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Charles and Tony made me a birthday cake yesterday:
Nearly ran out of candles

Yes, I did blow out all the candles, but only just, and then sucked in a breath full of candlesmoke, so it took a while for the spluttering and coughing to calm down. But then we had cake to eat, so it was all good.

There was a bit of a theme of the children "borrowing" my gifts yesterday:
Roll roll roll

Charles takes a turn

Otherwise I celebrated by going out for a run and by catching up on some of the Enormous To-Do List.
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... I was in labour and just beginning to struggle with contractions; we had the whole night to go before Charles arrived, courtesy of an ambulance ride and a surgery team.

This evening we went to the library and paid off his accumulated fees and fines, wandered around the shops together where I managed to buy him a present without him seeing, and had supper together at McDonalds. We talked about school and his new friends and everything and nothing. Back at home, he and Tony are making something with Hama beads he was given by a friend at his birthday party last Saturday.

Ailbhe, as so often, wrote a suitable poem, reproduced below with just the gendered words changed:

"You'll miss the baby days," they used to say -
"So short and sweet and then all gone away,"
But I don't miss those days at all, I find,
While I am witness to your unfolding mind.

I loved the baby days: delight
And joy, us wide awake at night,
But now the baby boy is gone,
And you were in there growing, all along.

I love the child you are now so much more
Than ever I could love the babe before
And daily grows my joy, as you do grow,
That ever-changing you is who I know.
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We had a fun birthday yesterday. Charles woke up and immediately told me it was his birthday. I had to get into work and it was also his first full day at nursery, so we had agreed the day before to postpone present-opening until we got home in the evening.

He seemed to have a good time at nursery, and once I'd collected him we set off for our usual Wednesday evening in the central library. As Charles was on his balance bike and apparently full of beans, this meant me jogging-to-keep-up nearly all the way from Gilbert Road to the Grand Arcade. (Luckily I was wearing my trainers and managed this with no real difficulty though I did go rather pink.)

At the library we met first my friend Rosie and then [livejournal.com profile] arnhem and Lois, and hung out for a bit together in the children's area. Rosie had made a clothkits lion pillow/toy for Charles, which he welcomed enthusiastically. After library and errands we collected Tony from his office to go home.

Charles managed to nap on Tony's shoulders as we walked home (a skill I found most impressive), and woke up 5 minutes from home. He was then very keen to start opening his small of presents, from us and other relatives. The winner was clearly the marble run, which resulted in all three males in the house busily assembling it while I wandered off to make hot chocolate to complete the stereotype.

We also talked on Skype to two of his grandparents, mostly Tony & I doing the talking as Charles was Busy with the marble run.

Eventually we decided it was bedtime and tucked him in a little later than usual. This morning he slept in about 90 minutes later than usual.

Last weekend we had a party-for-children in the local church hall which went fairly well; this weekend coming will be a joint celebration for Charles being 4, my youngest brother recently turning 21 and my mother & stepfather's wedding anniversary. We are going to visit a steam railway: something fun for all of us.

Next birthday, Charles will almost certainly be in school.
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Today I'm 30. Tony and Charles are both ill with stinky colds. I've been too busy with house and work and baby to organise anything particularly special, and the weather looks like calling off my plans for a picnic.

But on the good side: I'm 30 and my life is good and full of love and fulfillment. In the post today: nice cards from aunts and dad, and a pretty new sling I bought for myself. An SMS from [livejournal.com profile] louise_e_finch to make me smile and work gave me a lovely box of chocs, there's a mini beer festival at the Carlton. I have the day off tomorrow so can sleep off any hangover.
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On Wednesday it was my birthday and I had planned a picnic with selected people on Jesus Green (wet weather plan: my house instead). So in the morning I loaded the bike trailer with fizz and non-alcoholic fizz and plastic cups and blankets, and cycled into town to M&S to get cakes for work and the picnic, and cycled from there to work with added cake, and discovered that one of the lemonade bottles had leaked all over the bottom of the trailer and I was late to a meeting.

My colleague Anne cleaned up everything for me while I dashed to my meeting.

At lunchtime there was a Liaison Barbecue between MISD (where I work) and the CS (where Tony works), and so I got to have a free lunch with my husband. As most of my colleagues and most of his were at the barbecue, I deliberately wore my new tshirt from Dad, as a not-very-subtle way of spreading the baby news where gossip had not already travelled. Tony actually used the barbecue to liaise with people: I was quite impressed.

I left work about 5:30 with a (clean) laden trailer and headed for Jesus Green, where I found a shady spot, and answered phone calls from people saying "where are you". James brought useful things that I had forgotten and Tony fetched pizza for the starving masses and generally a lovely time was had (at least by me). When it started getting nippy, we loaded all the rubbish into the trailer and made our way to Nursery Walk by bike and car and on foot. I had intended to throw people out around 10pm, but forgot about this until 10:30pm, which meant by the time I was really tired and needed to sleep, everyone had gone.

It was a good day, and completely unlike last year's birthday, which was part of the aim.

I have some photos of the picnic here. [livejournal.com profile] james_r had some but his photo site appears to be down at the moment.

On Thursday evening there was a surprise birthday party for [livejournal.com profile] indigopeony, and Tony and I dropped into the later part of it. It involved sushi and lots of helium balloons and champagne and was much fun.
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Today is my birthday and I am celebrating.

Things I have but didn't this time last year:
* a husband
* a baby
* my health

Things I had last year and am glad to have retained:
* lots of lovely friends
* a good and satisfying job with pleasant colleagues
* a wonderful family

Lots of things are going to change over the next few months: my housemates, my body, my lifestyle. Nothing is quite settled or certain, but it doesn't need to be, we can work it out as we go along.


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