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I'm trying to work through the "I Shoulds" in my life, one of which is I Should read all the interesting blogs and twitterers that I've found, every day. I feel I've tilted too far towards consumption, with little-to-no time for reflection, analysis or creation of my own. My free time is finite, and my goals are not achieved if I spend all of it reading, no matter how worthy or witty the topic, or beloved the writer.

There's a good article on poverty and willpower I read last week. I'm only time-poor but this advice is universal:

"next time you find yourself full of self-discipline, don't spend it trying to behave virtuously; spend it, instead, altering your environment to reduce your future dependence on willpower."

So this afternoon I've been filled with energy and self-discipline, caught up on a weeks' worth of DW and LJ, and I've started to cull too. I hate defriending, that knowledge that I'm triggering a chirpy little message saying rmc28 doesn't love you any more (a post about how time-poor I am doesn't make it any better does it?). I can be more ruthless about Twitter, because it only tells you when someone starts to follow you, and Reader doesn't tell its RSS feeds anything.

Google+ is being ignored until I have more grip.
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