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By my log, I have spent >17 hours on the OU assignment since Sunday morning. I am short of sleep and short-tempered but it is done and submitted now. I really regret not doing more earlier, especially when we were on holiday.

My exam for this module (B291 Financial Accounting) is 7 weeks tomorrow. I think I might start a little countdown with post-its by my bed to help me stay focused between now and then. The textbooks for the next module (B203 Business Studies in Context) have already arrived, but I'm cordially ignoring them until After The Exam - there's over two weeks between the exam and the due date for the first assignment in B203.

Late last night I was really cheered to get a lovely positive comment on my Rare Pair story from its recipient, only about an hour or so after notifications went out. I saved my own gift story for this evening, after submitting, and it made a really pleasant reward.

Drawing A Slow Circle (1815 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mirrim/T'gellan
Characters: Mirrim, T'gellan, F'nor, Brekke
Additional Tags: Friendship, Unresolved Sexual Tension

Mirrim knows entirely too much about what's going on in the weyr; and nothing about what's going on in T'gellan's mind.

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Nico now reliably says "uh-oh" when appropriate. Like when dropping food on the floor, or escaping through the living room gate.  (Compare with Charles, who started with "oh dear" and about six months older.)

Also if I shout at Charles, Nicholas often bursts into tears.  If I cuddle Charles, he comes barrelling over to get into the cuddle.  He babbles a lot and is climbing on everything.  Also the shelves that were out of his reach 2 months ago aren't any more.  Time to move everything upward again.

This Nico icon is a bit out of date!  There are oodles of more recent photos ... on my camera memory card.  Maybe one day I will sort them out, perhaps as procrastination for studying?


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