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I am all packed and ready to go. Tony came earlier and took my laundry away. The pharmacist has been in to check my medicine supplies. But I need blood and platelets before I can go & they haven't come up from the blood bank yet.

Anyway my lovely nurse today is keeping me updated and I have all the internet on tablet or phone so it could be far worse. (The doctor said it's nice to have patients who get better and go home, which makes me think she's got a few too many of the other kind this week.) Looks like I'll still be here at suppertime.
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 My temperature has been stable for nearly two days now, and the infection marker that was really high has come down. If my temperature remains stable overnight I should be able to go home tomorrow. They may top me up with transfusions first, so it won't be first thing, but I've not got much to pack.

As usual, believe it when the discharge bag arrives and ward exit is actually achieved.
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It asked me to translate "What does the fox say?"
(and I was half way through the sentence before I realised, so it was extra funny)

There is someone on this ward who shouts very loudly at intervals, from what sounds like the far end of it. I'm impressed by their lung capacity but not their doing so round the clock.  I'm still in my own room but it's not soundproof, I get to hear a lot from the kitchen across the corridor and several of the call bells including my own.  

I had a very restful weekend reading and watching fun things, and my temperature seems to have finally stabilised. I'm currently waiting for today's doctor(s) to see what else needs to happen before I can go home.
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I have a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Bad news and good news: I have acute promyelocytic leukaemia (APL), a type of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). It is curable. I will be undergoing chemotherapy for about the next six months, the first month or so as an inpatient, the rest as outpatient but making regular visits.

I'm now in ward D6 for the rest of my inpatient stay. I will be grateful for visitors in hospital if people are able (but I'm going to have lowered immunity so not if you've anything communicable).

I'm still coming to terms with this, so I might be slow to respond to comments. I appreciate every one of them.
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 I've been told very firmly by a doctor that I am to stay here today. Tests this morning, and probably more this afternoon depending on results.

The parallels with my day job (analysing and fixing software errors) are especially strong today.
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Keeping me sane and grounded this week (see previous public post):

Ursula Vernon (as T Kingfisher): Bryony and Roses
Lois McMaster Bujold: Penric's Demon
Lia Silver: Laura's Wolf, Prisoner (and no doubt Partner shortly ...)
The Economist magazine
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That's been my life the last few days. I've now got some certainty so I can say what's going on.

I'm currently in Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge, I've been signed off sick until the end of next week and it's quite likely I'll be off longer. I've gone from being "a bit of a mystery" to having my illness identified, but the cause of my illness probably won't be known for another week. There's a range of possible causes from minor to scary, but even the scary ones are treatable. I am not worrying in advance of the data.

So still lots of uncertainty, but enough certainty to talk about now: I'm going to be on bed rest for at least another week and I'm not going back to work soon, but I'm also unlikely to get suddenly worse.

I may get to go home this week (tomorrow even!) because I can bedrest there, but anyone familiar with this hospital and its discharge administration will know to believe I'm going home when I'm going out the door of the ward, and not a minute sooner.

I have internet and my ebook, audiobook & music collection. I'm currently in a room to myself (with ensuite!) and the food is adequate but not exciting. I'm bored and visitors are welcome, but text my mobile first in case I'm going home (message me if you want my number). Ward N3, visiting hours 2-5pm & 7-8:30pm.

Medical detail at great length will be available in a filtered post or an email: let me know by comment or message or email if you want to know, but I'm not putting it in a public post.
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I got let out this afternoon. Actually, I got told I could come out this morning, but it took ages for the hospital pharmacy to prepare my drugs. I dozed quite a lot of the time though, so it wasn't exactly wasted. I am now almost without pain, but easily tired and frequently sleepy. I'm going to talk to my GP tomorrow as I think I probably shouldn't go back to work until at least after the weekend, and I've now been away from work for nearly a week so need a note to do that. Tony's mother suggests even longer off, but I'll see what the GP thinks.

My ultrasound scan showed nothing wrong at all - no cysts on the ovaries, Mirena in the right place. However, pumping me full of antibiotics at regular intervals has steadily reduced the pain since I was admitted on Monday evening, to the point where I'm no longer needing any pain relief. The consultant this morning concluded that my pain was being caused by an infection not among those commonly swabbed for, and as many-antibiotics were getting me well, they should send me home with a course of many-antibiotics. At the moment they are leaving my Mirena in, and if this clears up with no further problems they will probably leave it there. The Daphne Ward should make a follow-up call in four to six weeks, so I need to keep an eye on things between now and then.

I have doxycycline to take twice a day, metronidazole to take three times a day and cefalexin to take four times a day. I can neither drink alcohol, nor spend long in the sun as a result. I am drawing little charts in my diary to tick off so as to keep track. The nurses were doing this for me through the IV while I was inside, but I definitely prefer not having a canula in my hand, despite the extra tracking effort on my part. The antibiotics were cold going in ...

So, my diagnosis is "?subacute pelvic inflammatory disease", with advice to go back if it starts hurting again. We found a leaflet on pelvic inflammatory disease, which turns out to mean "infection that causes inflammation in the pelvic area". Among other things it does advise that sexual partners get checked out too - which I guess is obvious once you think about it. Due to a cancellation Tony was able to get an appointment at Clinic 1A today and as a precaution, they've given him a course of antibiotics too (if not as many as me), so we can rattle together.
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[livejournal.com profile] fanf writing:

Earlier today Rachel phoned to find out when her scan would be and was rather upset to hear that it wouldn't be until Friday. She was in too much pain to wait that long (she said similar in level to Friday, before it really flared up), so tried to get it expedited. When she phoned the Daphne ward again they said she should come in.

So, trek to Addies, more recitals of the medical history (to nurse and doctor), and another unpleasant examination (fortunately not so bad as Saturday's) with the conclusion that she needed even stronger antibiotics delivered intravenously. She will stay in hospital overnight, and they should be able to do the scan tomorrow - much better than Friday! After they stuck a cannula in her hand and pumped her full of drugs, she was put on a saline drip and rolled in a chair to ward D6.

I then went home to pick up an overnight bag for her. When I got back she was sitting up fiddling with the entertainment console, complaining of boredom and feeling better already. With any luck the infection will be dealt with properly this time, and we hope they won't have to remove the Mirena (which, being a foreign body in the uterus, can make this kind of infection worse).

Tomorrow is Rachel's birthday, so I will be taking a cake with me when I go to see her.
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Painkillers seem to be doing a reasonable job. I had no difficulty walking the length of Richmond Road to catch the bus into town for the migraine follow-up appointment, but was glad that was as far as I had to go. The appointment was very simple and routine - my doc made the necessary prescription, ran through the COLMC recommendations with me and suggested the quickest way for me to see a physio was to go to a self-help group based at the Buchan St Neighbourhood Centre, somewhere off King's Hedges Road. I caught the bus back to Richmond Road and was home again soon after 9am. The walk back from the bus stop became gradually less comfortable, so I'm not likely to go far today unless I have to.

I rang into work to let them know I'd work at home and I might be called back into the hospital for a scan. About twenty minutes after that, Dr Li, the nice ob/gyn from yesterday, rang me. All my swabs and blood samples have come back clear and there is no need for antibiotics. She's sent a request form to the radiology department and how long it takes me to get a scan depends on their prioritisation and other requests coming in. She suspects probably not today, but she'll ring me if so. I should probably ring the ward on Monday if I haven't heard anything, but it's likely to be sometime Monday-Wednesday next week.

I've worked out that the Citi 7 bus goes from opposite the Iceland/Aldi, all of three minutes walk away, to the stop opposite the main entrance to the Rosie. This is probably about as easy a journey as I can manage on public transport, and runs from before 7am to after 10pm. If I don't get a scan until next week and I'm feeling well enough to get to work, there's always the free bus from near-work to Addenbrookes' main entrance. If I'm well enough to reach work, I'll be well enough to walk through the site to the Rosie.
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Because the mild recurring symptoms I'd been having on and off decided to get nasty, and I ended up back at the Daphne Ward (emergency gynaecology), being poked in tender places. They've sent me home with painkillers and a promised ultrasound scan tomorrow or Monday. I may also need to get an antibiotic prescription tomorrow, depending on what the results are from the many swabs and samples they took. I should really investigate the buses to and from, I can't afford taxis each way this often. I'm also supposed to be seeing my doctor tomorrow morning about coming off beta blockers.
gory details )
Anyway, to bed now, as I need to be walking to catch a bus at 8am tomorrow.


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