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Hidden Figures was released in the US at the very end of 2016, so I can nominate it for the Hugo awards this year.  Woo!  (No, it's not science fiction, but the category is "dramatized science fiction, fantasy or related subjects" and I think it counts as a related subject.)

There is a sale for the next 36 hours on the first 9 books of the Young Wizards series, in ebook (which I did not previously have).

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Hugo nominations close very soon (06:59 Greenwich Mean Time on 18th March, so less than 3 days). I submitted mine last night.

My highly rigorous selection method was:
  • checking my "Reading Wednesday" posts of 2016
  • checking my blog posts tagged 'films'
  • picking out eligible works I liked and thought good-enough to nominate
  • finding a few other things while googling to confirm eligibility
  • making my perennial nomination of @microsff
The only category I was able to find 5 nominations for was Short Story, but I still think this is better than making no nominations at all. To me, the value of the Hugos is when everyone nominates the things they liked and the popular results emerge from the crowd.

I found some helpful eligibility posts from:
Apex Magazine
Lightspeed Magazine
Uncanny Magazine

And a helpful list of authors eligible for the Campbell Award from Rocket Stack Rank. I also found that Diane Duane's Young Wizards series, which I love very much, is eligible for the new Best Series award.

The one other thing I nominated that I've not mentioned before is Splendor & Misery, a hip-hop dystopian space opera concept album[1] by Clipping[2]. It's about 40 minutes long, available on Spotify and impossible to take in if I try to do anything else while listening to it. I've still managed to listen to it three times and I haven't quite got my head around it, but it's amazing. The track All Black particularly sticks in my head.

[1] which I find glorious just for existing and letting me say that phrase
[2] 1/3 of Clipping is Daveed Diggs, who played Thomas Jefferson in the original Broadway cast of Hamilton

my nominations )
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Novel (40,000+ words)
The Raven and the Reindeer by T. Kingfisher

Novella (17,500-40,000 words)

Novellette (7,500 - 17,500 words)

Short Story (<7,500 words)

Related Work

Graphic Story

Dramatic presentation, long form

Dramatic presentation, short form

Editor, short form

Editor, long form

Professional artist
Galen Dara - cover of Lightspeed 68
Julie Dillon - cover of Clarkesworld 112
Priscilla Kim - cover of Uncanny Magazine Eight




Fan writer

Fan artist

John W Campbell


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