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Possibly I exaggerate, but I am very happy today.

I arrived at the day unit to be told that if my blood tests came back ok, I could have my line out today.  So I hung around for about 90 minutes and was then given the go-ahead to go down to Vascular Access.  I had to hang around a bit there too, but then it was about 20 minutes of minor surgery and boom, no more central tunnelling line.

From tomorrow, I can shower as normal!  No more having to muck about taping plastic over a dressing and contorting myself to keep water off it.  I should be fully healed up in 7-10 days. I will be able to go swimming!  I can consider exercising!

My line is out, my blood results are fine, so I no longer need to go in to the day unit.  I said goodbye and thank you to the staff there as I left - they are the nicest people I hope I don't have to see again.  I don't have to go to the hospital again until my appointment with my consultant towards the end of the month.  It is like a whole bunch of normality got returned to me all at once.

I have been grinning in the goofiest way since leaving Vascular Access.  Such a good day.

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What I've read
The One That Got Away by Victoria Alexander, Liz Carlyle, Eloisa James & Cathy Maxwell
A collection of four Regency romance novellas that I got because I was being completionist about Eloisa James and the library didn't have it.  I probably liked the James the best, but none of them were very memorable; neither were any of them terrible, and they were just right for tired me at the start of the year.  It also was a book off my to-read pile before I managed to buy any more, which almost never happens.

Lotus Face and the Fox by Nghi Vo
A beautiful little short story with a tiny hint of fantasy.

The Spy Who Never Grew Up by Sarah Rees Brennan
A novelette imagining Peter Pan and one of Wendy's descendants, with a seasoning of Fleming; I found it by turns funny, silly, and creepy (a bit like the original then).

Telling the Bees by T. Kingfisher
"There was a girl who died every morning, and it would not have been a problem except that she kept bees."  That's the opening line to this very short but lovely fantasy story.

What I'm reading now
Does the OU textbook on marketing count? I am not enjoying this section of the module very much but the deadline loometh.

What I'll read next
More short fiction - it's a lot easier to read the odd one here or there than a novel-length book.


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