of the spoon, or to hold the food in his fist and nom on it in his own time.


So we are into baby-led weaning territory all of a sudden, with the nappies to match. Here's a colleague's snap from our work Christmas dinner, demonstrating Nicholas's newfound enthusiasm for mince pies:

Baby-led weaning at work Christmas party
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Yesterday lunchtime Charles let go of both my hands and stood balanced and steady for a good 5 seconds before sitting down abruptly. I squealed madly for Tony's attention, who said casually "oh yeah, he did that this morning". A few minutes later he did it a third time. SO EXCITING.

This week he has abruptly started taking much less milk while I'm at work. From 150ml or so down to 50ml or so at most. I've had to grit my teeth and pour away unused milk every day. Yesterday I tried decanting about half the bottle in the fridge and just leaving the decanted half, which meant only 20-30ml thrown away rather than 100ml. I guess the offering-of-solid-food is beginning to take effect. He still nurses when I am with him, and is clearly not starving. I'm still getting out approx 200ml every morning at work, and I'm currently donating the excess to the Milk Bank (all our spare bottles/cups are already in the freezer), but if this trend continues I'll start considering cutting back on the time spent pumping. I think I'll give it another 2 weeks to be sure though, in case it's a passing phase.
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I have started offering Charles some of my porridge in the mornings, if we are sitting together at breakfast time (sometimes he has a lie-in with daddy instead). The first time I tried to put the spoon in his mouth, he refused, grabbed the spoon, grabbed the porridge off the end and mashed it in the general vicinity of his mouth. Later he got the idea of shoving the end with the food on into his mouth. But I am most definitely not allowed to put the spoon in, it has to be him.

I think the porridge gets distributed about 1/3 inside, 2/3 outside. I finish breakfast and then spend a few minutes wiping porridge off the table, the chair, the hands, the face, the belly ...

Other recent foods: mini rice cakes sweetened with apple juice, sliced peppers, gravy-covered carrots, cucumber, home-made oaty fruity muffins.
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I forgot to mention that on holiday I wasn't entirely successful at keeping him shaded/covered at all times, and he picked up just a hint of golden tan. His hair also got bleached highlights, so he is a glowing golden boy. Utterly adorable.

This week he has eaten dry rice crispies, cabbage, bread, courgette, spring greens and garlic bread, all from the plates of adults. He threw up the mashed potato. In general he seems to dislike mushy things and like things with some texture, even better if they are in pieces big enough for him to grip in a fist and gnaw on. He doesn't have finger+thumb pincer control yet, just the ability to make a good fist and hold things in it. I fed him the rice crispies one at a time, direct to his mouth, his mouth opening like a little bird for them.

He's beginning to wriggle backwards on his tummy, and I spent some time today teaching him how to dismount from the bed like that. His walking-with-support continues to grow in speed and confidence, and he spent some considerable time today standing with only one hand gripping onto my trouser leg while trying to pull the telephone directory off its shelf.

I am trying to get a baby seat fitted to my bicycle. The chap at University Cycles has one that will go on my crossbar, but my handlebars need to come up and he couldn't get the tube they're on to move. We have decided to try regular application of lubrication spray over the long weekend to see if it penetrates enough to move it. Or I shall have to rethink my cunning plan.

He loves being turned upside down. It's the best way to see his vampire teeth too.

[livejournal.com profile] ceb gave us a fantastic babygro yesterday in the pub. I shall have to photograph it over the weekend.

I need to fit the babylocks on all the kitchen cupboards and the utility room cupboard, and start storing the laundry liquids in the utility room cupboard rather than in the open by the machine. My BH weekend DIY plan I think.
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I'm visiting Louise (Tony's mother), with Tony, Charles, James & Rosie. The weather is unseasonably lovely and we've been making good use of the pool. Travel was by Eurostar to Poitiers and then a convoy of hire car and Louise's car to her ex-farm, now home and self-catering cottages in the depths of rural France.

We have been very lazy on the whole, some plans to set up wireless access to the cottage proved pretty much impossible to achieve on this visit due to lack of shops selling basic supplies - [livejournal.com profile] james_r can rant about the details. I have managed to find some lovely clothes for Charles, some fitting now, some for later. The French do plentiful clothing for children that is not pastel pink, pastel blue, white, or beige. Hurrah!

Other Charles notes: he has slowly come to enjoy the swimming pool, if we're careful about introducing him to the cold water. He has an elegant UV-protective swimsuit and matching hat and we try to keep him in that or in the shade. So far he has not got burned. He has enthusiastically munched on bread and croissants, and though he clearly likes crusts, they don't soften enough to go down properly, so we have banned them. I tried offering him some banana, and not only did he recoil, when I left the piece on his tray for later investigation, he picked it up and dropped it over the side of the high chair with deliberation and a look that said "I told you I didn't want it". He has been incredibly clingy to me for the first few days, though I am now allowed to leave him with daddy for a while without being pursued by sobs of abandonment, and he is slowly getting used to Louise again.

I'm off to eat some lovely food and perhaps accompany James to the local airfield.
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Today I saw Charles passing things from hand to hand, in order to free up a hand to grab something else desirable. The NHS book says this should happen between 6 & 7 months so he is right on schedule.

Other new things: he can balance standing up with just one hand being held, for quite some time. He still won't eat banana but decided to help me eat a luxury lemon curd biscuit today. He seems to like putting things in his mouth but is rather less impressed with the bits that come off when he bites. He also helped himself to some bread from a steak sandwich I was eating. I am not sure how much of the bread got swallowed as opposed to being sucked for a bit and then disposed of in my cleavage.
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We had a really good party yesterday to celebrate Charles reaching half a year. Lots of people came, seemed to enjoy themselves, Charles loved the attention, we had a long phone call to [livejournal.com profile] nassus and I think we threw the last people out sometime after 2am.

Charles voluntarily ate some solids! First, in my presence, some soft white bread he was allowed to grab and tear off [livejournal.com profile] atreic's sausage-inna-bun. Later on, in my absence, some hot+spicy pringles. I'm not so happy about the salt and MSG in the latter, but it doesn't appear to have done any harm. So much for squishy fruits.

He's teething again. Both canines, the left one seems further on, but both have some way to come yet. Poor baby is having his now-familiar personality change, getting all clingy and sobby. Distractions help, especially the mirror.

He definitely knows that mirrors reflect the real world. Just now, James was picking up some food left in our fridge, and while Charles and I were looking in the mirror, James put his head just next to Charles's, but behind and not touching - and Charles immediately looked around at him.

I've spent a chunk of this afternoon catching up on a backlog of photos and getting them uploaded to http://rachel.fotopic.net/, and using the Fotopic group feature to link together various categories. http://rachel.fotopic.net/charles/ lists all the collections with photos of the boy in, and I'll make sure to link future collections appropriately.
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I fell in love with and bought a Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair, which allows Charles to sit up at the table with us without sacrificing our food to his new habit of grabbing at everything in reach. It arrived on Monday and [livejournal.com profile] fanf assembled it with only a few setbacks. I had bought a baby bowl and spoon for him a week or two ago, and started giving this to him to play with while we are eating. One or both ends up on the floor at least once per meal, and he does a good job of gnawing both.

Yesterday, he was very interestedly watching us eat lunch, and I offered him a small piece of very soft courgette. He decidedly spat it out, with an amusing expression of disgust.

Today he was also looking very interested in our food, so I put a few pieces of banana in his bowl and offered him a small piece. He frowned for a bit and then spat it out, but he seemed happy to suck the banana traces off the spoon. So I mashed an even smaller piece up a bit and offered that to him on the spoon. He sucked it off the spoon, swallowed it, looked very unimpressed and then very quietly and thoroughly threw up.

He then went happily back to bashing things with the spoon and dish, apparently undisturbed by the whole experience. He really is very tolerant and laid back. I think we'll leave it a few weeks before offering him non-milk food again.


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