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Politics. On Thursday night I posted that I expected nothing but disappointment from the election, and it was ... not quite that bad! Locally I am gutted for Julian losing. Purely selfishly, the size of the Labour majority puts it well into "we need to reevaluate the whole campaign" territory, not "we just needed to work a bit harder", which means I don't feel personally guilty for not doing anything.  (For clarity, I don't mean "oh the LD campaign was terrible" - I claim no insight into any of the local campaigning because I wasn't doing anything political - just that it's important to figure out the reasons why the change in vote was so dramatic.)  I was also really pleased to see Jo Swinson re-elected in Dunbartonshire, and Layla Moran elected for the first time in Oxford West & Abingdon.  I'm afraid I'm still in distantly-watching mode where politics are concerned; if the LibDems were likely to be offered a coalition or similar agreement I'd be clearing the decks to go to the members' special conference, but that doesn't look like it'll be happening any time soon.

Wonder Woman. Tony encouraged me to go see this with him when I wasn't feeling especially keen on it, and I'm SO GLAD he did.  I enjoyed it very much, I had very strong emotional reactions to Themyscira and the No Man's Land scenes in particular, I thoroughly enjoyed the slow-mo OTT action choreography and creative use of shields in combat.  (I want ALL the fanfic about current-day Diana comparing shield techniques with current-day Steve Rogers.)  I guessed one "plot twist" almost immediately but the other took me by surprise. It was a lot funnier than I expected too!  It's not perfect, but it's very very good and I'll be preordering the dvd as soon as that's possible.

Trailers and adverts. There was an advert for England Women's Cricket team before Wonder Woman.  I can't remember ever seeing such a thing before.  Was the thinking "women + athleticism" perhaps? Anyway I am in favour.  The Spiderman: Homecoming trailer makes me want to see it even though I'm still bitter about it bumping Captain Marvel back a year when Spidey already had LOTS of films. Transformers: The Last Knight has Anthony Hopkins delivering ridiculous lines in the trailer, and Bumblebee doing something cool enough I gasped aloud and I actually might agree to see this in the cinema if the 10yo Transformers fan so wishes.  And finally I managed to see the Black Panther trailer this morning and am very excited and that is one for me to see in the cinema.

Working (musical). I went to London to see this yesterday afternoon and really appreciated it.  It's 90 minutes without an interval, and it's "just" a series of vignettes in dialogue and song, based on a book of interviews with the US workforce, originally from the 1970s and updated with interviews from 2007-8. The vignettes themselves all have something to reveal, and how they're placed next to each other does interesting things too.  This production has the main parts played by six experienced actors, and a "chorus" of six new actors (as it happens, each of them in their first professional part), and the choreography, of movement as well as dance, was as delightful to me as the music. Two songs were added to the musical for the 2012 version, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and I carefully didn't look up which they were in advance so I could try guessing them.  I got one right, and completely missed the other but it's obvious in retrospect.  Annoyingly, I can only find a cast recording of the original version of the musical, without the LMM songs.  I liked the Southwark Playhouse too - it's small and friendly and relatively easy for me to get to: one train and one tube from Cambridge.

Fatigue. I am paying for all this fun today though.  I started off yesterday feeling tired, and despite taking it very easy both ways to London I had to go to bed early once home again. Today I can barely get out of bed and it's taken me half a day to pull enough brain together to write this.  If I'd gone to just one of Wonder Woman or Working but not both, I would probably be in a better state today, but it was probably worth it.


Date: 2017-06-11 14:25 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] damerell
I went for Dr Huppert, and I would prefer he won, but TBH in all but the safest seats (are there any?) I think the LDs should regard anyone who was an MP during the Faustian pact as irretrievably tainted by it. I don't think it did Dr H any favours, for example...

Date: 2017-06-11 16:37 (UTC)
bens_dad: (Default)
From: [personal profile] bens_dad
Most of the Lib Dem / Huppert publicity I saw was opposing BREXIT and/or Labour; I saw nothing explicitly saying that he disagreed with the Conservatives. When my wife asked him to his face this week he did say that Cameron was one thing but May was quite another; he said very strongly that another coalition with the tories was out of the question, but I would not have known that from the literature.

Date: 2017-06-12 16:36 (UTC)
From: [personal profile] stephdairy
It might have depended what we thought your affiliations were. If we felt you were right-leaning for some reason (and voter targeting is not an exact science) you would have got anti-Labour messages; if Labour-inclined, anti-Brexit messages and "what has Zeichner actually done?"; Lib Dems got anti-Tory messages and "come out and vote you lazy sods".

I don't get the impression that we expect people to make reasoned policy decisions from the leaflets, though. Sometimes I suspect it's considered a success if the word yellow wanders through your mind looking for something to associate with while you're putting the leaflet it in the recycling...


Date: 2017-06-11 18:16 (UTC)
jack: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jack
Aldabra made the point that lots of people in Cambr may not remember Huppert; I was voting for him mainly because of what I know him to have actually done.

Date: 2017-06-11 21:02 (UTC)
aldabra: (Default)
From: [personal profile] aldabra
Yes. Too much transient population. The people I know (including me) who reluctantly didn't vote for him last time because of the risk of Clegg doing the same thing again did vote for him this time, but it was a candidate-vote not a party-vote and it depended on remembering him as an MP. I think none of the students and few of the postdocs will have been here, and the cohort which was here and would remember are dispersed.

I was expecting him to win; I thought it was clear he was a better MP than Zeichner. But I was assuming that the electorate would remember both, in order to make that judgment.

Date: 2017-06-11 19:15 (UTC)
sfred: (Default)
From: [personal profile] sfred
I am very much looking forward to seeing both Wonder Woman and Working in a couple of weeks' time. :-)

Date: 2017-06-12 12:00 (UTC)
jae: (politicalgecko)
From: [personal profile] jae
the size of the Labour majority


That's not the result I've been reading about! ;)


Date: 2017-06-12 12:05 (UTC)
jae: (politicalgecko)
From: [personal profile] jae
Oh! Sorry, I misread that. Of course you would have been looking at your local result as least as much as the national one (I'm the same way).

Well...I'm sorry about that, but yeah, it really does sound like a wave phenomenon rather than anything your local guy did.



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