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What I've read: poetry
The Question Ever by Wendy Videlock (though I feel the urge to note that 'glove' and 'of' do not rhyme in my accent)
Diss by Makaila Dean
Upon Receiving My Inheritance
by William Fargason

What I've read: short fiction
Nevertheless, She Persisted - a collection of 11 flash fiction pieces for International Women's Day
For me, the standouts were:
Heart Stitch by Jose Pablo Iriarte
The Redshirt's Daughter by Evan Dicken
Attending Your Own Funeral: An Etiquette Guide by Erica L. Satifka

Bride by Mistake
by Nicole Helm (novella-length romance)

Mira's Last Dance
by Lois McMaster Bujold (Penric & Desdemona 4).  This just happened to show up when I was checking Hugo-eligibility of the previous two Penric & Desdemona novellas.  While the first three had quite long gaps of time between them, this one follows almost straight on from the previous, and leaves more than one plot thread unresolved by the end.

What I've read: long fiction
Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch (reread)
Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch (reread)
The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch
I had a couple of days where I really was too ill to do anything but doze or read, and inhaled these latest three.  The endings all struck me as particularly abrupt on this read through, the general destruction-level is getting ridiculous even with authorial lampshading, and there are really a lot of loose threads in play now.  (But I still enjoyed them all very much.)

Currently reading:

The Long List Anthology Volume 2 edited by David Steffen - I was surprised just how many of the short stories collected within I'd read - and surprised by a couple I'd not read but really should have.  Anyway, the quality level so far is excellent.

Hidden Figures
by Margot Lee Shetterly.  I am ... not enjoying this as much as I expected.  It is feeding my thirst for more information about Dorothy Vaughan (in particular) and the other women from the film and NACA/NASA more generally, but its style is both a bit too chatty and a bit too florid for my liking.  Or possibly having two bad colds in three weeks is making me bad-tempered and uncharitable.  Listening to the audiobook version doesn't seem to wind me up the same way, so I'm going to try listening the rest of the way through.

Bride by Mistake by Nicole Helm
Mira's Last Dance by Lois McMaster Bujold
Tony bought Digital Divide by K.B. Spangler, which has been on my radar for a while, so I may sneak a read of it.  (And/or go back to working through A Girl and Her Fed by same.)

I preordered Provenance by Ann Leckie (out in October) and The Furthest Station by Ben Aaronovitch (out in September).

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I find reading (and writing about) anthologies / magazines difficult.  I need to take breaks between each short story, and then when I get to the end I've mostly forgotten what happened in the first 75% of the stories, and then writing about the anthology turns into a marathon, and then I give up.

And I have just acquired all 60 back issues of Lightspeed, via the Queers Destroy SF! Kickstarter, which is a lot of short fiction.

So, as "do a little each day" is working well for my studying, I thought I'd take a similar approach to short stories: write up one or two a day, post them six at a time.

This set has 2 stories each from anthologies acquired this year:

Women Destroy Fantasy! (which I got because it had a T Kingfisher story in it)
Women Destroy Science Fiction! (which I got because I enjoyed Women Destroy Fantasy!)
Kaleidoscope (recommended by [personal profile] ceb )

The Scrimshaw and the Scream by Kate Hall (WDF!)
A story about people who seem to be turning into birds, in a society which thinks this is terrible and the signs of turning into birds are because of bad behaviour. I did actually find it a bit too Obvious Metaphor / Message Fiction so it didn't work for me.

Making the Cut by H. E. Roulo (WDF!)
An interesting take on female superheroes but I found the Surprise Terrifying Birth hitting my pregnancy+birth buttons badly. I'd like to read more by this author without that plotline.

Each to each by Seanan McGuire (WDSF!)
Genetically modified women soldiers in the Navy (modern mermaids), facing mysterious attacks. I really enjoyed this, and if it's more typical of McGuire than Parasite, I should seek out more by her.

A Word Shaped Like Bones by Kris Millering (WDSF!)
Rather creepy tale of an artist going quietly mad on a long space journey. It unfolded very well; I think better to say I appreciated it rather than enjoyed it ...

Cookie Cutter Superhero by Tansy Rayner Roberts (K)
A rather different superhero story to the above, rather pointed about how superheroes generally are viewed, and about how female superheroes in particular are treated/seen in superhero teams. I really liked this one and would like to read more by the author.

Seventh Day of the Seventh Moon by Ken Liu (K)
I find it hard to write about this one without spoilers. A young couple discover that a myth is true, but is also not quite what they thought. I liked it a lot.


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