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I haven't been reading much recently but my course textbooks. However, there were three novelettes I read from the handy eligibility list provided by Clarkesworld, that I liked and haven't yet written up:

Ether by Zhang Ran
I can't work out how to talk about this story without spoilers, so I'll just say that it's a bit slow starting, but I found it worth sticking with it.

The Servant by Emily Devenport
Murder and political intrigue IN SPACE (on a generation ship).

So Much Cooking by Naomi Kritzer
A near-future pandemic as seen through the entries on a cooking blog. I found the first entry mildly irritating in style (in a real-world blog, I'd probably not bother reading it), but then the story began to move and I was completely sucked in.

Plus Ann Leckie linked to a short SF story of hers, The Endangered Camp

"And I said, jokingly, “Now the race is on–who will be the first to submit a Post Apocalyptic Dinosaurs on Mars story?  And about two days later I was driving and was fortunately on an empty street when it hit me just how I could write exactly that."

It is an excellent post-apocalyptic dinosaurs on Mars story.
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