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I'm off work for the rest of this week, hanging out with Charles while Tony works and the bathroom work continues. Today we went swimming at Parkside, which got Charles's seal of approval, though is rather more expensive than Chesterton. Worth it I think - Charles is so much more confident in water when he can reach the bottom if he wants to, and he did some good float-assisted swimming across the shallow pool in and out of his depth. If we start going regularly, there are multi-swim tickets and a "leisure card" which gives discounts.

There is a mini fairground for children on Parker's Piece, until Saturday. £5.99 for unlimited rides, which I think will keep him busy for a couple of hours at least. I have negotiated with Charles we will go on Friday afternoon (rather than e.g. straight after swimming when both of us were hungry and grumpy) and am trying to round up a couple of his local friends to come too.

After several seriously painful days and missing 2 parties at the weekend, my foot has suddenly started getting better. I missed 2 doses of ibuprofen yesterday and am going to see how today goes without any. I've also been wearing my walking trainers everywhere as the most supportive footwear I own.

"Scooby Doo meets Batman" was not as interesting as talking to the plumber. But at least it's going back to the library today.

This morning I got my smear test done (about 3 months after my reminder letter arrived) and was sad to hear that the nurse is about to retire: she has done nearly all my nurse appointments for as long as I've been in Cambridge, and nearly all Charles's too. She assured me that the nurse replacing her is lovely.

Date: 2010-08-18 15:14 (UTC)
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Are you going to Pink on Saturday?

I should be there, staying with Imogen.


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