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Both children love swimming. Charles is a competent casual swimmer, Nicholas is still in beginner swim lessons and needs the full-time attention of an adult whenever out of his depth. So I like to take them swimming whenever possible, and made sure to pack swimming things for this holiday.

So far we have managed 2 pools in Helsinki, 1 on the ferry, and 2 in Stockholm.
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Today we arrived in Copenhagen and our current airbnb in Fredericksberg is a very short walk from another local pool, plus there are a number of others I am investigating in case we have time for a second one ...
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  • I still have a cough.  I've progressed to the point where I am no longer stupid ill with it, I just ... cough a lot.  I'm not getting enough sleep as a result, but I'm definitely getting better.  Just slowly.
  • I went for my quarterly bone marrow sample on Wednesday; it was probably the least-unpleasant experience yet.  I got the doctor who is particularly skilled at taking them.  I'm pretty certain if there was anything to worry about I'd have had a phone call by now, so I am not worrying.
  • The children had half-term off school, and we sent them to holiday club for 3 days and took 2 days as family holiday to Sheffield where the newest and tiniest cousin is.  As usual, the highlights of Sheffield for the children were, in order: a) trams b) Ponds Forge swimming pool c) their family (especially tiny cousins).
  • I took the children swimming twice in Sheffield.  Charles's birthday party earlier in the month was the first time I've been swimming since getting ill, and I had almost forgotten how much I like it.  Taking them to Ponds Forge is more walking-around-in-water than swimming, especially as I was solely responsible for non-swimmer Nico, but it was fun anyway. 
  • Between cough and holiday and sleep deprivation I am behind on everything and have an assignment deadline on Thursday.  Essay crisis ahoy!
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At his grandmother's last week, Charles discovered he could stand in the shallow end of her pool and gleefully discarded his 'noodle' float while jumping in repeatedly and occasionally "swimming" short distances with a lot of one-foot-on-the-floor involved.

Yesterday I took him to our local pool where even the shallowest part is over his head. He noodled around a bit and then casually discarded the float and swam a very short distance across a corner unaided. Then a bit further, and then a bit further ...

By the time we had to get out, he was up to 3 or 4 metres at a stretch, inelegant but effective doggy paddle across the shallow end. Jumping in ("Don't catch me, Mummy!"), surfacing, turning, and determinedly swimming back to the side to do it all over again. He wants to go again this evening, and the summer timetable permits, so we shall.

I am so utterly delighted in this milestone, after years of baby swimming and casual-swimming-with-me and more recently two terms of formal lessons, which have made him much more confident. I don't remember learning to swim, only that I've enjoyed it for as far back as I can remember. My parents gave that to me, and now it seems I've managed to pass it on.
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I'm off work for the rest of this week, hanging out with Charles while Tony works and the bathroom work continues. Today we went swimming at Parkside, which got Charles's seal of approval, though is rather more expensive than Chesterton. Worth it I think - Charles is so much more confident in water when he can reach the bottom if he wants to, and he did some good float-assisted swimming across the shallow pool in and out of his depth. If we start going regularly, there are multi-swim tickets and a "leisure card" which gives discounts.

There is a mini fairground for children on Parker's Piece, until Saturday. £5.99 for unlimited rides, which I think will keep him busy for a couple of hours at least. I have negotiated with Charles we will go on Friday afternoon (rather than e.g. straight after swimming when both of us were hungry and grumpy) and am trying to round up a couple of his local friends to come too.

After several seriously painful days and missing 2 parties at the weekend, my foot has suddenly started getting better. I missed 2 doses of ibuprofen yesterday and am going to see how today goes without any. I've also been wearing my walking trainers everywhere as the most supportive footwear I own.

"Scooby Doo meets Batman" was not as interesting as talking to the plumber. But at least it's going back to the library today.

This morning I got my smear test done (about 3 months after my reminder letter arrived) and was sad to hear that the nurse is about to retire: she has done nearly all my nurse appointments for as long as I've been in Cambridge, and nearly all Charles's too. She assured me that the nurse replacing her is lovely.


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