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At his grandmother's last week, Charles discovered he could stand in the shallow end of her pool and gleefully discarded his 'noodle' float while jumping in repeatedly and occasionally "swimming" short distances with a lot of one-foot-on-the-floor involved.

Yesterday I took him to our local pool where even the shallowest part is over his head. He noodled around a bit and then casually discarded the float and swam a very short distance across a corner unaided. Then a bit further, and then a bit further ...

By the time we had to get out, he was up to 3 or 4 metres at a stretch, inelegant but effective doggy paddle across the shallow end. Jumping in ("Don't catch me, Mummy!"), surfacing, turning, and determinedly swimming back to the side to do it all over again. He wants to go again this evening, and the summer timetable permits, so we shall.

I am so utterly delighted in this milestone, after years of baby swimming and casual-swimming-with-me and more recently two terms of formal lessons, which have made him much more confident. I don't remember learning to swim, only that I've enjoyed it for as far back as I can remember. My parents gave that to me, and now it seems I've managed to pass it on.
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