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Today's new User Agreement which we had to sign to ever access the account again is the final straw.
  • no posting "political solicitation materials" without specific permission
  • no "perform[ing] any other actions contradictory to the laws of the Russian Federation". This one in particular comes to mind: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_gay_propaganda_law
  • "non-authorized users will see advertisements on all LiveJournal pages" - one of the original reasons I bought a paid LJ account way back when was to remove adverts next to my own content
  • plus the whole coercion to sign an agreement at no notice to access one's account
So I am making my final backup to DW; this will be my final crosspost and I will delete my LJ in a few more days.
I'm pretty sad about it. I've had this LJ since 2003. I've made and sustained some of my strongest and most important friendships through it. I gave it up for a while and then came back. But I have already built up a lovely circle on Dreamwidth, and for a long time now that's been where the majority of my "social media" networking has taken place. LJ doesn't want people like me, so I'm going.
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Now expanded to 7th Sep as "can reasonably expect to be in at least till then, but maybe not long after": http://doodle.com/trxc2pkak5fnnyfp
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Clare's made me a visiting schedule for next week on Doodle; if you want to visit me, please write your name in and tick the slot that suits.  Only one person (or couple) per slot please.  No children but my own.

I am up to seeing people but I am not very up to tracking who is coming when, so we thought we'd give this a try.
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I have the following baby-related things for sale, all currently located at my home in Cambridge. I'm happy to deliver within a few miles of home, and willing to come to some arrangement for family/friends living further afield.  If I don't sell things in the next week or so I shall brave eBay (and its weird policies on second-hand cloth nappies).

Changing table: Kub Eco Changer, White. Bought last June from John Lewis for £75 and still in very good condition. We are replacing it with a cot-top changer for space reasons. JL don't seem to do it any more, but it is available at other suppliers.
Asking £50.

Double breast-pump: Avent Isis iQ Duo pump: double pump, comes with carry/storage bag, 2 chill bags & 6 freezer packs. Costs about £260 new, I bought it second-hand on ebay for about £150. Since then it's been used daily for about 8 months with C, and as little as I could get away with two or three times a week for about 6 months with N. Everything still works well, but N is eating enough solids that I don't need to pump milk for him to cover my half-day absences, and so I won't.
Asking £100

Single manual breast-pump: Avent Isis, like this one, but I don't have the model number to be sure they are the same. Bought new for C, used only occasionally. Probably cost about £20 new.
Asking £10

Bottle/pump steriliser: Avent Express electric steam steriliser. Does not seem to be available any more - big enough to sterilise all pump parts and 2-3 bottles, or just 6-7 bottles. Takes about 10 minutes to sterilise. Probably cost about £50 new.
Asking £20.

Cloth nappies: Sized approx 0-6 months, they've had about 12 months total use, seem to be in good condition still.
18 Tots Bots Fluffle nappies, size 1, cost £8.75 new, no longer on sale. They are white, fluffy, and dry quickly when hung up.
Asking £75 for all 18.
4 Motherease Airflow wraps, size Medium, cost £8 each new.
Asking £15 for all four.

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Now that Charles can reliably read and write, we decided it was time to get him an email account, and as part of this project, Tony sorted the family out with new email hosting and a domain name cb4.eu (this has the advantage being less confusing to people than dotat.at when spoken).

So I am now slowly rationalising my various email addresses accumulated over the years and moving everything over to using rmcf@cb4.eu.  My personal mail has been slightly randomly distributed between my work-provided email and Gmail, and while I still have access to both of those for the foreseeable, the family-mail project is as good a trigger as any to get independent of both and aim for a bit of consistency.

Speaking of Google, now that I'm phasing out my use of Gmail, and I'm using Feedly for RSS-reading, my remaining big dependence on them is for calendaring.  Does anyone have recommendations for a replacement? 

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I'm trying to work through the "I Shoulds" in my life, one of which is I Should read all the interesting blogs and twitterers that I've found, every day. I feel I've tilted too far towards consumption, with little-to-no time for reflection, analysis or creation of my own. My free time is finite, and my goals are not achieved if I spend all of it reading, no matter how worthy or witty the topic, or beloved the writer.

There's a good article on poverty and willpower I read last week. I'm only time-poor but this advice is universal:

"next time you find yourself full of self-discipline, don't spend it trying to behave virtuously; spend it, instead, altering your environment to reduce your future dependence on willpower."

So this afternoon I've been filled with energy and self-discipline, caught up on a weeks' worth of DW and LJ, and I've started to cull too. I hate defriending, that knowledge that I'm triggering a chirpy little message saying rmc28 doesn't love you any more (a post about how time-poor I am doesn't make it any better does it?). I can be more ruthless about Twitter, because it only tells you when someone starts to follow you, and Reader doesn't tell its RSS feeds anything.

Google+ is being ignored until I have more grip.
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The start of the year seemed like a good point to stop crossposting from Dreamwidth to here. There are a number of things I prefer about Dreamwidth, but the big one for me is that I'm much happier with a service funded by users/content creators than by advertisers: the economic incentives are better for the service to meet its users' needs.

I'm not leaving LJ: I'm still reading & commenting on my friends list, and participating in communities. I'm just not crossposting my personal blog any more.

I default to posting public entries which are carried on RSS and Atom feeds; for the convenience of LJ people I've set up [livejournal.com profile] rmc28_dw.


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