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2017-02-23 10:48
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Weather looks good & innards seem to have settled & hip is only faintly cool/burny, which will probably improve if I get up and move around.

So called taxi & he says he'll be here in about 15 min. Time enough for a quick post. ;^)

Roostery (uses Spoonflower designs to make custom home furnishings) now offers wallpaper. I should go back to studying the CooperHewitt antique wallpapers, the high-res ones often have very good ideas for texture layerings- serpentine, criss cross, boxes, spaced groups of dots, etc. that all add interest to the featured motifs above.

and HAH! One of my designs is included in the 3 pages of featured wallpapers (out of the many thousands of available designs.) I am chuffed.


Ok, pulling the plug on the computer now. Wish me luck, I'm facing the wilds of Hellholeah.

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2017-02-23 10:33
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I discovered last night that I have serious difficulty opening the bathroom door because gripping the knob is very painful. The knob is kind of stubborn about turning, and the door sticks a bit. This is only an issue when we have company, so last night was the first time I’d needed to deal with that in months.

I’m also thinking that Scott is right that I need a new lamp. I don’t want to lose the one I’ve got because Mom made it for me, but I have problems with the switch because it needs turning. A lot of the time, I can manage because it’s such a brief thing, but… It does hurt.

I’ve got one load in the washer and one in the dryer. The bed is half made (the blankets are in the wash). I think the next step is the sandwich for Cordelia. That will take less than two minutes. (I make sandwiches for Scott and Cordelia because it takes me less than five minutes to make both sandwiches. Scott and Cordelia both take more than ten minutes to make a single sandwich. I have no idea what they do to take that long.) I think the dishwasher should be next followed by calling UHS.
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Due to reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, I've been asked to add 7 biweekly meetings to boss1's calendar through the end of the second quarter, and as you can imagine, this is making me tear my hair out, especially for the next two weeks, which are already overbooked. This lack of understanding of the basics of space-time - that you can't be in two places at once and you can't add extra time just to fit in more meetings (I mean, they are already meeting before 9 and after 5) - is baffling to me. And extremely frustrating because after I work the scheduling magic and manage to fit everybody in somehow, they invariably decide to change things and require more rescheduling. It's stupid and exhausting.

Speaking of exhausting, they confirmed that my dad has a staph infection, the how and why of which are unknown, but nobody's uttered the terrifying term MRSA so I don't think it's that, at least. He says he feels better and wants to go home, which I guess is something. Dom is supposed to buttonhole the doctor today to get more detailed information. And the social worker has already said that he'll be sent to a rehab facility upon discharge to get him walking again. Keep your fingers crossed!


Wednesday reading, on a Thursday:

What I've just finished
The Cafe La Femme books by Livia Day: A Trifle Dead, The Blackmail Blend, and Drowned Vanilla, all of which I enjoyed very much (Drowned Vanilla even has ice cream recipes I might have to try!), though I really hope the whole situation with Stewart gets resolved satisfactorily (by which I mean, in a poly relationship for Tabitha, rather than her choosing one or the other guy).

What I'm reading now
I just started The Bees by Laline Paull, and I mean literally just started so I have nothing to say about it yet.

What I'm reading next


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2017-02-23 08:57
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My left Achille’s tendon has really been hurting the last few days. It’s been very nice outside, in the 50s and 60s, and I very much want to take a walk. I just know that I wouldn’t make it very far before the pain was too much, and then I wouldn’t be able to do anything the rest of the day. That’s not been an option all week and won’t be today, either. Tomorrow, I will almost certainly walk too much because Scott has the day off (it’s his birthday) and will want to do things.

All of the laundry has also made my hands hurt a lot. My right hand was angry enough to make sleeping difficult last night which is highly unusual. I slept badly last night, generally. I was too warm, and my sinuses complained a lot. When I’m upright, I feel fine and don’t think I have a cold at all, but when I lie down, suddenly, I feel like I have a bad cold. I can’t think of anything in the bed that I might be allergic to.

We had three friends over last night. We talked about a game Scott wants to run in the Firefly universe. I’m kind of generally eh on Firefly, but everyone else is really enthusiastic. The game system will be Cortex Plus which I don’t know a lot about. We only had one copy of the book last night, and I let other people look at it since it lives here and is mine any other time.

I only have to do two loads of laundry today. I’m kind of hoping that I can get all of the chores done quickly and then nap. It might happen. Maybe.

To do list )
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Recently read: A couple of cute things:
Ghetto Swirl by Terry Blas. A lovely comic about a nerdy, Mexican, gay, Mormon and some street kids.

In which a New Type of Dragon is revealed by [personal profile] hatam_soferet

Currently reading: A journey to the end of the millennium by AB Yehoshua. Still a bit slow, still a bit sexist, but compelling in spite of that.

Up next: I am not sure, I have a lot of things vaguely on my to-read pile, but it'll probably take me a while to finish the Yehoshua.

Oh, my heart, part 2

2017-02-23 08:39
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LaunchGood: Muslims Unite to Repair Jewish Cemetery

funded of $20,000 goal

(If the name behind it sounds familiar -- yes, this is the same Linda Sarsour who was one of the Women's March on Washington organizers, among other activist accomplishments.)
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Sir C- F- and I make very fond farewells to one another, for has been a most agreeable couple of days, and then I am bound for Lord P-'s, that sure is not an immense distance away.

Sophy remarks to me, as we are sat in the carriage, sure 'twas a very pretty place, but 'twas exceeding quiet. I confide she is us’d to the bustle of Town, and indeed in great houses there is usually a deal a-doing, a lively servants’ hall &C. She adds that she took advantage of that fine herb plot to put up some lotions and washes, they were entire agreeable to her using the stillroom.

Why, says I, I shall be giving excellent good report of you to Docket. Sophy smiles and says she wonders how Docket goes on in Weymouth. I confide, says I, that she and Biddy Smith will be promenading themselves and waxing extreme critickal over the way other ladies are dresst. Sophy giggles and agrees 'tis very like.

I look at her and think how well she has come on since joining our household. Will never be tall, but has fill’d out, and altho’ her looks cannot match those of Dorcas, that are most out of the common fine, is become a pleasing creature that I daresay already finds those that aspire to a kind glance from her.

She takes out some knitting – sure she is admirable diligent.

I open my traveling desk so that I may go scribble a little upon my novel of wreckers and sea-monsters.

But 'tis not long afore we are arriv’d at Lord P-'s fine place: and this year, I apprehend, there will be no bad poet even are there still horrid swans. I am greet’d by Lady P- that expresses great delight at seeing me, I cannot comprehend why except that it be somewhat effusive civility. She goes introduce her daughter, that looks a little sullen at being oblig’d to stand about the hall in order to greet their guests when she might be in the open air among the company.

This, she says with pride, is my daughter, Lady Rosamund, that makes her debut in the coming season.

Lady Rosamund goes make me a somewhat cursory curtesy. I daresay to one of her years I appear quite entire as already one of the fusties. Lady P- gives out a little sigh, and goes on to say that of course D- is already here, and Arthur grows a fine lusty infant.

But what is this about dear Agnes? she says. Shows an entire inclination to accept this offer from some country parson, when she might do so much better.

La, says I, is’t Mr L- you mean? Has been showing most attentive to her. Is a most not’d scholar that moves in learn’d circles, and also has a deal of interest.

Lady P- concedes a little grudging that this makes some difference, but one that might do as well as Agnes S- - seems that she throws herself away.

Why, says I, perchance he may end up a bishop or gain some other fine ecclesiastical advancement (tho’ I think neither Mr L-, nor Agnes S- on his behalf, have any such ambitions). But the prospect greatly mollyfies Lady P-.

She goes on to say that poor D- has latterly been suffering a deal with his megrim: she confides in these fine country airs he will soon improve.

And how does Lady D-?

Comes about remarkable, allows Lady P-, feeds the boy herself, entirely in health (but there is somewhat a little hesitant in how she conveys this intelligence).

(Indeed I apprehend that there is some kind of trouble with Lady D-, tho sure she seems recover’d and does not show melancholick after the fashion of Susannah after Sukey’s birth.)

I proceed to my chamber, where Sophy is already about unpacking, laying out a fine muslin that I may change into, putting out a very charming hat and my parasol. Sophy, says I, as she goes about to help me out of my traveling garb, do you have any occasion to convoke with Copping, there seems somewhat of trouble concerning Lady D-, should like to know what’s ado.

Sophy says that Copping ever shows agreeable and she dares say there will be some fine tea-drinkings while we are here.

Excellent, says I, looking at myself in the mirror and finding the sight very agreeable: sure I am a vain creature. Well, I will go mingle among the other guests.

There is a deal of company – I mind me that Lord P- takes a desire to get rid of his obligations to Society in a bunch, so that he may then return to his darling cows without distraction – including Sir H- and Lady Z-, that promenade together around the lake in a fine display of conjugal amity.

Comes up to me Agnes S-, that is looking exceeding well and happy, takes my hands and squeezes 'em and says, would be extreme gratefull might we contrive to convoke - o, indeed, all goes well, but there are one or two matters –

Why, my dear, says I, I am quite upon the qui vive to know how things go with you. Think you that did we ascend to the Temple of the Winds we might contrive a little solitude?

She looks about and says, sure there are a deal of what Em calls the fusties that I doubt would be inclin’d for the walk, also 'tis nigh upon the hour for tea that I daresay they will find more pressing than the fine views one may obtain from that vantage-point.

I laugh and say, from Lady Rosamund’s expression I fear I am now among the fusties myself, but I should be delight’d to climb up there – I apprehend that is the weather sufficiently clear one may see Wales.

Agnes S- says very pretty that even was Lady B- eighty years old she would still not be a fusty; but let us essay the walk.

As we make the climb up the winding path, she says that Lord and Lady P- go warn all very serious not to try to take a boat under the bridge, for the swans have another brood of cygnets and both mother and father will show extreme ferocious towards intruders.

We laugh somewhat, and then she says, sure one never sees anything lately of Mr W- Y-, I hope he is in health?

Why, says I, I am for some reason in a supposition that he has gone abroad. Tho’ for what purpose, whether 'twas to take the waters or to fight against tyranny -

Miss S- says 'tis far more like the former.

We come to the gazebo in the form of a temple of the winds, and we look about and observe that no-one comes up the path, and we go point out distant sights to one another, and we perceive that the company that is about the lawn and the terrace moves like unto to a flock of sheep towards the drawing-room, so we feel there is little likelyhood of interruption.

Well, says I, sitting myself down upon the marble bench that runs around the interior of the temple, how go matters with you?

O! cries Agnes S-, all comes about quite exceedingly. For I writ to Mr L- concerning my authorship and had the very finest response – has a vision of the two of us sitting in an agreeable parsonage parlour, he about his studies, me about my verses, 'tis entirely a delightfull prospect, he says.

Why, says I, that is a fine thing in him.

And my guardian wrote to him saying that I was not pennyless but had a portion – tho’ he did not say how large 'twas – and Mr L- wrote back to say, he entirely suppos’d 'twould be settl’d upon me, with he dared say provision for any children.

Indeed, says I, better and better.

But - she says, wringing her hands together – I would not say there is opposition exactly, but I am like to suppose that Lady P- was in some hopes that I would marry one that would be advantageous to their family interests –

'Tis entire likely, says I (for indeed do I consider upon it they must have had some hopes in the matter).

- altho’ Lord D- is not so much put about by Mr L-'s theology and liturgickal practice as I had suppos’d he would be, but I think approves that 'tis not an entire matter of worldly advantage

Why, says I, shows well of him.

- but, Agnes S- goes on, Dora. I cannot fathom it. Says I could make a much finer match, mentioning various fellows that I do not incline to and that do not incline to me, save for the thought of repairing their fortunes. Will say that at least 'tis not Mr O’N-, and I will not be going to Ireland, but shows very put about by the notion that I shall be quitting their household and no longer living with 'em.

Indeed 'tis curious, says I, for last year she seem’d eager to have you matcht up and marry’d, even was it not to title or antient lineage, tho’, indeed, to one that all say is like to have a fine distinguisht career –

'Twas Dora’s way, she says with a sigh, did she see a fellow but speak to me civil would be asking did I not have a notion to him. But seems entire chang’d and even as if she does not wish me marry at all.

She then sighs again and says, but – sure she will not speak plain of it, because 'tis one of the mysteries of marry’d women that she will not discourse of to me –

I snort somewhat vulgar –

- but there is something, somewhat that troubles her, that makes her nervous and unlike her wont’d self, in particular towards Lord D-, 'tis worrysome.

I take her hand and squeeze it. Perchance I may come about to find out more in the matter –

But 'tis indeed strange, Dora would ever look to me or our aunt to smooth out her way - o, she was not spoilt, or over-indulg’d, ever entire sweet-natur’d –

I say that one sees that still.

- but indeed she was very much our pet. But now – 'tis almost as if was a stranger.

My dear, says I, may be some quite foolish small matter that bothers her, do you leave it in my hands.

State of the Meg Update

2017-02-23 09:48
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So, I'm heading back to uni (again - hopefully this time I'll get a degree out of things). I'm studying part-time, because that way I'm not going to be overloading myself, and I'll be able to get things like, y'know, housework and such done as well as studying without pushing myself to the point of breakdown. Unfortunately for me, this week is O-week, which means I pretty much need to be on campus every day.

Yesterday was O-Day (Guild clubs & societies sign-up day). It did not go well for me.

A bit of background: I am hyper-sensitive to noise. Lots of noise overloads me, because I basically don't have a filter for "foreground noise" or "background noise" - everything I hear comes in marked "process immediately", so too much noise, and too many sources of noise, and too much volume means my brain literally gets overloaded. I am also somewhat claustrophobic in crowded situations - I prefer having something of a generous personal space bubble, and crowded areas make me anxious and panicky.

O-Day yesterday was trying to cram pretty much the entire cohort of first year students, plus a fairly substantial chunk of second and third year students, into a single 500m by 20m (widest point maybe 50m) stretch of the campus. Plus two different sound stages within about 100m of each other, dozens of club and society booths, and numerous corporate and social bodies trying to get people's attention as well. Essentially, if I ever wind up in hell, it will be like being stuck in something like this on a never-ending basis.

O-Day officially started at 12 noon. I was getting the fsck out of there by about 12.30pm, and I only managed to sign up for one of the (potentially four) clubs I was interested in. Even thinking about it now is making me feel uncomfortable. I have not felt so purposefully excluded in years. (This was actually probably the least of their accessibility fails - I wouldn't have wanted to be trying to get a wheelchair or walker through that throng without a cow-catcher bolted onto the front, TBH).

Fortunately the earliest I have to be on campus today is about 3pm, for a Mature Age study skills session, and tomorrow I only have one thing to attend (a one-off lecture for one of my courses, where I'm hoping to receive the unit outline, since it isn't available online). But I'm really not feeling welcome there or happy about being there.

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2017-02-22 19:56
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No joy on the lottery for Community High School. Cordelia's far enough down the waitlist that getting in this year is vastly unlikely-- 194th when the school takes 132 kids. She seems to be taking it okay, but we're all disappointed.
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Another three articles from the mainstream media about "what went right" rather than "what went wrong".

Western Australia introduces new border controls for managing bovine Johne's disease in cattle by Matt Brann (ABC Rural, Western Australia)

Western Australia has introduced border controls to protect cattle from Bovine Johne's Disease, a condition which is capable of killing cattle, and leads to a loss of saleable condition prior to death.

St John rewards 'heroes' for courage, skill and exceptional judgement in emergencies by Eliza Laschon (ABC Western Australia)

A group of 17 Western Australians have been recognised by St John Ambulance WA for their "exceptional judgement and skill to deliver care.. in a medical emergency", including a crew of eight who worked on a smash involving an ambulance on Mundijong Road last year.

Hunt for a safe haven for world's rarest marsupial continues by Lisa Morrison and Andrew Collins (ABC Great Southern, Western Australia)

Locations are being sought for rehousing colonies of Gilbert's Potoroo, the world's rarest marsupial. The potoroo had been believed extinct, but a small colony was discovered near Albany in 1994. However, bush fires in the area in 2015 mean the Albany colony is struggling, and new locations for colonies are being sought.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found any stories in your news feeds about what went right, why not share them in the comments?

Rainy Days and Paisleys

2017-02-22 15:42
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Once again I failed to obtain groceries or post package. Woke up with aching hip, but got into my going out clothes anyway, but before it got to the time I figured taxi guy might answer the phone it started raining. AND RAINING.

So, ok, my sinuses tell me days ahead of time, and my hip tells me NOW, when it's gonna be deluge.

Good part is that I found a big bag of lawn food in the rusting out shed & was waiting for a rainy day to spread it. The lawn food was wet muck, though, so I couldn't use the nice plant food spreader gadget. Eh, handfuls work. It's not as if it matters if some areas get too much and kill the weeds. The rain slowed down around noon for just long enough for me to spread the lawn food, before returning to steady rain.

There's so much water the ground can't absorb it. YAY, NO MORE YARD WORK TODAY!

So instead I made 24 variations of paisley, based on a doodle I did yesterday when I didn't have energy to do anything else. Haven't set them all up yet. My hands are sore from clicking & mousing.

Ok, in between watching season 2 of RWBY I set up the designs, currently they're in these two temporary collections if you're curious.



HAH, someone ordered a Sprout pattern for a man's shorts, printed with my design 'Hobo Signs on Black'. Since they didn't save it as a public project, I went ahead and made it to see how it would look.

It's so CUTE. :^)


If you scroll down to the little square thumbnail of the design and hover your mouse over the top left, you get a + option for a zoom, so you can read all the signs. I think this will make a fun pair of shorts for a guy. :^)
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I was reflecting further on my previous comments on meta-history in source control.

One use case I imagined was that you can rebase freely, and people who've pulled will have everything just work assuming they always pull rebase. But I may have been too pessimistic. A normal pull rebase may usually just cope with the sort of rebasing people are likely to have done upstream anyway.

The other question is, are you losing old history by rebasing older commits? Well, I don't suggest doing it for very old commits, but I guess, you're not losing any history for commits that were in releases.

Although that itself raises a reason to have a connection between the new branch and the old: you shouldn't be rebasing history prior to a release much (usually not at all. maybe to squash a commit to make git bisect work?) But if you do, you don't want too parallel branches with the same commit, you want to be able to see where the release was on the "good" history (assuming there's a commit which is file-identical to the original release commit), and fall back to the "original" history only if there's some problem.

And as I've said before, another thing I like is the idea that if you're rebasing, you don't have a command that says "do this whole magic thing in one step", you have a thing that says "construct a new branch one commit at a time from this existing branch, stopping when there's a problem", and there is no state needed to continue after resolving a problem, you just re-run the command on the partially-constructed new branch. And then can choose to throw away the old branch to tidy up, but that's not an inherent part of the commadn.

Narnia fanfic

2017-02-22 12:26
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For the Chocolate Box exchange, which focuses on romantic or friendship pairings, I wrote The Gift for [personal profile] aurilly's request for Emeth/Tirian from The Last Battle. If you don't remember him, Emeth was the honorable young Calormene officer, who made a disproportionate impression in a very brief appearance, at least on those of us who like noble warriors.

Reading Wednesday

2017-02-22 19:37
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What I've read: poetry
[personal profile] serene mentioned the poem-a-day email from Rattle and I signed up. I don't really feel I know or understand poetry very much, but these ones have stuck with me so far:
Shoveling Snow by Vicki L. Wilson
April Rain by Abigail Rose Cargo

What I've read: short fiction
I also recently subscribed to Daily Science Fiction which gets me a short story in my email on weekdays, so even if I'm not getting to anything else, I usually manage to read that.

Shop Talk by O. Hybridity
Grandma Heloise by KT Wagner
An Invasion in Seven Courses by Rene Sears

Two more novellas from the historical romance collection Gambled Away:
Raising the Stakes by Isabel Cooper: A 1930s con-artist accidentally summons elvish help when she wins a flute in a poker game; he helps her pull off a really big con.
Redeemed by Molly O'Keefe: A former army doctor and a former spy, brought together by a really nasty character and a high-stakes poker-game in the aftermath of the US Civil War.

Acquisitions: (so far entirely eyes-bigger-than-stomach-brain)
  • Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
  • Binti: Home by Nnedi Okorafor - sequel to Binti which I enjoyed very much
  • Stories of Your Life and Others - anthology by Ted Chiang, including Story of Your Life, which has been made into the film Arrival
  • The Good Immigrant - anthology of essays by twenty British Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic writers and artists, includes this one by Riz Ahmed (played Bodhi Rook, the defecting cargo pilot in Star Wars: Rogue One; also as Riz MC was one of the artists on Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) - my favourite track from the Hamilton Mixtape)
  • Journeys - anthology of short fantasy stories


2017-02-22 18:43
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[personal profile] ceb posting in [community profile] qec
* fiddled with Trello
* emailed people about room escape
* emailed A, A, S, D about money

* quick booklet opinions
* edited packing checklist to include BSFA stuff

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2017-02-22 13:22
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I’ve been sick and exhausted, complete with headaches, all week which has not helped me do the things that really, really need doing but that aren’t survival things. I need to make an appointment with my primary care doctor. I need to write a letter to the school and to call them and complain loudly to the school counselor about broken promises.

I’ve been putting 90% of my energy into laundry. We’ve got a minor parasite infestation that required medication followed by washing all bedding every single day through tomorrow. That has meant a minimum of three loads most days and generally five or six loads most days. Plus, I’ve had to strip and remake the beds each day.

That would be hard enough if I were getting enough sleep, but I haven’t been. I got more sleep last night, about seven hours, but I really need a night when I can get ten to twelve hours or, at the very least, manage to nap for several hours. Monday, I couldn’t nap because Cordelia was home. Yesterday and today, I was too wound up about the time required for the chores that need doing to be able to sleep at all. I skipped my usual black tea when I got up with Cordelia in the hope that that would help, and it didn’t at all.

I think Scott doesn’t realize that I can’t go to sleep early because he will rouse me to full alertness half a dozen times as he gets ready for bed over the course of an hour to an hour and a half. Maybe I should try Ativan to see if that lets me stop being quite so hypervigilant? Some part of my brain insists that, if there are other people in the house, I need to be aware of what they’re doing in case something goes wrong. If Scott drops something or anything happens to prompt him to make an exasperated noise, I’m fully awake because it might be something I need to help with. And if Cordelia drops her water bottle or gets up to use the bathroom… Yeah.

I have the edges of a cold. I’m not sure if it’s going to completely grab hold or if I can still evade it. My suspicion is that the amount of sleep I get will be a big factor there, and we’re having friends over this evening. I really, really want to see someone who isn’t family, but I also kind of want to crash early.

But crashing early won’t work unless I can get Scott and Cordelia to do it, too, so, really, I might as well spend the time with friends.

We got sushi from Totoro for dinner last night. I ended up having unexpected issues with it. They haven’t previously put cucumber in their California rolls, but they did this time. (I know that most places use cucumber in California rolls; it’s just that Totoro hasn’t previously.) I was stupid and ate some anyway, and I really, really shouldn’t have. Cucumber doesn’t seem like it ought to be something that would give me reflux issues, but it does, and I always forget that it does because I avoid it due to not liking how it tastes.

Under certain circumstances, I can get reflux from lettuce (all types). That seems to be mitigated by eating more of other things than I do lettuce but is more likely to happen if I don’t use dressing than if I do, so it’s not an issue with fat in the dressing.

Hm. It’s 1:15. I need to put the fitted sheet on our bed. I need to get myself lunch. I will need to change over the laundry in about ten minutes. I can only manage one of the three at a time and will need twenty to thirty minutes to rest between. I want the bed made as soon as possible (partly so that I have the option of lying down and partly so that I have an empty laundry basket that I can use for Cordelia’s bedding). I need the laundry to be entirely finished by 6:00 so that there’s time to make Cordelia’s bed before company arrives. But it’s been six hours since I last ate, so that’s high priority, too, especially since there are meds I take with lunch.
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Another e-mail I've had from Citizens UK that it will do me no good to send to my own MP, some of you might find it worthwhile though:
Tomorrow MPs will debate the Dubs Scheme in Parliament. This is the Government’s chance to do the right thing.

Email your MP and ask them to attend the debate.

For two weeks our voices have been loud and clear - from Rowan Williams to Keira Knightly to Birmingham City Council, from Aberdeen to Hammersmith - we have sent a clear message: Britain is better than this.

And we know the Government can hear us - just this weekend Theresa May agreed to review the claims of 400 refugee children. Already we have made a huge difference. But we can win bigger than this.

We need to get every single MP we can in the chamber tomorrow.

Together, if we urge our representatives to show up, we can create more pressure than ever before.
Email your MP now to ask them to go to the debate and tell the Government to keep the Dubs Scheme open.
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My dad is still in the hospital - they think it's some kind of bacterial infection. His fever was down last night, and hopefully they'll have identified the appropriate antibiotics to treat it soon. *hands*


Did you see that ridiculous save Carey Price made on JT Miller last night in OT? I can't hate Carey Price but ugh, the Habs. And then the fucking shootout. I can and do hate the shootout.


The Flash: Attack on Gorilla City


spoilers )

I keep getting distracted and I can't remember what else I was going to say, so I guess I'll just hit post.


Do Lays A Flavor

2017-02-22 15:45
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Do Lays A Flavor:

GUYS IT’S BACK. Lays is once again soliciting for flavor suggestions at http://ift.tt/1gQCrAV . I’ve already turned in my ode to the hot dog potato chip. Go ye and suggest a flavor! (Then reblog this or comment and share your flavor so we can cheer you on.)

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Purple crocus in bloom! (Almost)


Much as I love the bright golden ones, nothing says "Early spring!Hooray!" to me like purple crocus.

What I Just Finished Reading

For Read Broader, Justice:What's the Right Thing To Do, by Michael J. Sandel, recommended by [profile] marta_bee. This was absolutely thought-provoking in its examination of such issues as taxation, affirmative action, paid surrogacy, national service, and assisted suicide. Though it was published in 2009, much of the discussion in on-target for what's happening right now, and caused me quite a bit of self-examination.

On to the fun stuff! Gilded Cage and Cold Iron, which I mentioned last week, were both excellent reads, oh wow. Gilded Cage was shorter, very fast-paced, occasionally fascinatingly gory. Cold Iron could have stood to have been a bit shorter (there are only so many magically-induced weather events I can be bothered to read about) but the world-building was interesting. Unreliable Narrator was only unreliable in the first chapter, so I'm not really sure what that was supposed to be about. The supporting cast was very entertaining. EDIT: I forgot to mention also her fight-scene writing, which was top-notch. Short, punchy sentences - I had to sit and gape at some of them for a minute. Wow!

Gemina, the sequel to Illuminae, which I read last week, was excellent as well. This is another book that clearly wants to be part of a blockbuster teen action-movie franchise, and I can absolutely see that happening. The main weakness of Gemina, as was with Illuminae, was the horrendously annoying opening character scenes - I actually recommended Illuminae to someone on Tumblr last week (I know, right? I actually engaged with someone there who is not my LJ friendslist!) and she said she had read the opening and tossed it aside. I know these are YA, and therefore I'm not the primary target audience, but I encountered so many girls in my Front Desk Lady career that were just like Main Female Character. I just wanted to slap the crap out of her. (Fortunately, the plot kicks in quickly, so there's only a fairly brief Window of Annoyance.) Also, all the sassy one-liners got to be a bit much. Am I being overly picky? I really did enjoy both these books a lot. They are not destined to go down in the annals of Great Science Fiction of the Twenty First Century, but they were fun, the reading equivalents of popcorn movies, and fully satisfied my inner seventeen-year-old guy.

What I Am Currently Reading

For Read Broader, Neil Gaiman's Trigger Warning.

"How is Neil Gaiman "read broader"? He's a middle aged English white dude with a HUGE following." asked [personal profile] edoraslass.

"He's "read broader" for me because he's something I wouldn't normally read, because I haven't really liked what I've read of his. And also this is short stories and so fills a this slot: "COLLECTIONS NEAR AND FAR Witness the collision of wit and craft in poetry, short stories, and essays from the U.S. and abroad," I replied. And I am enjoying these short stories so maybe it's just that my Neil Gaiman attention span is quite short.

What Am I Reading Next

I have Joanne Harris's The Gospel of Loki sitting here next to me to be started this evening, and a whole slew of Read Broader holds at the library, awaiting pickup!

Question of the day: Daffodils and crocuses and snowdrops and - what's your Sign of Spring?
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What I read

I finished Truth is not sober, and while a lot of these stories were clearly responding to particular issues of the time, at which some worked better than others as actual stories for the ages, there was something very delightful indeed about coming across a trove of Holtby's fiction that I hadn't already read.

JA Jance, Judgement Call (2012) - clearly I've been falling behind on the Joanna Brady mysteries, because I discovered 2 I hadn't read available in ebook and one crossover with another of her series characters that I don't much care for. I'd forgotten how good they are, or maybe this was a particularly strong one.

Ellen Klages, Passing Strange (2017) - ok, it is a novella, but I thought this was a little on the slight side, might be just me.

On the go

Still trucking on with the massive Inchbald biography, which is perhaps a little close focus, but does do a good job of embedding her in her wider theatrical milieu.

In spite of Kobo's claim that I had cancelled my pre-order (on the very morning it was due to be available WOT) I have acquired KJ Charles, An Unseen Attraction and am about partway through. Just possibly the author is being a tad presentist in the characters' expressed distaste for the excesses of Victorian taxidermy - kittens stuffed and doing the sorts of things they do in Louis Wain paintings, etc?

I was also recommended (I think via [personal profile] coffeeandink, an ongoing WIP original fiction on AO3 'The Course of Honour' by Avoliot, which is charming.

Up next

Well, there's another JA Jance sitting on my ereader, plus the various Flashmans I inherited, and I'm tempted to see to what extent John Masters' Far, Far the Mountain Peak (1957), which was probably my personal favourite of his Savage family sequence, holds up.

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(no subject)

2017-02-22 09:13
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] laura_anne!
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Belinda and I take very affectionate leave of one another, and look forward to our next rencontre when I come to Northamptonshire. I desire her to convey my best regards to Captain P-, and also to go give my sweet Jezebel a pat upon the nose and an apple from me – for my lovely Jezzie-girl goes rusticate for the summer, kicking up her heels a little.

I let it be suppos’d that I proceed onwards to Lord P-'s house-party, but I have an intention to make a little visit somewhat discreet before I arrive there, for sure Sir C- F-'s fine property is entirely upon my way to Shropshire, and I go pass a night or so there.

'Tis no grand mansion, but an entire pleasing manor house in a quaint antique style – sure his family have been squires there these many generations.

He comes out to greet me and make a leg, says How now, very civil to Ajax and hopes they may have some discourse of horseflesh, and tells me that his housekeeper will show me to my chamber.

The bed is also in quaint antique style, but there is fine fresh clean lavender-scent’d linen upon it, and, I confide, a mattress that is not of the same antiquity as the bedstead.

Sophy goes look out of the window and remarks upon the very pretty view. Altho, she goes on, there are a deal of red cows.

Indeed, says I, I apprehend that Sir C- F-'s cattle are very well spoke of.

Hot water has been provid’d and I wash off the dust of travel and Sophy arrays me in a simple muslin and sets a cap upon my head. I go downstairs to the parlour.

Sir C- F- says he dares say I should like some tea?

La, says I, did you not promise me fine cider of your own making? Sure if I may I will take a glass.

A maid comes with two mugs of cider and we sit and drink – sure 'tis excellent fine stuff but I confide 'tis deceptively strong and I should not take a second.

We look at one another with antient affection, and I say, I daresay he would desire news of how Lady N- does.

He sighs somewhat, and says, sure I see into his heart.

'Tis excellent fine news, says I, makes an entire difference now she has an invalid carriage and may get about thus, the Marquess has been about alterations at O- House so that she may contrive to move about it with ease, shows most exceptional welcoming to her. Now they are at D- Chase she will spend hours together in the gardens, watching the children at their pastimes. Her spirits are quite vastly improv’d.

He smiles and says, 'tis quite excellent news, but he confides that one cannot hope for miracles and she will ever have to lead an invalid life.

I agree that 'tis so.

He gives a little groan and says that he is in the strongest suspicion that had matters been attend’d to a deal earlyer she would be a deal less crippl’d, but the Earl –

I daresay, says I. Mr H-, that is quite one of the finest surgeons in Town and a very not’d anatomist, will say that altho’ rest is an entire necessity of the process of healing, will come a time when one goes recover from the initial injury that 'tis desirable to undertake exercize for the good of the muscles and to be encourag’d to make an effort, but of course under the care of one that has professional understandings in the matter.

Lord, he says, H- is still about and not fled the country for fear of arrest over matters of body-snatching?

I say that 'twas fear’d might come to that last year when there was a great to-do over resurrection men, but in the event he was not among those nam’d in the business, altho’ there were whispers.

Once invit’d me to observe a dissection, says Sir C- F-. Sure I was oblig’d to run out mid-way for fear of puking. But I daresay 'tis grown quite the habit with him.

Sure he will say that there is none becomes a surgeon without they go spew once whilst observing an operation, but indeed, becomes a habit to 'em and they will approach the task with entire equanimity.

I return to our former subject and say 'tis quite the prettyest thing to observe the care Lord U- has for his mother. Indeed he is an excellent young man that is widely not’d for his good qualities.

Sir C- F- smiles and says, indeed he is a good boy, and runs entire contrary to his sire’s nature.

La, says I, not entire contrary, for would not that impute wild extravagance?

Sir C- F- confides that 'tis so, and adds that he supposes that they cannot yet have heard aught from the Earl – will not even be in sight of the Americk shore yet.

Supposing, says I, that he would be at the expense of the carriage of a letter!

Sir C- F- laughs and then says, sure that penny-pinching habit of his is no laughing matter. But, dear C- - I beg your pardon, Lady B- - I laugh and say, sure we are old friends and are not in fine society, I hope he will take the liberty to call me as he was us’d during that fine summer in Brighton.

C-, then – now you have refresht yourself you might care to step out a little and see the place?

'Twould be entire delightfull, says I, ever provid’d I do not have to go very close to any cows.

Why, my cattle are the gentlest creatures – 'tis a breed entire not’d for the amiability of its nature – but indeed I would not force you to confront a cow.

I am a sad timid creature, says I.

I go fetch my parasol, and we walk out of the house, thro’ a fine cottage garden of flowers and herbs just outside the door. Alas, he says, that I have misst the very fine sight of the orchards in blossoming-time: but he is like to suppose that come the autumn, there will be an excellent crop - tho’ sure one is ever at the mercy of accidents of weather.

Indeed there are a deal of fruit-trees, apples and pears – besides the cider, he remarks, he makes a very good perry, that we might have with dinner – and one may quite imagine how very beautifull they must be when they are in bloom. He goes talk a deal of the different kinds of apple, and various grafting experiments he makes.

We do pass by several fields of his fine red white-fac’d cattle, but there are stout fences, and sure they present exceeding placid.

These fellows, he says, are fine beef cattle, and you will be tasting how very good beef they come to at dinner. Has a few dairy cows for milk and butter but does not make any business of it. He discourses of matters of breeding, and feeding, and the great improvements there have been of recent generations.

He looks about him and breathes in the fine air, and says, sure he regrets he does not have a son to leave this to, when his family have been here so long. But – Oh, says he, he knows that there are plenty of fellows go marry even if 'tis not to their first choice; but has always felt as if he stood ready to come did she call: 'tis somewhat that would be hard for a wife to understand, 'tis not even as tho’ it could be the common matter 'twixt man and woman –

I take his hand and squeeze it and say that his feelings do him entire credit (sure indeed I feel somewhat tearfull, for 'tis a very beautifull thing), and indeed, she is a very fine woman. One may observe the affection in which her offspring hold her.

Exactly so, says he. He was in some mind to leave the place to Charles, but then he minds that he will fall heir to the very pleasing N- properties, and mayhap should leave it to one of his brothers, that will otherwise have only a younger son’s portion.

An excellent fine thought, says I. I apprehend that Mr Geoffrey M- has some mind to going into law, but I do not know what ambitions Mr Edward M- might have –

Sure, says Sir C- F-, has not show’d any inclination to the Army or the Church – but there is no exceeding hurry, I may sound the matter out further when Charles and his mother come visit.

We turn back towards the house, and he remarks that he keeps country hours and we shall be dining very shortly.

'Tis a most excellent fine dinner that is serv’d up to us, and sure the beef is quite the nonpareil of its kind, and the perry is most delicious, but, like the cider, I suspect somewhat deceptive, so I take it with caution.

Our conversation turns to chearfull reminiscence of our summer in Brighton, that was indeed a most agreeable interlude – I had been feeling a little desolate on account of dear Captain K-, as he then was, being post’d to the China Seas, but indeed my spirits were entirely benefitt’d by the sanitive airs, the many entertainments and amenities of the town, and Sir C- F-'s company.

And indeed, 'twixt these happy memories, and the effect of the perry in livening the blood, we find ourselves looking upon one another as we did in those happy days, when we would be at a ball, or a card-party, and our eyes would meet, and we would take our leave of the company, and return to our very pleasing apartments and go romp with great ardour.

Indeed, says Sir C- F- with a little embarrassment, I did not invite you with any intentions, but sure you are still a lady of most exceeding attractions.

I smile upon him - for indeed, 'tis some while since I have pay’d my dues to Aphrodite, and 'tis yet a tiresome while until I shall be with my darlings – and say that he is still a most appealing fellow.

And so matters are once more between us as they were that happy summer.


2017-02-22 01:08
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* rang home
* booked some science festival stuff
* replied to futon person
* invited people round for letters
* wrote to a random assortment of Lords re the Article 50 bill
* assorted recycling sorting
* ordered vitamin D
* birthday invitation
* pancake stuff order
* posted info about writing to HoL

* fixed error

* emailed tech re artshow
* emailed tech re ceiling hang
* emailed assorted volunteers
* small jobs to T
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Writing to peers is a bit of a faff. Well, the writing bit less so, working who to write to is the faff.

http://www.stilleu.uk/lobby-lords-brexit-bill/ is the best source of suggestions for what to write. It also has information on how to choose who to write to.

Write to a specific lord (search by name) here: https://www.theyworkforyou.com/peers/
Or use https://www.writetothem.com/lords to search by other factors - e.g. words they have mentioned in debate, or connections to a location. The other benefit of this is that you can check whether a given peer is someone who turns up to debates or not.
These both limit you to 6 emails a day (the rationale being that above that, messages will be dismissed as spam). Many peers use the general House of Commons email address and this is a convenient way to email them. The form will put in the correct form of address for you.

However, using https://www.theyworkforyou.com/peers/ you can look up email addresses, and if you find peers listing a different address, not just the HoL one, you can email them separately at that address.
http://www.parliament.uk/business/lords/whos-in-the-house-of-lords/how-to-address-a-lord/ for how to get the form of address right (NB that's Dear Lady Mobarik, frex, not Dear Lady Baroness Mobarik, not completely clear from that article).

In addition, the following are members of the government so subject to whip, and so may be less useful to write to:
Baroness Neville-Rolfe (Treasury), Baroness Williams of Trafford (HO), Baroness Joanna Shields (HO), Baroness Anelay of St Johns (FCO), Lord Keen of Elie (MoJ), Lord Nash (Education), Lord Bridges of Headley (ExEU), Lord Prior of Brampton (BIS), Lord O'Shaughnessy (Health), Lord Henley (DWP), Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (Transport), Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth (DCLG), Baroness Evans of Bowes Park, Lord Dunlop (Scotland), Lord Gardiner of Kimble (Biosecurity), Lord Bates (int dev), Lord Ashton of Hyde (cult), Lord Taylor of Holbeach, Earl of Courtown, Baroness Mobarik, Viscount Younger of Leckie, Lord Young of Cookham, Baroness Goldie, Baroness Buscombe, Baroness Vere of Norbiton, Lord O'Shaughnessy (all whips)

Other useful links:
https://www.crowdjustice.org/case/parliament-take-control/ "Case updates" has ideas and material they've sent to all the Lords and previous stuff they sent to MPs
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Once again, three articles from my mainstream media feeds about "what went right" rather than "what went wrong".

One of Australia's first free-range certified pig farmers leaves industry by Tyne Logan (ABC Rural, Western Australia)

One of the first pig farmers in Australia to be certified as "free range" is retiring (due to age), but don't worry, there's a successor on the horizon.

Medicinal marijuana sale approved by Federal Government by Stephanie Anderson (Political reporter, ABC Australia)

Medical marijuana has been approved for sale by the Australian federal government for patients with chronic or painful illnesses. Patients would be required to request access to the drug via prescription from their GP.

Dolphin-mounted cameras give scientists a glimpse of mammal's underwater life by Nicole Chettle (ABC New South Wales)

Custom made cameras (mounted using suction cups) are being used to give a "dolphin's eye view" of the life of a group of dolphins off the coast of Kaikoura, New Zealand.

So there's my three for the day. If you've found any stories about "what went right", why not share a link to them in the comments?
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I'm going to post this now even though it's late here and I'm not sure if I'll be here to cheer you along tonight (given the getting late and I've already fallen asleep once the evening) or tomorrow as I'm not home until very late, but I'm absolutely sure that you'll all be willing to cheer and encourage for me (and if all else fails, just remember I'll be thinking of you and will check in as soon as I can).

So what is it that you've been procrastinating on? What's been hanging over you, weighing you down because you know it ought to be done, but it's just too much? Go on, you know you can beat it into submission (a little at a time!)

Good luck and lots of cheers and good wishes to you all.
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With Roses in Their Hair, Kayla Bashe, Tam Lin retelling, Earl Grey Editing, tea and books, books and tea, science fantasy

Published: Self-published in November 2016
Format reviewed: E-book (mobi)
Genres: Romance, science-fiction, fantasy, fairytale retelling
Source: Amazon
Reading Challenges: Read My Valentine

A F/F sci-fantasy retelling of the child ballad Tam Lin. Released as a tribute to the life and works of academic “tam-nonlinear” and to raise awareness of the adoptable cats they posted about having to leave behind. Content notes for parental abuse, vaguely alien body horror. A story about survival and finding beauty in love and resistance.

I’m a sucker for Tam Lin retellings and this f/f romance seemed like the perfect addition to my reviews for Read My Valentine.

This is a very short retelling, barely even making it to the category of novelette. As usual, I found it a bit too short to be truly satisfying. I felt the length did the setting a disservice because there was a lot that was intriguing. I particularly enjoyed the blending of fantasy and science-fiction. The fae of the original ballad become aliens who appear as beautiful humans, and who rule this dystopia. Of course, there are a core of humans devoted to resisting this cruel regime, but who seem almost like fae themselves with their use of implanted wings. I’d have liked to see a bit more of how the fae came to rule and how the humans came to use this technology. The story also could have used a little more set up of some elements, particularly of the sacrifice toward the end.

However, the advantage of the short length was that it kept the focus fairly tightly on the relationship between Jennet and Tambourlain. Jennet is one of the human resistance who has demonstrated herself skillful enough to earn implanted wings. But despite being a fierce fighter, she cares deeply for the people around her, even those she hardly knows. Tam, in contrast, is a formidable changeling warrior concerned only with earning her parents’ approval. Emotions are not approved of in fae culture. Yet, she can’t deny she has a strong connection with this human resistance fighter.

The writing style lacked a bit of clarity in places; in particular, it was hard to keep track of which “she” was being referred to sometimes, making things rather confusing. However, there were some nice ideas and turns of phrase. I particularly liked the sentinels made of clockwork and brought to life by the deaths of violinists.

All in all, I found With Roses in Their Hair an intriguing, but flawed story.

Mirrored from Earl Grey Editing.

Review Hunt Results

2017-02-21 20:11
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We've had four participants in our Review Hunt:

First place goes to elasticella with 807 points who wins a $20 Amazon voucher.

Second place goes to anaraine with 684 points who wins a $5 Amazon voucher.

Third place goes to sailorptah with 176 points.

Fourth place goes to doctorkaitlyn with 132 points.

A big thank you to everyone who took part! I'm sure you made creators happy and that makes you all rock stars in my book!

elasticella and anaraine, you'll soon be contacted about the amazon vouchers you won.

I hope you also had some fun and that we'll see you again next halfamoon!
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Intriguing article in Sunday's Observer which tries to get beyond the knee-jerk shock horror that there has been a demand at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London) for the philosophy course to be a bit less dead and white - Are Soas students right to ‘decolonise’ their minds from western philosophers? - even if 'male' still seems to be the default, except for passing mentions of Hannah Arendt, one of which alludes to her as one of several influenced by Heidegger.

And I am all for being less Eurocentric, or at least considering the ways in which its being the occupation of dead white elite males affected the development of philosophy as it is taught in Institutionz of Highah Learninz, and what counts as 'philosophy' -

But I think there are questions there are who does it and what counts as part of the tradition and the canon -

- matters that I have given some thought to in other realms of endeavour, and, of course, bearing in mind the Russ cases as shown forth in How to Suppress Women's Writing of how, if a woman does achieve something, it Doesn't Really Count and it is off in its own separate (and inferior) category.

And thinking of the tendency to the construction of patriarchal genealogies of [intellectual/cultural fields] leaving out those women who were there when it was new and uninstitutionalised (Patricia Fara also pointed out the importance of non-elite male artisans and craftsmen to the Great Men of Science Making Big Important Discoveries: which is not even massively Back Then, see 'Norman Heatley was done out of the Nobel' because he was the lab assistant).

writing's on the wall

2017-02-21 13:36
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So my dad is in the hospital - he has a fever, he fell - I don't know any more than you do at the moment, but the doctors don't seem overly concerned so I'm trying not to panic.

In better things, L and I had a lovely late lunch yesterday at Nancy Lee's Pig Heaven, which I recommend to you if you like pork in your Chinese food, and especially if you like spare ribs. The weather was beautiful all weekend, and it was nice to be out and about. I know spring is still a ways off (and this winter has not been terrible), but it's closer every day, and I find that heartening.


Supergirl: Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk
spoilers )

Jane the Virgin: Chapter Fifty-Six
spoilers )

I am so looking forward to tonight's Flash! GORILLA CITY!!!


I posted a story last night:

if you find yourself lost, dig (@ AO3)
Star Wars; Rey, Leia; g; 3,225 words
Rey and Leia bond after an ambush leaves them stranded.

I feel like it still has some awkward edges I could have probably edited away if my brain didn't feel like wet cement, but I just wanted to be finished, and even getting it into this shape was like pulling teeth. It does what I wanted it to, I think, though I'm never sure if that comes through to other people or not. *hands*

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Kinda gray, and sinusy headache & my innards seem disinclined to cooperate with leaving the house, so I'm putting off the Post Office/Grocery run.

I am so bitchy today, complaining right and left )

I have a headache and want coffee, but if I have coffee it will make other matters worse. *sigh* Dilemma.

(no subject)

2017-02-21 09:21
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I’m going back to bed very soon now. Due to various factors, I only got six hours of sleep last night, and my body is letting me know in no uncertain terms that doing that two nights in a row is utterly unacceptable. I’ve just got a couple of things, including this post, that I want to get done before I crash, so it will be at least another half hour before I lie down.

Scott discovered last night that some of the bolts holding Cordelia’s loft bed together had been working themselves loose. He tightened them, but I worry about the ones that we can’t see without moving the bed. We can only get at the thing from two sides (and one of those requires standing in the closet).

We played Flash Point with Cordelia last night, at her request. I think she enjoyed it more than she expected to. We just barely won— We had one black cube left to place when we rescued our seventh person. We got lucky because the fire kept landing in one half of the house while the people to be rescued always landed in the other part.

There was no school yesterday, so it was me and Cordelia at home together all day. I got her to watch two episodes of Princess Tutu with me, but I’m not sure she was really interested. I suppose I’ll find out when I suggest watching it again.

My left Achille’s tendon is giving me more trouble, even just in terms of walking around the house and doing the things I have to do.

I think I’m not going to sign up for [community profile] fandom5k. Looking at the specific requests so far, there aren’t many that I could actually write well, and half of those are in fandoms I wasn’t going to offer because of the canon being too big. Two of the remaining ones are for the same person. There were also several requests in fandoms I had intended to offer that were things I’d have a hard time writing.
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The Book-dragon does not hoard gold, but rather books.

They're rare, because the egg has to be incubated for a period of years, but as soon as it hatches, the larva needs access to books. This means the egg basically needs to be in a display case in a library, or in a museum that also has a book collection. Preferably in one with a dome on top, for some reason.

In the larval stage, it resembles a cranky librarian.

Over time, it gets scalier and crustier, and it develops a long tail, in which it wraps itself whilst thinking about books.

There was one at the Bodleian, at the Radcliffe Camera, whose name was "Yiddish," and it would sit on the desk, wrap itself in its tail, flash all its teeth at people, and then give advice. That was quite a young specimen. They get larger as they grow older, and more territorial.

Copyright libraries are examples of successful book-dragon hoarding. Under the copyright library, in the long-term stacks, the mature of the species is to be found, among enormous quantities of books that will never be read. The portion of the holdings accessible to readers is the bit the dragon puts out for bait; a successful library is able to build extensive collections.

The Vatican Library has a particularly old-established dragon with the most varied and valuable hoard in the world. This may be the alpha dragon of the species.

Sometimes the dragons get vicious. The Library of Alexandria had to be burned because the dragon whose hoard it was had gone bad, and there was no other way to contain the damage. The library of the Jewish Theological Seminary is ostensibly being torn down and replaced because of Manhattan real estate, but it's actually because they suspect a feral dragon, and the damage is less if you catch them early.
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My most-used tags

2017-02-21 10:52
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Yesterday there was a discussion about which tags I used the most, and as I'm at home today waiting for a boiler engineer to give me a check-up I thought I'd have a quick play.

So I downloaded my links from Pinboard's backup page (in XML format), knocked up a quick script to split out the tags and sort them, and then dumped it into GitHub, in case anyone else wanted to play with it.

Of the 4,320 tags I've used over 30,153 links, here are the tags that have over 500 uses:

Which reminds me - I've cut down on the new tags I create, having hit an LJ/DW limit - if I hit 4,000 tags then I break things, and I have 3,377 tags over there. So I've stopped adding new Via tags for anyone who I only get the occasional link through (sorry!) and I'm not creating tags for transient events. Although I am regretting not giving Brexit a tag (it's getting "Europe UK" instead. I don't regret not giving Trump a tag though...

(Some day, when I have absolutely nothing else to do, I may look at the DW tagging system internals and work out if they can be made indefinitely extensible. But today is not that day.)

Oh, and to answer the question from yesterday, OhForFucksSake has been used 327 times, making it about the 48th most popular tag. And if you want to really depress yourself, you can see them all here.


2017-02-21 10:34
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I’ve been learning the piano again, and it’s giving me a great deal of pleasure. I learned for a few years as a child, but gave up when it started getting difficult, and in the last five years or so I’ve periodically gone “I should learn to play again”, made enthusiastic attempts for a couple of weeks, and then gotten bored. About a year ago, when we were preparing for a couple of singthroughs at Ardgour-en-France, I volunteered to do the easy piano version accompaniment for a couple of the songs. It took a ridiculous amount of time to get these really quite simple pieces to a non-terrible standard, but it got me back into the habit of playing regularly again, and I’ve carried on ever since.

When I moved out to Northampton I had quite a lot of time to myself, so after a little while decided to treat myself to a cheap spare piano out here, and since then I’ve been playing a lot more, and recently started taking lessons again. I’m not someone who’s naturally musically talented, but it turns out that actually practicing a reasonable amount means you get better at a reasonable rate. Who knew? I’m preparing for my grade 5 now, and having a lot of fun with the pieces (not so much fun with the scales, of which there are many, but I do seem to find it easier to be disciplined about them than I did as a youngster).
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I've been having more flashing-light / visual obstruction migraine auras in the last few months.  Yesterday evening I had the fingers of my right hand go temporarily numb!  Fellow migraineurs, is this a known thing?

It was about 90 minutes after I'd first seen visual disturbances. I'd taken my drugs, waited for them to work, reached the point where I couldn't see my desktop properly so left work a bit early; collected the children; made them some food so I could crash if/when the headache got really bad.  I was in the middle of making myself some food when numbness started up in my right thumb.  It  moved slowly across the hand - maybe 5-10 minutes to move completely across.  By the time the fourth finger was solidly numb, the thumb wasn't any more.  My impression is the progression was similar in speed to the way flashing lights move across my field of vision from the left side to the right, and I gather that is something to do with the neurochemical cascade of the migraine travelling across the brain.  So maybe this was too.

(My sumatriptan has been working approx 4-5 times out of 6 if I take it as soon as I notice visual disturbance.  Yesterday was one of the times it didn't. I briefly tried getting up this morning; Tony got up to do the school run assuming I wouldn't be fit to go anywhere and he turned out to be right.)
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Belinda and I consider the notion of going visit the tenant farmers, but conclude that could only be embarrassing do they go complain upon any matter that is not within our power to remedy, and we entire confide that there are a deal of matters that should have been took in hand long since was the estate under proper hand. We sigh. For altho 'tis not quite in the condition describ’d in Goldsmith’s poem, 'tis by no means the fine estate it might be.

We therefore thank the agent very civil and say that we will go do our utmost to exhort Chancery to find some means to undertake the matter, but sure we are not entire sanguine that they would come to any decision afore the crack o’doom.

The agent sighs and says, at least when the late Marquess was in life one might correspond with him, as his late father did, and he would go authorize any matter that was in need of seeing to, even did he have no closer interest in his estate. But now! – 'twixt the present Marquess being entire lunatick, alas, and his affairs in the hands of Chancery –

Belinda and I exchange glances and I apprehend we both take some thought as to the lunatick Marquess’s notorious stingyness and the likelyhood that, was he in his wits, the estate would most like fare no better and perchance even worse.

We commend the way the agent goes on in such very trying circumstance, and declare that, may we ever be of any service to him, we shall be entire happy &C&C. Belinda indeed gives him some recommendations does he ever go to the races, and says, does he ever require a fine hunter for his own use, she can put him in the way of one at a most agreeable price.

We leave him at his premises, after having taken leave, and drive back to the inn, where we purpose stay another night so that we may convoke upon this business and engage in more general gossip.

We go into our private parlour and desire tea to be brought as soon as maybe.

Tho’, says Belinda, when I consider the rack and ruin that is come to what might be an exceeding fine estate, sure I am like to call for brandy, and plenty of it.

Indeed 'tis a melancholick sight, says I. Tho’ I confide may have been a somewhat gloomy place, low-lying as ‘tis, at its best: but I daresay did one cut back those overhanging trees, pull down some of the ivy that creeps up over the windows, bring the gardens back to what they us’d to be, might appear chearfull enough. But sure 'tis an exceeding great contrast to my late husband’s villa at Naples, that was all light and air, and fine open views.

Comes the tea and we indulge in the cup that chears - indeed it brings us to better spirits, and we go consider over how Belinda might present the matter to Chancery, and what is the least one might do. We are both of the opinion that, since the tenant-farmers have been commend’d, 'tis those matters of drainage &C that ought come first, lest they depart.

Sure, says Belinda, I confide they will consider us remarkable business-like - for ladies.

We both laugh somewhat immoderate, for without having undue conceit of ourselves, I think we may consider that we are prudent businesswomen. Sure, says I, I do not think you, dear Belinda, go giving away fine horses simply because you like the cut of a fellow’s jib.

Indeed not, she says. And sure, I will remark that making a gift to Lady B- has led to a deal of solicitations to us to procure fine looking but gentle mounts for ladies.

I laugh somewhat immoderate. O, indeed, 'tis the like of those fellows that send me samples of their china &C. Really, my dear, 'twas entire kindness in you and I am sure you did not think that 'twould lead to that.

Perchance not! For indeed, we had not been in any thought about mounts for ladies that were not bruising riders to hounds, but indeed, 'tis a pleasing addition to our business.

We look at one another with great affection. She says that they greatly look forward to my visit: they are in a little sadness that could not be contriv’d that Josh might come stay a little.

I laugh and say, why, there is the matter of Josh’s traveling menagerie: 'twas a deal of a business getting all in order so that might be safely convey’d north with 'em. But also, his brother Harry comes home for a little while as a holiday from his apprenticeship in engineering, and Josh would not desire to miss his brother’s company.

Belinda says she dares say they might contrive to house a menagerie: tho’ she knows not whether they might have food fit for a wombatt or a mongoose. I laugh and say, 'tis more a matter of preventing the wombatt from eating the carpets &C, and the mongoose is not particular in its diet – except that, 'tis most peculiar, altho’ they will fight and kill snakes, do not eat 'em. I daresay might were they extreme hungry, but 'tis not a dish they relish. So 'twould not be needfull to lay on a diet of serpents

I go stretch myself a little and say that I will go change, and I daresay 'tis country hours and we dine exceeding early?

Belinda agrees that 'tis so.

So I go have Sophy take off my walking-dress, that is in some need of brushing, and dress me in somewhat loose and comfortable, and then return to the parlour, where they are about laying up the table so that we may dine.

'Tis simple fare but well-cookt and there is plenty of it.

When we are come to the end of the meal and go sit with a little entire sanitive port and madeira, Belinda asks do I care to hear how matters go with her undear lunatick husband?

Why, says I, I should like to be assur’d that he is well secur’d and will not go escape again.

Oh, says Belinda, he is well-watcht after that; for indeed, 'twould do little for their reputation did it get about that one of their lunaticks levant’d and contriv’d to get to Town. No, 'tis mostly to say is surly and filthy in his habits &C. But there was a curious matter in the latest report –

Oh? says I. I hope 'tis not that he goes about to be restor’d to his wits. For has come to my attention that, altho’ he committ’d crimes, as he is a peer of the realm he may go cry privilege over a first offence for anything short of murder or treason, and go entire free from penalty.

Belinda expresses shock and horror over this. No, she goes on, he does not come about to show sane - what 'twas, was that he had a visitor -

What, says I, who would go visit him? I had not suppos’d he had many friends, that would go call upon him in his durance.

Indeed, says Belinda, she confides 'twas not a friend – indeed, she does not collect he had any – but some fellow that the keepers suppos’d conduct’d an investigation into some dubious matter in his Surrey parish. Sure one might quite imagine that he would have been readyly brib’d to undertake the office hugger-mugger over some runaway match – or indeed to tear from the register some birth or marriage that is now found inconvenient to be known of –

Did they, says I, say what the fellow’s name was? (Tho’ was’t Mr R- O-, as I am in considerable suspicion 'twas, I daresay he would give some incognito.)

No, she says, did not say. But his visit greatly agitat’d the poor Marquess, they report, set him off into one of his raving fits about that wanton jezebel, that suppos’d sea-captain’s wife, that temptress that was no better than she should be.

I am struck with a chill, tho’ there is sunlight pours in at the window and the room is by no means cold.

Why, says I, I confide they suppose that the lady is some phantasm of a sickly mind.

Most like, agrees Belinda. My dear, take a little more madeira, 'tis entire good for you.

So Mr H- gives it out, says I, and sure he is reput’d one that understands these matters of the bodily oeconomy. I sigh and go on, tho’ sure he is an imprudent fellow in the pursuit of the understanding of such matters: 'tis not at all long since that scandal about resurrection men, and 'twas very much rumour’d that he had had to do with 'em, but did he so, such dealings never came into court. One would think 'twould render him cautious; but lately his man said somewhat to Hector that leads me to suppose that he still dabbles in the business.

Say you so! a shocking matter.

Indeed, says I, and yet his intention is to advance knowledge, that one would suppose praiseworthy.

We shake our heads: 'tis a tangl’d problem that I daresay was I a philosopher I might unknot and determine the rights and wrong of, but as 'tis, cannot come at what I should think in the light of Universal Law.

To change the subject to something more agreeable, I go show Belinda the little painting of Flora by Mr de C-, that I keep in the secret compartment of my traveling desk, and she exclaims upon what a fine girl she is grown, and says she looks out for a pony for her.

We go to bed betimes but I find myself lying wakefull in somewhat of a fret over the likelyhood that Mr R- O- has been about interrogating the mad Marquess, and what he may suppose he might discover by that means, especial given the craz’d ravings that are report’d. 'Tis greatly worrysome.

But at least, thinks I, I am in some suspicion that he is about this matter, and forewarn’d is forearm’d.

Chocolate Box Reveals

2017-02-21 19:13
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So, as it turned out, I wrote six stories in Chocolate Box - one assignment, one pinch hit, and four treats.

My Assignment was for [archiveofourown.org profile] chokolattejedi and was Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern - or, more correctly, the Harper Hall of Pern, centering on Menolly.
FANDOM: Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey
TITLE: Rhythms Of Living
SUMMARY: Learning and growing in the Harper Hall.
TAGS: Menolly (Dragonriders of Pern), Robinton (Dragonriders of Pern), Sebell (Dragonriders of Pern), Silvina (Dragonriders of Pern), Lessa (Dragonriders of Pern), The Harper Hall, Journeyman Menolly, Dealing With Prejudice, Women of Pern
It's kind of funny; Menolly and the Harper Hall aren't my favourite parts of Pern to read - I'm fond of them, sure, but I always wanted more about Lessa/F'lar and Brekke/F'nor myself. Still, it was good to go back through Menolly's books, and even read All The Weyrs again.

I haven't read any of Todd McCaffrey's books; I think I pretty much gave up at the Dolphins of Pern, or maybe one book later? The Masterharper of Pern? IDEK. It might just be that I'd grown up and moved on, or that I wanted more complicated characterisation, or more female protags... I don't remember why anymore. I just haven't looked at a Pern book in a while.


My pinch hit was a Rogue One Jyn/Cassian request for [archiveofourown.org profile] opticalprism who prompted "5 ways they drive each other up the wall (and they wouldn't have it any other way)" which, of course, occasioned not only All The Little Things That Irk Them, but also Word Play Opportunity. I love it when a good plan comes together!
FANDOM: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
TITLE: Drive Me Crazy
SUMMARY: Chirrut’s mouth quirks. “Grow used to it from one you love. Trust me. Easier all around.”
RATING: Mature
TAGS: Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso, Chirrut Îmwe/Baze Malbus (background), Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Bodhi Rook, Baze Malbus, Chirrut Îmwe, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Five Times, 5+1 Things, relationship, Humour, Cameos from everyone, Fluff
I'm extremely pleased with how this turned out, and really pleased with the response to it, which has been quite enthusiastic. I don't usually get a lot of comments on my fics. I'm not sure why. Am I intimidating?


After my required stories, it was a question of going back through and looking for prompts I liked and could fill. Unfortunately nobody else asked for Maria/Steve, so I went hunting for other seeds out of which I could grow trees.

I did a quick search for anyone requesting Luna Lovegood in HP (my OTP for Harry is actually Harry/Luna) and found [archiveofourown.org profile] lirin was asking for Luna and Neville during their 7th Year at Hogwarts. To quote Chekov: "I CAN DO ZAT!" (*sob*)
FANDOM: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
TITLE: Evenly Distributed
SUMMARY: They can do this. They can survive. They will.
TAGS: Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Dumbledore's Army, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Freeform, Missing Scene, Carrows Reign at Hogwarts

Next up, [archiveofourown.org profile] Gelsey was asking for Stargate SG1, Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill. I haven't written these two crazy kids in years...
FANDOM: Stargate SG-1
TITLE: Quite Proper
SUMMARY: It is totally and completely appropriate for a general to look out for his people.
TAGS: Sam Carter & Jack O'Neill, Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Friendship, All The Things They Don't Say, Late Night Conversations, Snacks & Snack Food
This was written at fairly high speed - no time for a significant story, just write an interlude!


Generally speaking, my friends don't tend to ask for things I really enjoy writing. I still keep an eye out for their requests. And when [archiveofourown.org profile] theladyscribe asked for Queen/Spy original fiction, my brain produced a bunny...
FANDOM: Original Work
TITLE: Emperah and Spy
SUMMARY: "A consort is for bringing up sons," said her mother, the Emperah that was. "The concubini are for pleasure and release and a little fun. But lovers... A lover is a threat to you and to the empire."
TAGS: Queen, Spy
In spite of it's limited appeal, I'm quite pleased with it. I've had several Imperial courts in my head for a while, and the idea of a beneficial Imperium vs. a corrupt and venal Republic is a concept that I think would be worth exploring in our current times. It all comes down to working out the plot, the structure, and the twist (if there is one).

And after I wrote Emperah and Spy, I figured I was done.


Because while perusing letters, I discovered [archiveofourown.org profile] bittersnake had asked for a Rogue One, Cassian/Jyn Black Jewels fusion...




TITLE: Oaths Broken And Remade
SUMMARY: It’s one thing to know that obedience isn’t the first law and quite another to look at nearly twenty males who are about to break faith with the Queens whose honor they once swore to uphold.
TAGS: Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, Alternate Universe - Black Jewels Fusion
The idea of honour, and of Blood male responsibilities is a theme that comes up again and again in the Black Jewels series. It's usually explored with regards to a Queen, which is understandable because that's how the society works. But I thought it would be interesting to explore further the concept of males serving an idea or ideal, mingled in with the refrain that's passed through the books, from Saetan to Lucivar to Daemon, and from Lucivar to Jared Blaed: The First Law isn't obedience. I was going to add in Everything has a price, but figured that would only muddy the waters.

Incidentally? Twenty-four men focused around a single female works as the First and Second Circles of a Queen's court. It's the little things...


All in all, I'm pretty happy with them all - not just the responses to them, but with them as stories.

Academic Gaming

2017-02-21 07:12
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I know there are several people here who are quite into gaming in various forms, so it's probably worth passing on a fascinating website I just came across (and save myself a link to it at the same time).

PaxSims is run by Rex Brynen, professor of political science at McGill University. His focus is "the development and effective use of games and simulation-based learning concerning issues of conflict, peacebuilding, and development in fragile and conflict-affected states" So you get lots of stuff trying to simulate the intersection of politics, military affairs and humanitarian crises. There's at least one complete game available under the Aftershock link, but it's the reviews I've been finding fascinating, as there are more games in the sector than I'd imagined, ranging from the serious military simulations with added politics (Persian Incursion - Israel tries to take out the Iranian nuclear programme, incidentally the link that brought me here), to slightly more balanced mixes with BCT Command Kandahar, to much more political/resource management focussed with Afghan Provincial Reconstruction. Even better, the reviews are mostly based on having played them, in some cases with his students, and analysing what worked and what didn't, rather than simply having skimmed through the rules.

There's also reviews of books on wargame and game design, which I'm pretty certain [personal profile] yhlee  will find interesting, and a ton of links to related sites


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