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I missed the actual moment of candle-blowing-out due to Charles being too quick and my camera being too slow. You get a "smoking cake" photo instead. Plus some of him playing with new duplo diggers and one of him taking after his aunt and modelling his new clothes from his grandpa in France.
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He has caught up on photos from August 2007, unlike me. My inbox is a bit out of control too. I keep falling asleep with Charles around 9pm rather than grabbing an hour or so to keep up with the to-do list hydra.

Sharing a burger with Charles (baby-led weaning or rather baby-led GIMME THAT IT LOOKS NICE)

Mowing the lawn with Charles on my back in the mei tai - kept him safely out the way, kept him soothed rather than scared by the noise.

Showing off the bandaged finger.

This morning, for the first time ever, he sat up in bed and called for Daddy rather than Mummy. I was evil and poked Tony until he woke up enough to respond.

I still haven't fitted the gate across his room, but he does now have books in there, and he hasn't made any more 4am escape attempts (yet).
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2/3 of Keith's March 2007 photos have Charles in.

Charles is saying new words every day: recent ones have been toy, pool, sorry (or even 'so sorry' in very cute tones) and ligh' (light). Also small sentences: do door, do pool, do wee-wee. Just the one verb so far, and a certain amount of difficulty with terminal consonants.

We had balloons in the convention goodie bags and Tony blew one up and let it zoom around the room deflating. Charles grabbed it and said "Do ball" i.e. make the ball-shaped thing again.

He is getting very good at 'No'.
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Richard has some gorgeous photos (not just of Charles!) from our walk in the woods last weekend.

Keith has posted Feb 2007's photos which include a nice sequence of Charles with Cat. I need to get a move on or I will no longer be able to say "at least I'm not as bad as Keith" (apart from Eastercon 2008, my last uploaded photos were August 2007).
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Keith's December 2006 Misc photo collection has quite a few tiny-Charles photos, and some of [livejournal.com profile] nassus.  But the one below is my favourite. Christmas hats New words in the last few days: shoe, share, oi. Also full-on tearful blackmail yesterday morning: he stole my handbag and said repeatedly "don' do bye-bye, don' do bye-bye" in heartbroken voice as I was putting on waterproofs, escalating to screams when I stole my handbag back.  I evilly went to work anyway (and then had to work nearly 12 hours, but we won't go into that, bar noting that thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fanf and co-operative childminder this was manageable, though I would prefer it remained an ultra-rare occurrence)
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[livejournal.com profile] arnhem's photos from Trowbridge include two lovely ones of Charles and me. (The hat in them belongs to L.)
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Just over 6 months old, but I have finally put up some photos from our trip to France in April, with separate collections for the signposted tumulus we stopped to explore, and the valley of monkeys.

As usual, most of the photos are of Charles.
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[livejournal.com profile] crazyscot put these up a while ago, taken at a picnic I had on my birthday: http://www.flickr.com/photos/crazyscot/tags/charles. A couple of them are doing duty as userpics already.

[livejournal.com profile] ewx has just posted some photos which include 3 utterly gorgeous ones of Charles:
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I had a bit of a photo session with Charles this morning, and added the best ones to the November collection. I kept trying to capture his grin, but failed, although this one nearly gets it:

He's slept peacefully for a suspiciously large amount of the day. I fear a long evening coming on.
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And I've lost the ability to cull nearly-identical photos.

Some new photos of Charles with his paternal grandfather, his maternal grandmother, and his new pushchair.
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I think there's a rule that all passport photographs are deeply unflattering.

This one was taken at Snappy Snaps just outside Lion Yard. They put a sheet down on the floor, we laid baby on it, and they patiently took digital photographs until they got one that had a chance of meeting the requirements (it took both of us - me holding his arms by his side and Tony patiently turning his head back upwards). From there it took about 10 minutes of them messing about with cropping the photograph and printing us four copies in approved passport size. Not bad for six pounds. While we were waiting Tony got the form from the post office, so all I need to do now is to find a respectable member of the community (hi [livejournal.com profile] emperor!) to sign the back of a photo and we have acheived passport application.

This was after we'd successfully made it to lunch with Tony's colleagues, during which Charles needed both a feed and a nappy change, and before we went to the library. We were all a bit tired and frazzled when we got back home. I've started leaking milk everywhere, which is a bit tiresome, but I think better than not having enough for Charles. I should probably talk to someone about donating to the milk bank at the Rosie.

Today is Tony's first day back at work, so I did all the getting up in the night last night. Bit tired this morning and need to change the bedsheets following a stealth wee incident during his last nappy change.

My weight is still falling fairly rapidly, I think still mostly fluid retention. My feet and toes are almost back to a sensible shape, though my ankles are still fairly swollen. I was around 89kg when I got pregnant and around 109kg at the end. Today I'm just under 96kg, so I've lost about 2/3 of the pregnancy weight already. I've plenty of room for reduction, given that my preferred weight is something around 70-75kg, but I've no intention of worrying about my weight (as opposed to my general fitness level and nutrition intake) as long as Charles is breastfeeding. Interesting to observe the changes though.


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