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I read this tweet out to my brother, which made him laugh:

Nico overheard and said "The Avengers are icecream!?" which somehow led to assigning flavours:

Iron Man is obviously strawberry flavour.
Hulk is "green and purple" which I think is apple and blackcurrant.
Hawkeye is blackcurrant flavour because he is friends with Hulk (we may have watched a lot of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in this house).
Thor and Cap are both "rainbow flavour".
Black Widow is blackberry flavour..
War Machine is vanilla.
Wasp is banana flavour.

... and then my 4yo consultant ran off to do something more interesting instead, and I got asked to lay the table.

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This is brought to you courtesy of excessive watching of the Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer (only 25 days to go here!), and extensive discussion with Charles on who belongs in which category.

Avengers venn diagram

[Venn diagram: 3 circles labelled "FAST", "STRONG", "METAL ARM". In the intersection of all three is WINTER SOLDIER. Other Marvel heroes are allocated to appropriate sections of the diagram.]

Edited to add: the inspiration of this is the bit in the trailer where Steve Rogers says "he's fast ... strong ... had a metal arm" over an illustrative set of visuals.
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Nicholas is getting old enough to be interested in board books, and so we have dug out the old favourites from when Charles was a similar age, reminding ourselves of the joys of Room on the Broom, and That's Not My Misc Item. An additional joy is that these are just about the right level for Charles to read aloud, and so more than once I have found him reading them to Nicholas.

Some of you my remember That's Not My Superhero. Last week I wrote That's Not My Avenger and put them both on AO3 while I was at it. (I got kudos this morning, it made me happy.)

That's not my Avenger )

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Don't make me hungry, you wouldn't like me if I'm hungry.  Really, I'm horrible when I've got low blood sugar.  I know that's old, they even made the joke in the Ed Norton film)

Yesterday, as I was trying to make enough food to get me through a day at work and a lunchtime feed for Nicholas, I thought of the other big line:

That's my secret, Cap. I'm always hungry.

Close enough to true at the moment.  Baby must be growing.

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Tony & I went to see Avengers Assemble as our Friday-night date.  Like everyone else I know who's seen it, we loved it, even though neither of us is especially familiar with the characters.  In fact, I loved it enough to go shopping online at the weekend for the previous films (Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 1 & 2, Captain America, Thor), so I can fill in the backstories a bit and not just because I am a sucker for superhero beefcake and competence.

There are two very good & very competent female characters in the film, which is 2 better than none, but a pity they didn't even speak to each other.

Links about the film:
Interview with Joss Whedon in Wired
Diane Duane, from a writer's perspective, on how well it is put together
Juliet McKenna on its better-than-usual handling of women superheroes

Spoilery observations:
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