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On the Monday of last week, after we'd got back from a family gathering in High Wycombe, I managed to utterly trash my laptop.  I did something stupid[1] trying to fix something else, and before too long it was xkcd-sharks territory and I was completely out of my depth, and stressed out, and mildly frantic because I have two OU assignments due before the end of next week.  I was, thankfully, not too worried about data loss, because I do backups regularly, thanks to [personal profile] simont helpfully equating it to housework.  But I need a device to work on.

I was able to say to Tony last week: help, I have cocked this up quite thoroughly and now I can't even boot the thing, and I am so upset about being stupid I am making myself even more stupid.  Can you please take this from me, and hopefully as you aren't all emotionally tangled up about it, you'll find it straightforward.  Please make it boot again, and reinstall Ubuntu, and once I have Dropbox installed I can take it from there.

And he did, by the next day.  (I was sufficiently busy and stressed out I avoided checking it until the weekend, but it works! Huzzah.  I have lost a small amount of data because my backups are only weekly, but nothing disastrous.  Thank goodness.)

[1] Truly, I didn't think this through kind of stupid, yes

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These probably all deserve their own post, but it's highly unlikely they're going to get them.
  1. I loved the new Ghostbusters, which we finally saw last night. It is made of joy and friendship, and I was highly amused by the villain's motivation and the response to his monologue of justification. Chris Hemsworth was clearly having the time of his life.
  2. I am enjoying being sociable and enabling the children's social life so much that I have slightly overscheduled myself and had to ask Tony to take over something for me this afternoon so I can remember the pacing myself part of recovery.
  3. In October I am going to get very busy indeed with studying (it eases up in June next year) and expect to have essentially no spare time outside work, study, and family commitments.  I am currently in the glorious summer break between being a hermit for cancer & recovery reasons and being a hermit for study reasons.  (Some of the children's social life comes with social life for me, and I am declaring date night with Tony and a monthly pub visit as also essential family commitments.  So not a complete hermit, but a lot more hermit-y than the last couple of months.)
  4. I lost patience with trying to work out how to upgrade my cheap spare phone from Jelly Bean for purposes of enabling C's desire to play Pokemon Go, so I have an even cheaper PAYG smartphone preinstalled with Marshmallow arriving today.  I don't think I need two spare phones, so if anyone is more keen on navigating the thrilling world of rooting phones than I am (or just could use a phone and are willing to use an older android version) then let me know and you can have the older one for cost of postage. (Old phone now claimed.)
  5. My dad came for a short visit and I managed to schedule him most of a day each with each of his grandchildren, and they all seem to have enjoyed the experience. 
  6. Adventures in smoothie consumption continue: I have discovered that I do actually prefer yogurt + milk with my veggies, rather to my surprise. I have built up a little collection of frozen veg and fruit in the freezer to make prep easier / avoid wasting fresh veg that goes off before I eat it.  The little blender does struggle if more than half the content is frozen, so I've taken to making up a bottle of ingredients in advance and leaving it in the fridge to defrost overnight.
  7. I've managed to get my fitbit goal up to 7,900 steps; we walked both ways to the cinema yesterday (with a stop at Mee and I for dinner on the way out) as well as me taking children around earlier, so I hit double that.  My legs are letting me know this morning that they are Not Impressed.
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I reached the "I hate computers" state sometime Sunday evening, and it hasn't quite lifted yet.

However, I now have a working Ubuntu laptop with my backups unpacked onto it, and I've been able to catch up the household accounts and move some money around like I wanted to Sunday morning.  I've also managed to get 1Password working under Wine, which I never managed on the older machine.

I gave up on making the thing dual boot with Windows because that was only ever a "would be nice" and Windows was extremely uncooperative.  So now it is gone.  Also I am indebted to [livejournal.com profile] fanf for random useful bits of equipment (USB wireless key ftw!) and advice when I got stuck.

The old laptop disintegrated further this afternoon and became unusable, thankfully just after I had finally got the new one approaching functional.

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  1. Discovering my netbook, which has been a bit ropey for a while, is now literally falling apart and intermittently failing.
  2. Shopping for a new netbook.
  3. Going to an actual shop to get a new netbook:
    • advantage - got it today
    • disadvantage - had to deal with multiple salespeople (all men) who patronised me and tried to upsell me on lots of extras I don't want.  This is why I like shopping online.
    • call me naive but if I reserve a computer online to collect from your Collection Point, I kind of expect it to be there, not to have to wander around the store being handed off between salespeople and patronised etc for a good 15 minutes before getting the computer I wanted.
  4. Setting up Windows 10, creating a backup drive, and installing Ubuntu
  5. Restoring all my files from backup onto Ubuntu
  6. Getting things back the way I like them
(Currently still on step 4)
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Same-sex marriages can take place in the UK from today, and the first ones have already happened! (Midnight weddings! Makes midnight cinema screenings look a bit boring.) Congratulations to all today's newlyweds :-)

On the topic of marriage, I was reminded this week of a recent blog post by Rebecca Taylor MEP about titles, names and marriage, and in particular how our European neighbours have already got over the Miss / Mrs distinction.

(Apologies - I had to recreate post this due to technical difficulties i.e. my inability to correctly drive the poll creator)

Poll #15154 Marriage, names, titles
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 36

Marking marital status by title?

View Answers

The status quo: Miss, Mrs and Ms if you must
5 (13.9%)

Mrs for all adult women
4 (11.1%)

Ms for all adult women
17 (47.2%)

Miss for adult women
1 (2.8%)

Mx for everyone (why mark gender either?)
18 (50.0%)

Something else which I will expand in comments
11 (30.6%)

11 (30.6%)

Arguments over titles ruined my grandparents' marriage, you heartless blockhead
3 (8.3%)

I am

View Answers

married and I changed my name
2 (5.9%)

married and I changed my title
3 (8.8%)

not married but would not change my name if I did
13 (38.2%)

not married but would not change my title if I did
13 (38.2%)

not married and fed up of smug marrieds going on about it
1 (2.9%)

2 (5.9%)

against the whole institution of marriage
1 (2.9%)

uninterested in the whole irrelevant discussion
1 (2.9%)

17 (50.0%)

9 (26.5%)


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