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We went out for lunch, all four of us, as a low-key celebration of:
  • my birthday (last week)
  • our wedding anniversary (today)
  • Nico's birthday (tomorrow)
The walk there and lunch were mostly pleasant, the walk home rather less so (too hot).
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On the Monday of last week, after we'd got back from a family gathering in High Wycombe, I managed to utterly trash my laptop.  I did something stupid[1] trying to fix something else, and before too long it was xkcd-sharks territory and I was completely out of my depth, and stressed out, and mildly frantic because I have two OU assignments due before the end of next week.  I was, thankfully, not too worried about data loss, because I do backups regularly, thanks to [personal profile] simont helpfully equating it to housework.  But I need a device to work on.

I was able to say to Tony last week: help, I have cocked this up quite thoroughly and now I can't even boot the thing, and I am so upset about being stupid I am making myself even more stupid.  Can you please take this from me, and hopefully as you aren't all emotionally tangled up about it, you'll find it straightforward.  Please make it boot again, and reinstall Ubuntu, and once I have Dropbox installed I can take it from there.

And he did, by the next day.  (I was sufficiently busy and stressed out I avoided checking it until the weekend, but it works! Huzzah.  I have lost a small amount of data because my backups are only weekly, but nothing disastrous.  Thank goodness.)

[1] Truly, I didn't think this through kind of stupid, yes

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Things achieved today:
  • evicting half a dozen wasps from the living room
  • soothing child terrified (but unstung) by wasps
  • getting [livejournal.com profile] fanf to locate wasp nest
  • booking wasp extermination for tomorrow
  • taking child to gymnastics, with bonus social time for me
  • booking child's birthday party sufficiently in advance to get desired date (unlike last year)
  • 4.5 hours of OU study

Things not achieved today:
  • attending OU tutorial
  • eating any vegetables at all

Things to do in the next nine days:
  • complete and submit final assessment for intro-to-engineering module
  • revise for and take exam for management accounting module
  • take N for visit 1 of 2 to school & after-school club
  • visit my mum and stepdad before their epic trip around the world (we will next see each other in Helsinki next year)

Also, [livejournal.com profile] fanf wrote about his rather-too-exciting trip to the supermarket last weekend, with bonus beard photos.

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to have and to hold from this day forward;
for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish, till death us do part;

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getting home from a mildly stressful day, to find Pieminister in the oven.
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Charles wasn't thrilled to see me when I picked him up today, but we got home, and we avoided the temptation of shopping while cross with each other, and then he helped me put the bins out.

Then we got food-for-children on the go, and I had some consolatory chocolate ovaltine, and Jonny helped me wrangle children while Tony made delicious filling beans+bacon with truly luxurious amounts of butter and garlic. Charles talked to me some more about Christmas cards, but this time when he wasn't hungry, and we came to mutual understanding and agreement, and there were lots of hugs.

Tony and I had beans and bacon, and a mutual-support-and-venting conversation, and Charles has been reading upstairs, and Nicholas is being affectionate and chatty, and in general the world is a much better place than it was 12 hours ago.
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Last weekend we went to Paris for 4 nights, to kick off our family summer holidays. We managed to coincide with a peak in the local heatwave, in a hotel room without air-conditioning. Ouch. We managed, but it was hard work at times (loud room with windows open or quiet-but-roasting room with windows shut).

What we did in Paris )
We were back home before 7pm, and between us had just enough oomph to get unpacked and everyone fed and into bed. Although it was still warm in Cambridge, it wasn't as fierce as Paris had been, and our house is easier to keep cool than that hotel room.

We then had a couple of days at home before coming out to Wales for a week at Seren Loft. So far we are enjoying it very much - the hot weather was with us on Friday and the first bit of Saturday but we've had lots of rain since. I commented to Tony that my many childhood holidays in Wales have led me to associate "rain falling on wooded hills" with feeling relaxed and happy (so long as I am somewhere safe and warm looking at it). The children like the Loft a lot, and Charles is especially enamoured of the artists studio beneath it. I have brought my OU textbooks and am vaguely thinking of spending a fair bit of time in the studio studying while Charles Does Art, and Tony has lots of baby time.

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Eight years ago today I got married. Yay.

One year ago today, I spent a warm afternoon timing contractions and resisting the hope that I would actually go into labour and avoid the next day's surgery. (Spoiler: I didn't.)

In recovery
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At the start of April 2003, I bought half a house, and I'm still living here.
At the end of April 2003, Tony & I became a couple, and I'm still in love.

Our tenth anniversary falls next Friday, which is the day we try to do dates. It's also the day after Iron Man 3 is released, which I am ridiculously excited about[1]. So we will celebrate with dinner and a film, which is roughly how we got started.

2003 was a very good year. 

[1] Not ridiculously enough to see the one-minute-past-midnight showing on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Not sure if I'm wiser or just older than ten years ago.

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We've had nearly two weeks of the "family" timetable and it's beginning to bed in, just in time for me to disappear to Lib Dem Conference with Nicholas and disrupt everything ...  This week I actually managed to do my 5 hours of study, and I'm working on Charles doing his daily homework actually daily as requested by his class teacher.

I seem to be more-or-less physically recovered from the surgery, though I'm being quite cautious about increasing the weights that I lift, until I'm sure.  Mentally, I am very ready to be doing other things than 24-hour babycare.  The family timetable and the OU study are helping here, but even more will be my return to work in ten days.  It'll just be Mondays & Tuesdays until the end of the year, but I miss my work, I miss the people I work with and I miss being able to work on something solidly for more than 10 minutes without having to schedule 3 other people to free me up.

Also I think it'll be good for Tony and Nicholas (and Tony and Charles outside school hours) to have their two days a week together, build their confidence in each other without me around to interfere.

Putting myself together for conference and work, I've been getting important appointments done, like my post-natal check, a haircut, and a vital Rigby & Peller bra-fitting.  I now have supportive, well-fitting nursing bras and a fiercely supportive sports bra.  My last trainers died sometime during my pregnancy so I bought a new pair from John Lewis - rather cheaper than going to Advance Performance, but the service showed it.  So no excuses for not starting C25k when I get back home from Conference.

My suitcase is half-packed and I have been procrastinating actually reading the agenda and setting my timetable, but there's still a bit of time before I head out for the bus to the train to the seaside.
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  1. My and Tony's 7th wedding anniversary.
  2. The first day of Tony's paternity leave, followed by 2 weeks of "ordinary" annual leave.  So nice to be at home together.
  3. My last chance to go into labour before tomorrow's elective c-section.  I went for a long walk yesterday evening, in hopes of encouraging things along.  Basically, if I'm upright and moving around, my body is Braxton-Hicks-ing enthusiastically but without any rhythm emerging, and when I rest, it stops (unless I'm on the gym ball, but that's not the most restful seat).
  4. Release day for the ebook of The Apocalypse Codex, the latest Charles Stross book in the Laundry series.  I had pre-ordered, so it quietly appeared on my Kindle and phone this morning.  I am saving it for tomorrow to while away waiting in hospital.
We are going to the cinema to see the new Spiderman film while Charles is at school and we don't have a baby to look after.  And of course we're walking there, because I haven't quite given up hope yet ...
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... since Tony and I started dating, rather than just hanging out together a lot.

Charles asked "what's dating?"

Family trip to Pizza Express tonight. Partly in celebration, partly because we have vouchers to use up.
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And still in love :)

I just indulged in a "how we looked then" session, and I still think this is one of my favourite ever photos.
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Last screw going in

This time Tony did at least half the building and I made the requisite blood sacrifice by trapping my finger in one of the plastic feet. Charles was pretty much unstoppable once we got the slide attached.
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I had a nice date with Tony yesterday. We saw Alice in Wonderland and then had a good meal at D'Arry's with lots of conversation which was only occasionally about Charles. Jonny very kindly provided babysitting.

We enjoyed Alice, though I had the same headache/nausea reaction afterward as I did to Avatar. It went away with good food and wine and conversation (or I got distracted enough to not notice it, which is good enough). But I think I will have to take painkillers with me to future 3D films, how tedious. We saw quite a few enticing trailers too: I'm particularly looking forward to StreetDance, Tony maybe not so much ;)

Alice makes good understated use of 3D and is as dark and stylish as you'd expect from a Tim Burton film. It makes rather unsubtle points about imposed roles and genuine choices. It passes the Bechdel test (which is one of those things that I can't stop checking for now I know about it) and one scene in particular contrasts women in "passive princess" and "action hero" roles. That said, heroines still need to be pretty and run around in revealing, if lovely, clothing for half the film. In fact all the costumes are gorgeous. I found the ending idealistic but a bit unconvincing for the time and place in which it was set.

D'Arry's is a relatively new restaurant on King St, turning what was a pub into a restaurant/bar. The food was good: I had a simple but very tasty steak with mash and vegetables, Tony had a somewhat fancier surf & turf. Desserts were fun: my banoffee pie was a round layered pudding with shredded mint among the banana, and Tony's white chocolate custard came in a glass. We had a tasty red wine to go with, but I forgot to note what it was before I drank too much of it[1] to remember. It's clearly popular but although it was filling up as we were finishing, it never got too noisy for us to hold a conversation, while never being so quiet you feel self-conscious saying anything. The waiting staff were pleasant and helpful at all times. I think we may go back another time.

[1] 1/3 bottle: my alcohol tolerance remains miniscule
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Tony commented the other evening: "Just imagine how dreadful it would be if we had a more traditional division of marital labour. How awful it would be if I looked after the money and you did most of the cooking!"

I really am glad he does most of the cooking.
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Yesterday was 5 years since Tony and I started going out. Older, fatter, happier and still smitten.
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Tony and I reached 2 years of married life on Monday. Entertainingly we both forgot (better than one forgetting I think) until I signed and dated a form at the car hire place, which prompted me to send him a soppy email. Various relatives rang/texted with congratulations which was lovely too.

[livejournal.com profile] arnhem was great and agreed to a short-notice babysitting request so we went out for dinner together last night. We chose Teriyaki, which seemed very full for a Tuesday, but then so were pretty much all the restaurants in that area. Anyway, we were able to get a table for two and ordered what I thought would be too much food but then we cleaned the plates so it obviously wasn't. The desserts were fun - he had green tea icecream and I had bean paste in rice dough.

I post lots of soppiness about Charles and not much about Tony, but that's not in proportion to how much love I feel. I'm so happy to have found him, to be married to him, and to wake up each morning next to him. We are each other's comfort and complement - his cooking for my organisation, as we sometimes joke - and we are facing life's adventures together.

We got home and Charles was grumpily resisting sleep. The joy of being together as a couple was followed by the joy of watching my husband and our son playing together, and the obvious love between them.
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Keith threw a surprise party for [livejournal.com profile] bofhcam last night. It went on for some time. Then [livejournal.com profile] fanf and I fell into one of those long important conversations that have been vital to keeping our relationship working. Something about being cuddled together, late at night, no distractions (baby was helpfully asleep), and it's easy to talk through the difficult things and be happy together about the good things.

Talking until 3am with love of my life: good. Getting up at 6am to go to work: less good. Astonishingly I got quite a lot done, surviving on regular doses of caffeine and sugar. Completely failed to nap this afternoon, though I did a good long lying-down-with-easy-read session, Charles spending the time napping and nursing, sometimes simultaneously.

I feel physically ragged at the edges but a lot more centred and happy than before.
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Friday evening I went to Eden at New Hall. Unfortunately for [livejournal.com profile] covertmusic, they cancelled Inferno at fairly short notice; fortunately for me and others, they attempted to compensate him with "as many guest tickets as you want". I assume that at some point they'll refund my largeish cheque, but will give them until after May Week to get out of headless chicken mode.

[livejournal.com profile] lusercop came up Friday afternoon and after a bit of faffing at mine, we wandered over, arriving around 5:30 or so. Almost the first person we saw was my old NatSci DoS, and we had a pleasant conversation with him. There were strawberries and cream, and Pimms, and lots of non-alcoholic drinks, and burgers and hotdogs and icecream and candyfloss. There was some timeless period when I sat on the grass listening to live music, watching Matthew devilstick and enjoying the glitter of light and the patterns of movement, and it was good.

[livejournal.com profile] mobbsy and [livejournal.com profile] pjc50 turned up in due course, and we had more pleasant conversation, while [livejournal.com profile] lusercop gave impromptu lessons to random passersby. Later still, [livejournal.com profile] acronym arrived just as I was attempting a guided tour of my old College and its artwork for Pete, and we returned from that to find [livejournal.com profile] j4 & [livejournal.com profile] addedentry. Because Inferno had been cancelled, Eden was extended until 10pm, after which Janet and Owen went home and Matthew, Andrew, Andrew and Pete came back to mine, where we hung out and gossiped. I eventually gave in and got some sleep, and left Matthew as temporary house occupant to continue being hostly.

Saturday dawned gorgeously. We sat and gossiped for a bit, and then I attempted to deal with the piles of to-do list. We had a lazy lunch, which I serendipitously started cooking just as [livejournal.com profile] jdc39 emerged blinking into the day after Robinson Ball. After this I did some working from home, fixing the problems I hadn't had time to fix before leaving on Friday. Most of it was the kind of fiddly, repetitive, careful work that gets immensely tedious but can't be automated. We listened to CUR1350's coverage of the Bumps, after which there was Dr Who and a very pleasant meal at the Thanh Binh. Sunday I spent rather more of the day working, interspersed with conversation with Matthew and Jonny. I finished bang on 5:30 when I really had to stop, so that [livejournal.com profile] fanf & I could go to the CUMC Centenary Dinner. This turned out to be excellent fun despite the heat, with a huge turnout of past members, some impressive beards and a fine after-dinner speech. It was fun showing Tony off introducing Tony to my climbing friends, and especially pleasant to see Andy B (and finally meet his girlfriend) back from Durham for the event. Lots of people I knew had been on the club week-long meet in Cornwall, which I missed due to having lots of work and a wedding to plan. Tony and I will go next year, if at all possible.

I slept very badly last night, but did get into work reasonably early. I migrated my package of fixes for testing by mid-morning ... and got back a shorter list of new bugs by lunchtime. Sigh. Must code better. I then took an extra-long lunch in order to pick up fripperies for the wedding, and was really a bit too hot by the time I got back to the office. It took quite a while and a lot of water before I felt able to think straight again. When I got home this evening, all good intentions to do useful things vanished in the face of being hot and tired, so I read a book instead. I probably should go to bed, but the upper floor is uninvitingly hot. I suppose I could read another book.
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I am officially stressed. Be nice to me, and be patient with my whining, please.
cut to save effort for the impatient )
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Tony has the classiest line in pillow talk. This morning he spent twenty minutes explaining stuff in Haskell to me because he'd been awake half the night thinking about evil plans involving Haskell and Exim. The fact I enjoy conversations like this first thing in the morning bodes well for the marriage, I think.

After we got up, he made me sandwiches for lunch. Slices of the roast beef [livejournal.com profile] antinomy left behind (and gave us permission to use up), with salad in fresh brown bread from the milkman. I ate the first sandwich at 11 and felt loved.


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