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★ Notes on Year 3, Comic 18 - Family Skate 

I know why you’re all here so let’s just get it out the way


Eight seconds later Bitty was violently squashed. There was pie filling everywhere.

✓ Family skate! Yes!! A not uncommon tradition in many professional hockey leagues. Bring out the kids! Bring out the significant others! Bring out FalcsTV as PR films this corporate interaction, eventually producing a cute video of the Falcs and their fledglings having fun—all set to upbeat guitar music. This video will be heavily edited to exclude a fast-moving Jack Zimmermann rushing to stop Alexei Mashkov from crushing Bitty to a certain and icy death. Do you have any idea how fast Jack can skate when he needs to be somewhere??? On the fast break or saving ERB from mortal peril—top speeds.

✓ Oh my God, how did Bitty survive any of that. I would have been waaaay too nervous. Bitty figured if he could win the Falconers and their families over with pie, he’d be golden. Uh, he didn’t really have a plan B. So when the pie consumption came to a terrifying halt he began to panic. Bitty apparently forgets that he’s friendly, polite, very kind, and a joy to be around. Of course, none of that matters if people hate your pie.

✓ Oh, Poots. Oh, Poots indeed. Jack Zimmermann? Uh, dating a Boyfriend? But how? This would make him gay??

✓ Alexei Mashkov’s tragic past—revealed! Finally! Now now now, don’t go interpreting Tater’s life as tragic. His parents don’t demand greatness from him or anything. Tater simply understands how it feels to have others put expectations on you and how that can be a whole lot of pressure. And Zimmboni is dating B so wow, that’s even so much more pressure!! Expectations can be a drag and Tater wants Bitty and Jack to know that he only expects them to be good guys and to keep bringing him food.

✓ So why was Tater so upset in pages 3 and 4 then??  Yeah, okay, maybe not everyone will be comfortable with Zimmboni having a boyfriend. Maybe Zimmboni’s not comfortable with telling them. But does he think the Falcs could hate him? Really? And is that really the only reason he hasn’t invited Tater to dinner??? If only Zimmboni had told him he could have been eating SO MUCH MORE FOOD. Nook pies 24/7. Tater loves food. His name is a food. He was upset because of food and not knowing the True Source of food.

✓ 3.18: Family Skate Bitty Acquires More Hockey Players To Feed. Honestly, that’s it. That’s the comic.

☆ ☆ ☆ NEWS ☆ ☆ ☆

If you somehow haven’t heard me yelling about the new Check, Please site, it’s HERE IT’S HERE! If you’re reading this on the new Check, Please site high five! It’s such a good site guys, and it’s great being an affiliate to Hiveworks.


Check, Please has gotten a lot of press this month. NPR did a story on the comic which you should check out!


I also sat down with Dan Berry on the Make It Then Tell Everyone podcast and talked about writing, Kickstarters, and how I got into comics.

☆ Also? I was a guest at TCAF! Publisher’s Weekly had a nice lil’ shout out here. I was interviewed by Calvin Reid and revealed many Check Please Secrets during an exclusive TCAF panel!

I’m working on the next three updates! Bitty’s junior year is far from over. Look out for another update in a few weeks. Down the pipeline is ID10T festival in June and Anime Expo in July! You can start getting tickets to 1D10T HERE if you’re in the Bay Area and want to see awesome concerts and also get some comic books? And don’t you forget. For more Check, Please content follow my Twitter or subscribe to my patreon.  And Kickstarter backers, look out for a new update in about a week!

☆ Up Next: Bitty makes a lot of jam, there’s a big fun kegster, and finding out who’s captain. Sentiment and shenanigans. Standard Check, Please stuff!

Thanks guys for reading! Just…Thank you.

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A quick animated doodle. I’d say every member of the Samwell men’s hockey team appreciates an Eric Bittle smile.

Google Scholar oddness

2017-05-16 11:38
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Posted by simon

That was entertaining.

Like many people, I have some ongoing Google Scholar Alerts set up. These bring up most of the new relevant work in my area, as well as a fair number of false positives.

The spurious results usually come from astrophysics, which is fair enough as they use similar types of model and legitimately talk about tides a lot. Sometimes I also get medical stuff, when researchers use the word “tidal” relating to breathing.

But this is new. Today’s alert suggests that I read,

“Beyond the thong : Contexts, prepresentations, and the performances of erotic masculinities in male strip show(s)”

It appears to be somebody’s thesis in anthropology or some related field. It refers to a stripper called “Mike”, who shares a name with some of my software….

First journal article!

2017-05-15 18:57
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Posted by simon

Well, sort of. My last post also listed two journal articles but I was a minor author on those, contributing a small part of the text and comments on the rest. This post is about my first article as lead author.

It’s called “Implementation of tidal turbines in MIKE 3 and Delft3D models of Pentland Firth & Orkney Waters”, and it describes work that myself and two groups at Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh Universities did a few years ago, near the start of my PhD. Lots of people have represented tidal turbines in regional-scale flow models, but most of them have used academic codes that industry and investors won’t trust, or have modified trusted code – which itself tends to undermine that trust. Our aim for this work was to look at how tidal energy extraction can best be represented in two widely-used commerical modelling suites, without modifying their code. We also did some actual modelling, by way of example, and the results of that have been passed on to others in the project to use for ecological work.

In a small way this was perhaps a baptism by fire, in that I had to pull together work and writing done by people far senior to myself, add my own work on top of each, and try to construct a single coherent publication. Perhaps partly for this reason, coupled with my own inexperience, it had a long journey through review… but it’s out there now, and I’m glad it’s done!

If you have a subscription to Ocean & Coastal Management you can read the published version here; otherwise the “accepted version” (without journal formatting) is available at this finely crafted link.

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A quick sketch of a freshly-drafted Alexei Mashkov, trying his darnedest to answer press questions in English. That haircut!

☆TCAF 2017☆

2017-05-13 08:16
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Guys! I’ll be at TCAF next weekend as a featured guest and ready to sign Check,...
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☆ Fresh out the oven, a new Check, Please website! ☆

GUYS. The new site for omgcp is hosted by Hiveworks and looks SO GOOD! While, Check, Please will still be cross-posted on Tumblr, this site has much-better navigation features and puts everything in one place. My fave feature?

Organized & searchable tweets woot-woot

If Tumblr navigation has been a major turn-off for friends and fam, and carrying around PDFs on your device ain’t your thing, this site might change things up. 

Have fun playing with it!


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