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If you would like a seasonal greeting card from me, and you think I might not have your current postal address, please comment below (all comments screened). 
  • If you didn't get a card from me last year, that is a pretty good indication I don't have your address. 
  • If you would like a card but can't leave a comment, my email address is in my profile and you are welcome to drop me an email with your address.
  • Most of my cards are generic Seasons Greetings; if you would particularly like / particularly object to a card with a religious greeting, please let me know in your comment/email.
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I've arranged a short trip, just me and Charles, to see my mum and stepdad in the remainder of half-term not taken up with a double bank holiday.  It's probably the last journey of any distance I'm prepared to take before my due date, but we'll be back in Cambridge before I reach 37 weeks.

Even so, the bit of my brain that likes to think What Could Possibly Go Wrong woke me up in a cold sweat this morning (yes, literally) because I Didn't Have A Plan for if I went into labour while on that visit.  There followed a frantic half hour looking up maternity services, travel times and installing an app to time contractions.  And now I have a Plan, including what to do if I go into labour on the train, and when to call the whole trip off, and then I was able to relax and get up.

The timing app is cute and will be useful anyway.
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I'm now officially into the second trimester. My body hasn't read the book, but hopefully the first-trimester symptoms will bog off soon.

A little planning switch has flipped in my head, because the chances of miscarriage are now much lower and so I am "allowed" to start making real moves to prepare for the new arrival.
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Kate suggested the hole might be the rotten remains of a tree stump that had been turfed over. As it happens, my ex-housemate Keith did indeed hack away at a tree stump until it was below-ground and then turfed it over, nearly 8 years ago.

I did a bit of digging this evening and the sinking bit is really only approx 0.5m x 0.5m and looks like rich soil. I chucked half a recycling box of spare soil from the messy end of the garden and stamped it down and it started to feel more solid so that's looking hopeful.

I picked up the Eglu Go last week, and after chatting to the nice woman at Cambridge Poultry, I also ordered a 1m extension to the run. Tony & I assembled the henhouse part and the first bit of the run together that evening. It was fairly straightforward as flatpack goes and we were still talking when it was finished, which is a good sign. (Flatpack assembly is one of those things where we usually don't play well together, because we have very different approaches.) The extension arrived on Thursday but we had family commitments from then until today.

I got an email over the weekend that the hens were ready to collect, so this evening I stopped playing with soil as soon as possible and excitedly finished the run off. Straightforward but a bit tricky alone and I am very tired of bending the little plastic clips together. Then I ran into a bit of a problem: the very last piece of the run is missing. And yes, if I had checked all the pieces before we started last Tuesday I'd have known then, and it would have been sorted out by now. Normally I do an inventory check first; perhaps I shall blame getting carried away with Tony's enthusiasm last week.

So I now have a lovely hen house and run with a great big gap easily big enough for a fox. Jonny has seen a fox a couple of times in the garden, so the hens are staying on the farm for now.

I have been considering names for the hens, mostly dignified women's names that are not completely out of fashion. I am trying not to name them after any particularly close friends or family members, or anything too "funny". My plan is to have half a dozen names in mind and then match them to the hens as we get to know them. Charles thinks we should call one of them Toothless, which would at least be accurate, unlike his other suggestion, Spot.


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