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What I've read - short stories

Mercurial by Kim Stanley Robinson
I can’t decide if I like this more than I’m irritated by it: a Sherlock pastiche set on a future Mercury full of art galleries. Also a pastiche of 1930s pulp SF? (I haven’t read enough of the latter to be sure).

Transitional Forms by Paul McAuley
A tale from the frontier of artificial life

Liminal Grid by Jaymee Goh
A near-future tale of government panopticon and resistance

First Do No Harm by Jonathan Edelstein
Medical SF! An old space-faring culture, which has lost much of what was once known about how to treat illness. I couldn’t put this down - it seems to be the author’s first published SF, but I hope there will be more to come.

Conjure Man by Stefon Mears
I liked this tale of trickery and houdou; apparently there is a novel coming, which I will look out for.

The Opening of the Bayou St John by Shawn Scarber
Magic and multiple worlds and motherhood.

Into the Wreck by June Oldfather
A vivid tale of a stranded research community literally swimming inside an alien spaceship. I felt it ended very abruptly and rather unsatisfyingly but what there was engrossed me and I would happily have read a lot more in the setting. (This is a common frustration I’ve found since setting out deliberately to read more short fiction - too often the stories stop just when they’re getting interesting; my other frustration is "deliberately ambiguous ending or ran out of idea?")

The Heart is Eaten Last by Kameron Hurley
A great little self-contained novella about Nyx and her team from the God’s War trilogy. I like these stories far more than I’d expect, given the high bodycount and the general grimness of the setting.  (Currently only available to patrons at Hurley's Patreon)

Plus several episodes of The Witch Who Came In From The Cold:
Stasis by Lindsay Smith (ep 4)
The Golem by Ian Tregillis (ep 5)
A Week Without Magic by Michael Swanwick (ep6)
Radio Free Trismegistus by Ian Tregillis (ep7)
I'm continuing to enjoy and be engrossed by the story, and fairly impressed with how the different authors are matching style and characterisation across the episodes.

What I'm reading now:
The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard, which is very good and very gripping, and a fairly grim tale in an utterly miserable setting. So I'm struggling a bit with it.

Magic & Manners by CE Murphy - it's a CE Murphy book, and it's a "Pride and Prejudice with magic" book, and that was enough for me to buy it on spec ;-)

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Thanks to [personal profile] calissa I discovered Nisi Shawl's crash course in the history of black science fiction, which seems like an excellent basis for a reading project.  I'm not committing to getting through the course quickly, or in strict order (though I'm almost certainly going to start with the most recent and work backwards) but I am committing to getting through it, and to writing some kind of blog post in response to each book. I have read exactly one of the books already, but many years ago.

This post is going to be a progress marker for me, and so I've made a copy of the list below the cut purely for that purpose; the plan is to turn each title into a link to my blog post about it when written. I strongly recommend reading Nisi Shawl's original list with commentary though.

Anyone else want to join in?
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