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It is not the first time I have dropped it, but this time I have caused a fairly spectacular spiderweb of cracks across the screen.  It still works and is useable but some of the cracks catch on my finger.

Fairphone's support center will fix it for a bit over 110 euros, plus postage to get it to them.  I am currently waiting for a cheaper fix to arrive, which is a stick-on screen protector from a third party, sized to fit Fairphones.  That should keep me going while I find £90 out of my spending-on-me budget, and decide if I want to fix this one or keep on saving for the next generation phone currently in design.

[my "destructive" icon seemed especially appropriate - yes that is me attempting to break a phone, approx 3.5 decades ago]
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I ran for the first time since breaking my toe - it's been just over 10 weeks, between the toe itself and then getting an evil cold. It was very gentle easy running but it felt really good.

I went to see a "back one day only" screening of Captain America: Winter Soldier, having got the toddler to sleep just in time. (For future reference, I can do my house to the ticket desk at the Vue in 15 min, including getting bike out of garage & locking it at the far end. But I prefer more contingency.)  I still love it, I could still watch it a lot more times, I'm still impatient with the long gap between leaving cinemas and DVD release.

Between the two, I got caught in another rainstorm on the way home from nursery. Less dramatic than yesterday, but I still got soaked to the skin. Again. At least it's warm?
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Breaking a toe by walking into furniture was clearly not clumsy enough.  I just walked into furniture banging the already broken toe.
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Specifically, the new University Sports Centre, which is conveniently located about 5 minutes' cycle ride from my office.  It has a gym with lots of machines, a big free weights room, and a big sports hall.  I've joined on the staff-discounted lowest-rate membership, which gives me entry to the gym from 8am-4pm weekdays and 8am-8pm weekends. I'm pleased to find the centre uses my university card for entry and also for locking/unlocking lockers in the changing rooms.

My plan is to replace my lunchtime runs with a short hard session on the cardio equipment, and my long weekend runs with long easier sessions ditto.  (From Tony's point of view, me cycling off for an hour or two in the gym is not any different to me disappearing on foot for a long run.)

Yesterday afternoon, which had been planned as a long run, I went over and tried out different cardio equipment:
Notes for my reference ) 
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The broken toe is very colourful today. The full impact of yesterday morning's clumsiness is beginning to sink in.  Google autocompletes "running with a broken toe" awfully quickly, and the results generally indicate Do Not Do This.

No neolithic half-marathon on 4th May.  Probably no meeting up with my dad that weekend either.  More of a question mark over Flaming June half marathon on 1st June as that's 6.5 weeks away.  No lunchtime runs in the spring sunshine.  I had just got to the point of running 3 short and 1 long each week comfortably.  (Zombies Run 3 is now confirmed to release tomorrow.  Bah, etc.)  Six weeks of sitting with my foot up is going to put me how far back in my fitness?

I can cycle without it hurting, if I tape the toe up, so at least I can still do my daily commute / childcare runs.

I am investigating the university sports centre, which is about 5 minutes' bike from my office.  If I can do some lunchtime & weekend cardio work that doesn't hurt the toe (elliptic? rowing? bike machine?), I might keep up enough fitness while the toe heals so the June half marathon is still possible.  In any case it might help my mood; chronic pain + lack of runs to work off stress => grouchy Rachel
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I bashed the little toe on my right foot this morning by walking into my own bedroom furniture (I have form for this).  From its state this evening I suspect I broke it.  NHS Choices assures me that there is little to be done but strap it up and wait for it to get better.  I am supposed to be running another half-marathon in 2.5 weeks, and doing a long training run this weekend.  Humph.

To cheer myself up, three good things:
  1. ALL THE BLOSSOM.  There are multiple trees in blossom outside the window of my office.  SO LOVELY.
  2. I actually used "On your left!" appropriately while cycling past a pedestrian on one of the shared-use paths on my commute.  Then I felt terribly self-conscious.  But I will probably do it again when appropriate, because it makes me giggle inside.
  3. The children are being lovely: Nico is using "Dada" and "Mama" consistently, and Charles is being very solicitous while I sit with my foot appropriately raised.
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Last year, I managed to break a toe on New Year's Day.

Earlier today I tripped over Charles's recorder and bashed the sole of my foot hard. It now hurts to walk on. I am just hoping there is no broken bone this time.

My darling supportive husband said "perhaps that will teach you to look where you're putting your feet".
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The doctor says my toe is almost certainly broken, but not dislocated, so the only thing to do is strap it up and put up with it hurting for the next 3 weeks. The worst should be over in about 3 days. I can take paracetamol but not ibuprofen for the pain (the latter apparently will make it bleed more).

It is the fourth toe on the right foot. The doctor strapped it up very gently and said "just remember you will be extra clumsy because of the strapping". I can see why people fall in love with doctors.


2008-01-01 19:03
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I stubbed my toe extremely hard on the bedpost earlier, and it now hurts to walk on and is swelling up a little. I can wiggle it though, so it probably isn't broken. If it still hurts tomorrow I will probably go see a doctor. Joy.


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