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I got the email that my ballot was open a few days ago, and I have just entered my votes-so-far into it, based on what I've already managed to read / watch / otherwise consume.  Ballots can be edited right up until the deadline, but this seems like a good way to make sure even the limited preferences I have right now get recorded.

My intention is to make brief posts about how I'm voting and what I think of the finalists, as I complete each category.  As a general rule, I pay no attention[1] to stuff by Vox Day or his publishing company Castalia House.  For this Hugos, I intend to pay no attention to Puppy nominations unless I also see buzz about them from elsewhere​, so some of my Hugo posts will list five finalists, and some six, and that is why.

[1] wording deliberate: attention is probably my most limited resource and I've a lot of other things I'd rather spend it on

So far, I have managed to read all the non-Puppy finalists for Short Story and for Novelette, and while in each category I have a clear favourite, ranking the remainder is proving something of a challenge, but in a good way.

Date: 2017-04-30 12:18 (UTC)
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That's interesting - I previously decided I'd give up once a thing was too awful to read, which weeded the puppies out pretty early, but this time decided I would put the effort in of looking up the slate, and couldn't find it! So to me, I might well have said, the effort of seeking out what I shouldn't read is more than the effort of just reading a couple of pages and finding it too dire to continue. (And yes, one of the short-form literature was too dire to read from the title let alone anything else.)

I think because I don't tend to see the buzz so much, maybe, a lot of the stuff I wouldn't have heard of were it not on the list. I mean, some of my friends talk about what they read on here (including you; thank you) and I occasionally look at goodreads but that's about all the effort I put into paying attention.


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