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Yesterday I took Nico shopping for new school shoes after his dance classes.  We returned with:
  • a grey snood with soft fake fur lining for me
  • a sparkling purple hat with yellow stripes for him
  • a fleece-lined grey hat with earflaps and a rainbow space invaders stripe pattern for me
  • a new dressing gown of incredibly soft fleece for him
  • new Peppa Pig slippers for him
... oh yeah, and a new pair of school shoes.

(The first three items were from the local charity shop, which I sloped off to while he was in class, which is possibly cheating.)
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I spent a large chunk of yesterday morning engaged in pointless primping boosting the local service economy, while getting a lot of reading done. Results can be seen below:

Blue streak

In the afternoon Charles and I went shopping for his Christmas presents to his grandparents: in practice I selected plausible options for each person and asked him to choose which he thought they would like best. The money came out of his pocket money and we talked about how much each item was (they are all small and inexpensive). We'll wrap them together, once we've also found something suitable for his father. Separately, Tony will help him choose something small for me. It all seems a bit silly until I think of it as Lessons In Choosing And Giving Gifts.

My father made a flying visit for a few hours in the evening where we ate lots of Chinese and talked a great deal (so unlike us, I know!), and he gave me a small edition of Emma by Jane Austen. It is inscribed:

From C.E.C.
With L.O.V.E.

from which we conclude it was given by my paternal grandfather Charles Edward Coleman to my grandmother Cecillie. It's now my turn to look after it, perhaps until my Charles is old enough to appreciate it.


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