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1. I have been heard to say that I am too lazy to puree food for babies, let them just help themselves off whatever the parent is eating when they aren't having milk.

Well, that worked for Charles.  Nico it turns out is very keen on eating whatever his parents are eating, but lacks teeth and competence to eat a lot of it without choking.  So I have an icecube-tray or two of roughly-blended adult food in the freezer, and if my meal looks like he might choke on it, I microwave up a cube and spoonfeed it to him.  (I've started making him his own little bowl of porridge in the morning because I like to adulterate mine with seeds).

2. I have been heard to say that Elimination Communication is lovely-sounding, but far too likely to be messy and difficult for us to even try, especially with baby moving between three main carers (me, Tony, nursery).

Except that this baby's attempts to tell me how much he hates wetting his nappies are finally sinking in and I'm admitting that part-time EC is better than none.

Turns out different babies are different and parents may need to adapt to individual needs.   Who'd have thought.

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote that we were "trying for more and more nappy-free days". We seem to have moved on a significant step with the introduction of a reward chart and stars. This is amusing because in theory I don't really like bribery as a means of changing behaviour. In practice however, I will take anything that works to stop having to change nappies.

The other thing that makes me feel a bit better about it, is that it's not quite a bribe, because Charles initiated it by asking for a specific toy, repeatedly. It's above my spending limit for arbitrary indulgence purchases so I was trying to think of a "reason" for getting it: but his birthday and Christmas have been and gone and are an awful long way off.

So, I put to him the idea of a reward chart, and earning stars, and when enough stars are earned, getting the toy. It's a fairly subtle difference, but to me it feels more like a negotiation: "you want something, here's something I want in return for doing it". I didn't impose the reward either, he picked that out first, and to me that feels significant.

Reward scheme details behind cut.
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I don't like the phrase "potty training" as it implies to me all sorts of systems and regimes and reward charts and so on, none of which we are doing. We're just teaching him stuff when he's interested and trying to remove barriers in the way of him feeling comfortable using what he knows.

Anyway, whatever it is we call it, here's how it's going.
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