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(Maybe I’ll expand on these at some point, but on past experience probably not)

Acoustic Festival of Britain in June: I met [personal profile] jae  and really liked her! I saw Show of Hands with her! I enjoyed listening to live music and also a night and a day responsible to none but myself. I was really impressed with young Welsh singer Kizzy Crawford. I also realised I really don’t enjoy long-distance driving any more, but I did at least have the audiobook of Ancillary Sword to keep me going.

I promptly got ill with strep throat the next week, and that had me off work nearly a week, and worn out for another week or so.

I organised a birthday party for myself for the first time in a few years: just a meal with a select few friends and family (it ended up being mostly family and one hopefully-not-too-overwhelmed friend on the day). I’m now beginning to think about whether I want to do it again next year, and what I might do to mark my fortieth in two years’ time.

The following weekend we went up to see my mum and stepdad in Todmorden, and got to admire all the changes they’ve been making to the house and garden. We’d planned to do all sorts of things but in the end just managed a couple of trips to the swimming pool and a lot of talking. Most noticeable to me was the children having reached the stage where I don’t have to run around after them (or at least Nico) every few minutes - they were frequently playing happily together or engaging with other family members, so I got to talk to other adults a lot more.

Charles’s after-school care gave notice they were closing and I had a flaily week or so but managed to line up an acceptable replacement. Phew!

Nico turned three, and will be going up to the pre-school room in nursery next month, and our childcare will never be as expensive again. I have started seriously considering which primary schools to apply to for him, because the process starts this autumn for his place next autumn.

We had a very low-key birthday party for Nico: three other families, the local pub with a bouncy castle for a couple of hours in the afternoon, a tab at the bar and a cake.

My brother with landscape-gardening experience came and stayed for the weekend and made huge progress turning my weed-infested garden into somewhere we might actually use. Now I just need to continue the job ...

I had 4 migraines in 8 days which I do not recommend. I’ve started paying stronger attention to bedtime and sleep, and I’ve now had 8 days without any so *crosses fingers* that was the issue.

We went to the Watsons’ joint 100th birthday party and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Charles said it was the best birthday party he'd ever been to.

With the various health problems, I didn’t run for weeks but I have just restarted my beginner half-marathon because I know the early stages are in my ability, so it’ll build up my confidence more than trying to jump back in where I was. I’m trying to remember that the goal is “run three times a week” and put less emphasis on how far or fast as that can be demotivating when my performance drops a bit.

Date: 2015-07-30 08:04 (UTC)
jae: (ukgecko)
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I really loved meeting you, too! Thank you for suggesting it--it was totally worth it despite the so-so weather.



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