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1. I have been heard to say that I am too lazy to puree food for babies, let them just help themselves off whatever the parent is eating when they aren't having milk.

Well, that worked for Charles.  Nico it turns out is very keen on eating whatever his parents are eating, but lacks teeth and competence to eat a lot of it without choking.  So I have an icecube-tray or two of roughly-blended adult food in the freezer, and if my meal looks like he might choke on it, I microwave up a cube and spoonfeed it to him.  (I've started making him his own little bowl of porridge in the morning because I like to adulterate mine with seeds).

2. I have been heard to say that Elimination Communication is lovely-sounding, but far too likely to be messy and difficult for us to even try, especially with baby moving between three main carers (me, Tony, nursery).

Except that this baby's attempts to tell me how much he hates wetting his nappies are finally sinking in and I'm admitting that part-time EC is better than none.

Turns out different babies are different and parents may need to adapt to individual needs.   Who'd have thought.

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I decided to set myself a month-goal of "getting to bed before 11pm on schoolnights", as an attempt to address chronic mild sleep deprivation and a sleeping pattern that had gone "stay up late and do all the things" or "collapse asleep with the baby at 8pm".

At first I wasn't doing too badly, an occasional 10:30pm and quite a few approx 11:10pm, and generally I was getting to sleep before midnight.  But the last fortnight, whenever I haven't had something taking me out of the house in the evening, I've fallen asleep about 8-9pm with the baby, woken about 1am and been awake for an hour or two, then back to sleep until 6ish.  Which is great because I'm actually getting at least the 7 hours I seem to need to function well, but sucks because "after the baby is in bed" is when I was doing my studying, and I've been sleeping through that for the last fortnight. 

Perhaps I should study for an hour at 1am instead of writing blog posts.


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