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The Libertarian Futurist Society e
has announced five finalists for the Best Novel category of the 37th annual Prometheus Awards

The Corporation Wars: Dissidence by Ken MacLeod (Orbit)
The Corporation Wars: Insurgence by Ken MacLeod (Orbit)
The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047 by Lionel Shriver (HarperCollins)
The Core of the Sun by Johanna Sinisalo (translated by Lola Rogers) (Grove Press/Black Cat)
Blade of p'Na by L. Neil Smith (Phoenix Pick)
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Posted by Mike Smithson

With all the fuss today about the Daily Mail’s “legs” front page let us not forget that the BBC can sometimes stray into what could be described as sexist.

In November 2005 when David Cameron and David Davis were slugging it out for the Tory leadership the two of them appeared on Woman’s Hour and were asked at the end what sort of underpants they preferred.

Another question was whether they preferred blondes or brunettes. David said the former while Cameron did not reply.

The interviewer was Martha Martha Kearney, now of the World at One, who was quizzing people about the Mail’s front page at lunchtime today.

There’s a link to the 2005 interview here

Mike Smithson

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Posted by Melissa McEwan

Today, Donald Trump will sign an executive order that will rescind crucial climate change provisions enacted by President Obama. Valerie Volcovici at Reuters reports:
The decree, dubbed the "Energy Independence" order, will seek to undo former President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan requiring states to slash carbon emissions from power plants—a critical element in helping the United States meet its commitments to a global climate change accord agreed by nearly 200 countries in Paris in December 2015.

It will also rescind a ban on coal leasing on federal lands, reverse rules to curb methane emissions from oil and gas production, and reduce the weight of climate change in federal agencies' assessments of new regulations.

"We're going to go in a different direction," a senior White House official told reporters ahead of Tuesday's order.
Less the direction of trying to save the planet and more the direction of destroying it for corporate profits.

This is just a sweeping devastating of climate protections that were already insufficiently robust. And this is the kind of policy that has effects that can't just be unwound with the stroke of a pen sometime down the road.

The time we lose waiting for a court to overturn this executive order, or for a Democratic governing majority, is time we cannot get back.

Hillary Clinton's campaign was "the first major presidential campaign ever to make combating climate change a central issue." She was the only presidential candidate to speak frankly about environmental racism, issuing a factsheet dedicated to detailing her "Plan to Fight for Environmental and Climate Justice." When the first two presidential debates failed to meaningfully broach climate change, she dedicated an entire speech to it, with Al Gore alongside her.

Anyone who still believes there was "no difference" between the two candidates is being willfully ignorant. That narrative was always mendacious, dangerous trash—and nothing makes that more plain than what is about to happen on climate change.

Relatedly: Arctic researcher Victoria Herrmann details at the Guardian how the data critical to her research is being deleted by the Trump administration.

Which is no less than any of us should have anticipated from a man who declared climate change a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.

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2017-03-28 07:53
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] shirebound! Enjoy your day. Sounds like you're getting a very special present later this week in the shape of your hand twin:-)

Another writing meme

2017-03-28 16:51
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Gakked from [personal profile] lost_spook It’s of course gloriously self-centered to think anyone cares enough about my writing to be actually curious about it, but sometimes it has happened, and it’s always fun to talk about oneself.

Here is my fic at AO3.

Choose a fic and 1 (or more) question(s) from the list below:

1: What inspired you to write the fic this way?
2: What scene did you first put down?
3: What’s your favorite line of narration?
4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue?
5: What part was hardest to write?
6: What makes this fic special or different from all your other fics?
7: Where did the title come from?
8: Did any real people or events inspire any part of it?
9: Were there any alternate versions of this fic?
10: Why did you choose this pairing for this particular story?
11: What do you like best about this fic?
12: What do you like least about this fic?
13: What music did you listen to, if any, to get in the mood for writing this story? Or if you didn’t listen to anything, what do you think readers should listen to to accompany us while reading?
14: Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic?
15: What did you learn from writing this fic?


2017-03-28 08:34
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We did see the Beauty and the Beast remake with the kids on opening weekend, and the general consensus is that it was great. The original holds a special place in my heart and just hearing the opening theme makes me tear up, so I am by no means unbiased, but I was also not in the mood for an exact reproduction. I needn't have worried, though - there were several story tweaks and a handful of new songs. My voice expert friends lamented EW's obvious lack of vocal training, but apart from a touch of autotune here and there (most audibly on the Beast's new song), I didn't notice anything that took me out of the moment. I do still lay awake at night wondering about Chip, though. (Either he has been a teacup for basically his entire life, or he hasn't aged. Either way: not OK, enchantress lady.)

On Friday, one of the local public libraries had their bimonthly game night, which my kids have embraced as an opportunity to try new board and card games that they've never played, but have usually heard about. (Connor is an especially avid watcher of Wil Wheaton's Tabletop videos). This time we were introduced to Exploding Kittens, which was silly and fun - I'll definitely be adding it to our collection in the future.

Last night was our first rehearsal with the conductor for the Verdi Requiem. I was expecting to see Carlos, our principal conductor, but instead we were introduced to his current backup, a shockingly young Asian woman. Although she was engaging and charming, she clearly lacked experience, and now I'm worried about Carlos. My first thought was that some sort of scheduling conflict must have come up, but then I started hearing rumors that he was facing some sort of major health challenge, which I sincerely hope is untrue. He's about my age, with very young children, and he's been in the position for less than two years.
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It's challenge time!

Comment with Just One Thing you've accomplished in the last 24 hours or so. It doesn't have to be a hard thing, or even a thing that you think is particularly awesome. Just a thing that you did.

Feel free to share more than one thing if you're feeling particularly accomplished!

Extra credit: find someone in the comments and give them props for what they achieved!

Nothing is too big, too small, too strange or too cryptic. And in case you'd rather do this in private, anonymous comments are screened. I will only unscreen if you ask me to.


Nunes Has No Credibility

2017-03-28 08:30
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Posted by Melissa McEwan

Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, is not doing his job. His committee is tasked with investigating Trump administration ties to and possible collusion with Russia, but instead Nunes believes his job is to run interference for Donald Trump.

In the Washington Post, Amber Phillips has an excellent summary of recent events, published under the blunt headline: "Devin Nunes is making it very hard for Republicans to claim they can run an impartial investigation on Russia."
On Monday, Washington was abuzz with news that Nunes, a Trump ally, was on the White House grounds viewing classified information related to the president's evidence-less claim that President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign. A day later, Nunes (R-Calif.) announced that he had information that revealed the president's conversations during the campaign may have been caught up in a broader, unrelated intelligence net.

...We still don't know who gave Nunes the surveillance information or its significance to the committee's broader investigation into Russia's meddling. Nunes publicly said if the president's name did show up in surveillance, it had nothing to do with Russia. He also told CNN that the president didn't even know Nunes was at the White House Tuesday.

But here's what anyone trying to follow the twists and turns of this Trump-Russia-wiretapping story is left with: A top Republican congressman and Trump ally was at the White House the day before he released information that appeared to somewhat defend the president on his defenseless wiretapping claims.

What's more, the congressman released this secret information to the president — whose circle is under investigation by the FBI for alleged ties to Russia — before sharing it with his own committee members.
Nunes has created enough turmoil by his lack of impartiality that now [video may autoplay at link] the House Intelligence Committee have scrapped its meetings this week. Nunes has effectively damaged the integrity of the investigation, following devastating testimony from FBI James Comey and Admiral Mike Rogers.

Trump himself is, as per usual, using Twitter to spin wildly, which isn't helping Nunes. At least not with serious people who are treating this investigation with the gravity it deserves.

Democrats are, quite reasonably and necessarily, calling for Nunes to recuse himself, with Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democratic member on the committee, plainly stating: "The public cannot have the necessary confidence that matters involving the president's campaign or transition team can be objectively investigated or overseen by the chairman."

The Democrats, of course, prepared for this eventuality. Rep. Eric Swalwell on Morning Joe this morning:

SWALWELL: Right, it's time for Devin Nunes to leave this investigation, let alone lead it. So he should be gone. And what we saw was, going over to the White House, he went to receive information that you know, Joe, we can receive at the Capitol. We have our own secure facility. If this was done the proper way, they could have brought it over, shared it with both members, both parties of the committee, but this was done because the White House wanted it to be done, and this is what a cover-up to a crime looks like. We are watching it play out right now.

MIKE BARNICLE: Hey, Congressman, has this investigation been so badly damaged that even if Devin Nunes recuses himself, and is off the committee, is the investigation over in the House side?

SWALWELL: It's been compromised. That's why Elijah Cummings and I have written legislation to have an independent commission. We always thought that was the most comprehensive way to get to the bottom of what happened. But now it's an insurance policy against an investigation that our chairman has really badly compromised.
We have always needed and independent commission, and we do now more than ever.

And if, as Trump and his surrogates keep insisting, there is nothing to the allegations of collusion with Russia, then why are they so afraid of such a commission? They should welcome it, and the accompanying exoneration, if there is truly nothing to find.

At this point, the attempts from the House committee chair and the administration to undermine the investigation only serve to reinforce the idea that there is something they are desperately trying to conceal.

We need to know what that is.

Any Exercise Will Do

2017-03-28 09:42
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I managed to go to the gym three times last week, even though one day was just 15 minutes on the elliptical. That counted because I did intervals that day. The other days were pushups and squats.

I hope to do the same this week. I'm doing different stuff, and trying to vary it so I won't feel like I'm in such a rut.

Last night, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical, which I hadn't done in a really long time because weights wear me out. It felt good. My muscles got warm and sweating felt satisfying. I brought my Kindle with me, but mostly ended up just listening to music with my eyes closed.

I went to bed a little early because I seem to be having the early morning waking yet again. This morning I woke up around 4:30 from an anxiety dream about trying to pack up a hotel room by checkout time, except it was full of all this other stuff (including groceries, like jars of jam with jam smeared on the outside) and other people interfering with my packing up and making it more confusing. Then I saw it was already twenty minutes past checkout time. I woke up sweaty and anxious. Bleh.

I have choir rehearsal tonight, yay! I might do intervals again for gym tomorrow, or maybe more pushups. We shall see.

Hello tuesday

2017-03-28 09:20
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Things I currently am: FREEZING.
Things I am currently not: WARM.

And yet, the weather is supposed to be 70F today. I'm not sure I believe it. Either that, or they pre-emptively turned the air conditioners up to arctic blast at work already, and it is WAY too early in spring for that shit. My hands are ice cold. BRRRRR.

I finished an 18k fic (warcraft fandom) yesterday - I need to do edits before posting. Gdocs on the ipad and the computer use two different spell/punctuation checkers, which is odd. at least on my ipad it doesn't catch everything, so I have to do a second pass on the computer. And THEN I need to do a sweep for my own errors, because I think I changed the time frame several times in that way where "five days ago", "two weeks ago", and "over a week ago" are all supposed to refer to the SAME EVENT and I have therefore messed myself up and need to pick one and correct.

I will be posting one chapter at a time (there's 4 chapters and I'm already writing on the sequel as of this morning) with a day or two delay between chapters because of the aforementioned edits and also there is a surprise that goes with this fic (ART. Shocking revelation, it's ART.)

So yeah - y'all can look forward to that, if you care for a dose of some of my OCs and some fantasy rpg game based fic set in WoW at the start of the current expansion. Wheeee! (Now to finish the art. >_> I'm reduced to glacial speed in art production right now, I'm so out of practice. Working on it!)

The Mickey Mouse Clubbing

2017-03-28 13:00
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Posted by john (the hubby of Jen)






Thanks to Geneva W., Amy C., & Anony M., for the Mm, I see, k, EEK WHY?


Thank you for using our Amazon links to shop! USA, UK, Canada.

Kalyna Block Cipher

2017-03-28 11:26
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Posted by Bruce Schneier

Kalyna is a block cipher that became a Ukrainian national standard in 2015. It supports block and key sizes of 128, 256, and 512 bits. Its structure looks like AES but optimized for 64-bit CPUs, and it has a complicated key schedule. Rounds range from 10-18, depending on block and key sizes.

There is some mention of cryptanalysis on reduced-round versions in the Wikipedia entry. And here are the other submissions to the standard.

Prompt #35 - Poker Face

2017-03-28 07:22
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This week's prompt is poker face.

Your response should be exactly 100 words long. You do not have to include the prompt in your response -- it is meant as a starting place only. Please use the tag "prompt: #035 - poker face" with your prompt response.

Please include all necessary content warnings for potential triggers, mature or explicit content, or spoilers.

Here is a template for posting your work, if you so desire:

Subject: Original - Title (or) Fandom - Title

(or) Fandom:

If you are a member of AO3 there is a 100 Words Collection!

Mirrored at Imzy.
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Episode 1489: Snippet Good

While PCs are often meticulous in detecting for magical powers or amazing abilities in whatever gear or gadgets they find, sometimes you can get away with slipping something in unnoticed. If you make it something otherwise forgettable, it helps.

Imagine a magic potion flask. If the PCs detect magic, of course it gives off an aura of magical power, but then they expect that from the potion inside anyway. Nobody suspects the flask itself.

By the way, what do PCs do with the flasks when they drink a magical potion? Has anyone ever asked this question before? The players usually just cross/erase used potions off their equipment lists. Where do the flasks go? Are all dungeons littered with the empty potion flasks of previous adventuring groups, like discarded cans and bottles by the side of the road?

Anyway, make a point of having the PCs find all their empties when they make camp and take stock of their gear. What are they going to do with these empty flasks? If they're like most adventurers, they might try to sell them, or perhaps they'll fill them with holy water or something. Here's where you have the magic of the flask step in. Maybe it always returns to their pack, no matter how they try to get rid of it. Maybe it converts whatever it contains into the same potion that was originally found in it (once per week, say, so it's not overpowered). Maybe it does something else completely, like attract monsters, or prevent any fires from being lit within 30 feet.

Who would suspect a flask?


2017-03-28 11:52
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I've been reading more of Asimov's march/april 2017.
I'm up to page 107 and there have been two memorably interesting stories, but also two I skipped because I could see where they were going and no thanks.

Number Thirty Nine Skink, by Suzanne Palmer, had some lovely worldbuilding and felt packed with good bits.
The Ones Who Know Where They Are Going, Sarah Pinsker, is an answer to Omelas and I think will stay with me.

Three Can Keep A Secret was full of tricks but didn't make me feel anything.
Kitty Hawk... I know alternate history is SF, but, it left me vaguely dissatisfied and feeling like it somehow ignores that there's plenty of historical women that are not alternate. Eh, not my thing.

And then the skipped were Soulmates.com and Invasion of the Saucer Men.
I mentioned Soulmates.com before. There's an interesting story in the premise, but it's hers, not his, and it wouldn't look like this.
Invasion is just... Read more... )

I don't usually give up on stories, so, finding two in one publication is not awesome.

There's like another hundred pages to read so there's still plenty of room to be interesting.

I'm trying to stay awake long enough to finish the laundry and let the cleaner in, so I'm a bit grumpy right now.

I think I'd rather be reading fanfic. Always at least one bit of interest in fanfic.

... but not always suitable to be reading when employees turn up, so, I read other things...

More Chalk

2017-03-28 10:37
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Posted by Paul Cornell

I’m aware that a lot of my readers prefer to consume books through the medium of audio, and so I’m pleased to say that my new novel Chalk is also out as an audiobook, published by Dreamscape, read by Jonathan Broadbent.  It’s available in disc form direct from the publishers (and you can also see a ‘sell sheet’ as they call them), and it’s on US iTunes and US Amazon.  In the UK, it’s also on Amazon.  No sign yet of other markets.  I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

Chalk audiobook

Meanwhile, another really cool review has come in, this from the excellent Ginger Nuts of Horror.

And John Scalzi was kind enough to let me make a guest appearance on the ‘What’s the Big Idea?’ section of his Whatever blog, talking about the book.

In other news, my voice guest stars in the latest episode (#16) of the improv comedy Doctor Who podcast Doctor Who’s Line is it Anyway? and I’m interviewed about my Who work, and all my current stuff on the new episode (#85) of the Podcastica podcast.

Thanks, everyone, for all the kind reactions to my most important work.

Please Feel Free to Share:

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Posted by Erin Wunker

By Misao Dean

I gave an interview on my research last March on the CBC
program The 180. In it I talked about
colonialism in Canada, picking away at some of the myths that sustained my
childhood sense of “Canadianness,” and arguing that we should read them as
representations of colonial power.

These ideas are not that radical in Canada; they’re absolutely
conservative, in the context of
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A recent radio programme suggested that most of us talk to ourselves (guilty as charged). Quite a few also commentate on their daily behaviour, and of those, a large majority do so in the voice of David Attenborough narrating a wildlife documentary.

I wonder if this is as common a thing in the UK as dreaming of the royal family?

ETA: Incidentally, I wonder about the history of this habit. People couldn't imitate commentaries before there were commentaries, after all. I remember in Ian McEwan's Atonement the little girl Briony swipes the heads of dandelions with a stick (or something similar) and imagines someone commentating on her as if she were at the Olympic Dandelion Beheading final. That would be in the late 1930s. By that time there was certainly radio commentary on football, and I daresay cricket and horseracing too. Live coverage of the Olympics, though? I'm not sure. And, before Marconi, were our imaginations mute?
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Posted by Mike Smithson

How will the BREXIT Tories do now?

After their extraordinary gain of a by-election seat from LAB in Copeland we have heard very little of the blue team’s prospects in Manchester Gorton which is expected to take place on May 4th. Yet as the panel shows the Tories got very close to victory in the seat in 1967.

No one is suggesting that the Tories have any chance whatsoever. The result from 1967 and what we know about the area now highlights the huge demographic changes that have taken place in the UK generally and specifically in this part of Manchester. In the 60s Manchester had 9 MPs, five LAB and four CON. No more. This has been a no-go area for the blues for a long time

In November 1967 the UK was going through considerable financial upheaval and just over two weeks after the by-election the pound was devalued from the dizzy heights of $2.80 to to $2.40 – a fall of 14%. Wilson’s “the pound in your pocket” broadcast has gone down as one of the defining political moments of the decade.

The Tories were led by Ted Heath who two and a half years later pulled off one of the biggest political surprises in recent times achieving something that is unique on modern British political history. A party that had a working Commons majority was replaced with Heath’s Tories that had working Commons majority. In the changes of government in 1951, 1964, 1974, 1979, 1997 and 2010 either the outgoing party didn’t have a working majority or the incoming one didn’t achieve one.

It was the 1970-74 Heath government that took us into what was then called the Common Market. There was no referendum. That came in 1975 when Harold Wilson was trying to deal with the splits in his own party.

Alas Heath’s achievements are now viewed by the Tories in much the same way that the LAB movement views Tony Blair.

Mike Smithson

Daily Happiness

2017-03-28 02:39
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1. Our microwave has been doing a slow fade for...over a year, I think, and finally just dropped dead today. I'm wishing we'd replaced it before it totally died, because then we wouldn't be stuck without one in the meantime, but that's not what we did so we are. We went to a few stores today but the only one that had much of a selection was Best Buy and they were all pricier than I wanted to pay, so I ended up getting one off Amazon, which won't arrive until Thursday. Thankfully we're not really heavy microwave users, so it won't be too much of a hardship to go without one for a couple days.

2. I'm going to see Panic at the Disco tomorrow!

3. I finished reading another book, which makes 17 so far. That's more than I managed to read all last year, so I'm pretty happy about that.

4. I got so many cute kitty pics today! That'll keep me going for days.

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Notes on Nicholas Ray's They Live by Night (1949), mostly cribbed from e-mail to [livejournal.com profile] handful_ofdust, because I am slammed with work and don't want to forget all the interesting things about it.

Along with examples of the genre I have been calling housewife noir and Jake Hinkson in his introduction to my reprint double of Elisabeth Sanxay Holding's Kill Joy (1942) and The Virgin Huntress (1951) describes less gender-specifically as domestic noir, I seem to have been inadvertently collecting non-urban noirs—just to name some I've actually managed to write up, The Reckless Moment (1949), Act of Violence (1948), The Prowler (1951), and Detour (1945) constitute some of the most interesting entries I've encountered since I started paying attention to film noir. As well as adding to their number, They Live by Night offers another slant on the genre I have not often seen: it's a romantic noir. I am drawing a distinction here with noir romance, as the latter tends to lean more in the direction of folie à deux, self-delusion, or just cosmic bad timing.1 Or maybe I mean it with a capital R. The protagonists of They Live by Night are sweet people, loving, faithful, heartbreakingly earnest, neither of them dumb. They just also happen to be doomed, as we're warned straight off by the pre-credits subtitles that run like the tagline of a trailer beneath a dreamy, intimate close-up of two young people kissing blissfully, all unawares: "This boy . . . and this girl . . . were never properly introduced to the world we live in . . ." Belonging only contingently, they can be snatched away at any time.

The thing is, it's painfully true. Bowie (Farley Granger) was sixteen when he was convicted of murder and now he's twenty-three; when he breaks out from a prison farm with a pair of small-time career criminals, he knows nothing about life on the outside, not how to talk to strangers, not how money really works, definitely not how to hold or even conceive of a job. Tomboyish Keechie (Cathy O'Donnell) has spent her equally young life running her alcoholic father's gas station and garage in the Midwestern middle of nowhere and she understands money, strangers, and hard work, but nothing about relationships. She's never had a boyfriend or even wanted one. She's not even interested in Bowie when they meet for the first time, though he has Granger's lanky, wistful face and almost flinchingly sensitive body; she disapproves of her no-good uncle Chickamaw (Howard Da Silva) claiming the garage as a hideout for himself, Bowie, and fellow escapee T-Dub (Jay C. Flippen) and she's not amused by the other men joshing about the inevitable attraction between the virginal boy and the lonesome girl. When he does try to talk to her, tentatively offering his damaged history and his hopeful dreams, she listens with an indifferent irritation, long inured to the sob stories of men. Hearing that he plans to raise the money for an appeal by going in on a bank job with Chickamaw and T-Dub, she responds with typical bluntness: "You'll get in so deep trying to get squared they'll have enough for two lifetimes." They bond only after Chickamaw in a characteristic moment of success-flushed recklessness involves himself and Bowie in a road accident, dumps the stunned, bruised, but not permanently injured kid on his niece, and hightails it into the night, leaving the two of them really alone for the very first time—and then it's instant, permanent, like imprinting, sealing themselves to one another with a shock that's half undiscovered physical awareness and half absolute emotional honesty, like they're the only two people in a deserted world and they've just discovered one another. They run away that night. They board a bus together. They get married for twenty dollars plus tip by the blinking neon advertisement of an all-night justice of the peace and buy a hot clunker of a Plymouth Deluxe for a price so extortionate, they have obviously been clocked as "Bowie the Kid, the Zelton Bandit" and his moll, but the "Kid" doesn't hesitate to lay down all thirty-two hundred dollars in pocket-wadded bills because how should he know what a car costs? They are not profligate, nor do they throw themselves into the consumer frenzy of the postwar boom; they rent a resort cabin in the mountains and buy each other Christmas presents. Neither [livejournal.com profile] derspatchel nor I thought guests were allowed to repaint as well as redecorate the interior of a rental cabin, but they do it anyway.

And the audience knows they can't last forever, living in the seams and cracks of the American dream with Keechie unable to go into town because her picture's the one that ended up in the papers and Bowie knowing no line of work that isn't a stickup, but you want them to make it somehow. You want Bowie to be able to afford that lawyer in Tulsa he's always talking about hiring to reopen his conviction. You want Keechie to feel safe having the baby she confirmed was on the way while Bowie was out of town pulling another job. You want them to get the chance to hold hands in a darkened movie theater like they've heard couples in love do. "Someday I'd like to see some of this country we've been traveling through." They make wonderful ethnographers of the alien culture that is mainstream America, gravely looking in at it from the outside without shame but without all that much longing, either. Golf confuses both of them. Neither of them knows how to dance and neither evinces much inclination to learn. Riding on horseback would be fun if you were going someplace, but just trotting round and round a track? They speak a language of evasions and equivocations, never asserting anything too definitely in case it doesn't come true: could be, maybe, suppose so, sure. On the other hand, they live in a world that by grace of its un-socialization is strikingly absent almost all of the toxic dynamics that characterize male-female relationships in this genre. Keechie is a capable mechanic, Bowie has a strong nesting instinct. As they drive aimlessly across the country to which they never quite belong, they take turns behind the wheel. They fight like people who don't really understand arguments; they check in carefully with one another's happiness. "If you want me to" is always answered by "If you want to." Tragedy comes in part because Bowie makes a solo decision for them both.

It is an incredibly outsider film, which is the strongest reason besides the fatalism and the cinematography that They Live by Night reads to me as noir; it is an incredibly sympathetic outsider film. It felt telling to both me and Rob that the criminal world never betrays the fugitive lovers—it takes someone deeply invested in the image of themselves as an honest, law-abiding citizen to do that.2 The title of Edward Anderson's 1937 source novel was Thieves Like Us and I am sorry RKO did not permit Ray to keep it, because it is thematically echoed throughout the script; it was restored by Robert Altman's 1974 adaptation which I have not seen. I suppose I could compare-and-contrast the two, though at the moment I am still in the spell of moments like the opening helicopter shot tracking the three convicts' stolen jalopy as it corners a dust-bowl crossroads and peels out onto the highway or the way the last words of the film become an affirmation between the living and the dead, impossibly speaking for two people at once. This getaway brought to you by my unworldly backers at Patreon.

1. Bogart and Bacall are the reliable exception.

2. One of the film's few purely funny moments occurs when Bowie is confronted in the men's room of a nightclub where he and Keechie have taken the risk of dining out: the dinner-jacketed stranger who effortlessly disarms him and orders him out of town is not a representative of the law but the local syndicate. "Nothing against you, you understand?" he explains, man-to-man. "We don't want a lot of trigger-happy hillbillies around here. This is a nice cool town. Business is good." He gives an astonished Bowie back his gun and hands him a wad of traveling cash besides.


2017-03-28 05:24
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"No matter how many times they come for trans folks, we will always fight. And seriously trans women & femmes of color lead the way. Always." -- Chase Strangio, 2017-03-20

[31 March is the annual International Transgender Day of Visibility. The week's quotes kinda have a theme.]

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Posted by Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman

A scientist who first sent jellyfish into space reveals secrets to a life without aging.

by Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman |

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A Door Opens
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 3 (complete)
word count (story only): 1229

:: This story takes place around dawn on Saturday in the Maldives, which is dinner time (around 5pm) where Shiv is. ::

By the time Shiv arrived at the visiting room, the hallway had smelled like pizza for not only minutes, but yards of walking. Travis opened the door for Shiv, smiling at the man already waiting inside. 'Hi, Mister Finn. You didn't have to bring pizza; it's my job to make sure that Shiv doesn't miss dinner. Doctor Bloch would have my head if that happened.”
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Through the wall of sleep

2017-03-28 07:19
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Dreams. Endless streams of parallel lives I never lived, outcomes of present and past situations, all glimpsed through that numinous mist, at the same time so fuzzy at the edges and so vividly bright. All the journeys I never made, the houses I never lived in, the people I never met, the solutions (so clear, so obvious) to problems I never knew were so pressing but which vanish on contact with the waking world.
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In the first novel, Rivers of London aka Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch, there are vampires. Spoilery details, and QUESTIONS! )

On a tangent, the whole encounter made me rethink my Nightingale Theory )

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While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my dashboard.
"'Tis some anti," I muttered, "tapping at my dashboard—
Only this and nothing more."

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PEDTM: Day 27

2017-03-27 21:29
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What a long couple of days we've had. But! The contractor and his partner came out today and tore down two walls and the ceiling ACK. We have an electrician coming out, though I'm not sure when because first the county has to give permission for him to do the work, and on Friday someone is coming out to bid on insulation -- a special foam for sound proofing. It's really scary, isn't it? The whole remodeling bit. I guess I'm glad we've started but I'll be even gladder when it's finished.

It will be finished, right? One day? I mean, it's only one room.

I just finished watched the third season of Grace and Frankie. I enjoyed the heck out of it! It's wonderful to see the characters again and watch them change and grow. Plus it's funny. Plus wow, what a gorgeous lifestyle they have. I am deeply envious of that house on the beach in San Diego.

Time to sleep. Tomorrow is a mother's day for me.

Too much Ada

2017-03-28 06:45
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Agents of SHIELD 4.9 Broken Promises

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And it's slowly dawned on me this morning that I could have set the alarm for half and hour later.
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Democracy in Color and the American Majority Project Research Institute just released their roadmap for retaking the House and state legislatures through mobilizing progressive voters in key states.

Their report focuses on the 17 states and 13 congressional districts that Democrats won or lost by single-digit percentages in 2016. Their perspective is that rather than trying to persuade white swing voters, we should work on getting minorities and other progressives who don't vote (yet) to actually get to the polls.

They link to a number of local and state organizations that have proven success in registering and mobilizing new voters, and want to expand those and start similar organizations in other states that need them.

There's a great overview article about it at The Nation.

3/27/17 link roundup

2017-03-27 21:15
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News / analysis - health care
* More States To Expand Medicaid Now That Obamacare Remains Law (Forbes)

* How Right-Wing Media Saved Obamacare (Atlantic). The title is a wild misrepresentation of the contents, but it's an interesting summary of what exactly right-wing media has been saying all these years about Obamacare.

* Democrats should write their own “terrific” Obamacare replacement (Vox)

* The Death Of Trumpcare Is The Ultimate Proof Of Obamacare’s Historic Accomplishment (HuffPo)

* How Democrats Aided in the Demise of the GOP’s Health Bill (WSJ)

* John Bel Edwards made 300,000 people eligible for Medicaid within 24 hours of becoming Gov. His upset win in 2015 had huge consequences." (Twitter). Short thread with some really incredible statistics on the difference Medicaid has made to Louisiana.

News / analysis - not health care
* Pentagon Tells Congress to Stop Buying Equipment it Doesn't Need (Military.com).

* LGBT seniors marked for removal from survey on elder care services (Guardian)

* Lacking Evidence of Voter Fraud, Legislatures Target Its Specter (NYT)

* Trump Administration Orders Tougher Screening of Visa Applicants (NYT)

* Federal Judge Sides With Trump In A Challenge To The New Travel Ban Executive Order (Buzzfeed)

* California Upholds Auto Emissions Standards, Setting Up Face-Off With Trump (NYT)

* Nobody Knew Governing Could Be So Complicated (Atlantic). On the difficulty of turning GOP obstructionism into GOP governance.

* Passing Tax Reform Will Be As Difficult As Repealing Obamacare (Forbes)

* Wisconsin judge orders state GOP to redraw gerrymandered legislative districts (Salon, Jan 2017)

* LGBTQ Advocates Horrified By Trump Administration’s Civil Rights Health Pick (HuffPo)

* 'The Resistance' Faces A New Question: What To Do With All That Money (NPR)

* 6 Big Takeaways From The RNC's Incredible 2012 Autopsy (Talking Points Memo, March 2013). This is fascinating to look back on from the perspective of the past election.

(no subject)

2017-03-27 23:48
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 We waited waaaay way too late to have dinner today, which was largely my fault,  but anyway my normal writing time was taken up by cooking while hungry and I don't have much to say for myself right now. It was a good day, though, in that I got a lot of both housework and work-work done.
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Title: Paranormally Yours
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Molly Hooper/Eurus Holmes
Rating: G
Prompt: #102 - spark
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Try as he might, Sherlock can't actually delete his sister's existence. Especially not when she's out there shaming the family name.
Warnings: canon setting AU, completely un-serious, vague reference to autopsies
Notes: Because I've just finished listening to the Black Tapes podcast and the idea of Eurus being an embarrassment to the Holmes brothers in a completely different way is hilarious to me.

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(Why yes, I got kind of behind in my blogging...)

Carrie is witty, but she's the sort of witty that I think may work better as a comedy act than as a book. I did enjoy the bits about her mother, who sounds delightful, and about her bipolar disorder -- she was pretty fascinating when writing about bipolar disorder, although I think I'd run across most of the really good lines pasted into memes in the months after her death.

Overall, it was OK.

I still miss her. :-( I usually shrug over celebrity deaths, but this one hit me kind of hard.

Soaring progress

2017-03-28 11:53
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Since last I posted about my aviation exploits, I've continued to make steady progress on the soaring front. For one thing, I've learned various ways of flying a glider sideways. Yes, really! For example, you can fly sideways-ish (relative to a landing strip) to cope with a crosswind while landing. Of course you're flying forward relative to the wind itself, but from the ground it looks as if you're skidding diagonally along the strip. This is also referred to as "crabbing", and there's actually a bit of an art to it - as you "crab" down toward the landing point, you keep one wing dipped down into the wind as you approach, and you kick the glider "straight" (relative to the strip) with the rudder at the very last moment just before you touch down.

Another useful way of "flying sideways" is the manoeuvre known as a "sideslip". In this case, you are actually flying more-or-less sideways: you "cross the controls" (e.g. put one wing down while you kick the opposite side rudder), which is a handy way to lose height in a hurry without all the mucking about of aerobatics (or terrifying passengers and/or trainees, if you pull a dramatic sideslip on final approach without warning them) :-)

Learning how to perform these manoeuvres was part of achieving my A and B gliding proficiency badges. These are the very first steps in an extended series of glider pilot achievement badges, and involve passing oral exams on aerodynamic theory and meteorology as well as demonstrating a bunch of basic flight competencies. Next on the list is the C badge, for which I have already passed the oral exam, and I'll be working on the rest of it (which involves learning essential cross-country flying skills such as navigation and out-landing, and getting approved to fly passengers) over the winter.

Of course, doing all this training has meant that most of my flying over the last little while has been in the two-seat trainer, the K-13. Which is all very well, but since I'd converted to the Ka-8 single seater a couple of months ago I've been itching to get more time in that aircraft, as well. So imagine my delight when I found out that last Saturday I'd have one of the club Ka-8s (we own two) ALL to myself! And as an extra bonus, it was the one that I hadn't flown before. While they are they same model, they are not identical - the cockpit layout is slightly different, and it turns out that this aircraft has a somewhat better variometer (extra-sensitive rate-of-climb indicator) than the other one. Also, this one has about 20kg of extra paint on her - I guess her previous owners' solution to any regular maintenance needs must have been Slap another coat of paint on! She'll be right! - and as a result her maximum cockpit weight is that much less. No problem for me, but it does mean that some of our bigger pilots can't fly this particular plane.

QU ready to launchQU on final

My mood was only slightly dampened when it turned out that the soaring weather forecasts (which looked awesome) were in fact a wee bit wrong, and we had a heavy layer of cloud blocking the sun from warming up the ground and generating thermals to soar on. Not to worry; I figured I could use some circuit practice in the Ka-8 anyway. And the cockpit layout in this particular aircraft allowed me to set up my camera in a couple of different positions, which others didn't permit; so that was something else to experiment with. I cheerfully flew circuits in this warm-but-overcast weather. It was actually kind of fun: the total absence of convective action in the air meant that the sky was as smooth as a baby's bottom - no thermals, no turbulence, just milky smoothness which led to short but very pleasant flights. I bashed out several circuits, and then on my last one, as I tootled cheerfully around the airfield expecting more of the same I was astonished to discover some real actual LIFT!

Soaring in the Rain from Submarine Bells on Vimeo.

I still, several days later, have no idea where that lift came from. One of our more meteorology-savvy pilots had predicted the possibility of convergence lift, so I assumed that was what I had run into; but a later poke through my meteorology-for-glider-pilots textbooks left me doubtful of that since apparently convergence lift tends to be turbulent and difficult, and the lift I found was very smooth (albeit rather broken in places). So... yeah. Maybe it was a bit of atypical wave lift in an odd place? I really don't know. But it sure was fun to get the only soaring flight of the day and to be able to keep it up when nobody else could. :-)
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It's almost Wednesday and I'm two weeks behind on my comics posting. So, lets try to catch up a bit with my comics from two weeks ago.

Behind the cut: Sex Criminals #17, Black Panther: World of Wakanda #5, The Mighty Thor #17, U.S. Avengers #4, Star-Lord #4, Spider-Man #14, Ms. Marvel #16, Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat #16 and Bombshells Vol. 3: Uprising

Highlights of the week were definitely Sex Criminals and Ms. Marvel.

So many comics )
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This month's theme was "small yet crucial moments of courage." I wrote from 12:15 PM to 7:45 AM, so about 17 hours 30 minutes allowing for lunch and supper breaks. I wrote 7 poems on Tuesday and another 11 later.

Participation was lively, with 20 comments on LiveJournal and 100 on Dreamwidth. There were no new commenters.

Read Some Poetry!
The following poems from the March 7, 2017 Poetry Fishbowl have been posted:
"Balancing on a Cliff"
"A Bridged Right"
"A Dangerous Thing with Style"
"In That Terrible Inbetween"
"Listening Back"
"Running Away from the Circus"
"Ruts in the Road"
"Stepping Out"
"A Tornado of Thought"
"What Real Courage Is"
"The Whip of His Own Remorse"
"Why Can't We Accept It?"

"Leaves Upon the Water" (December 6, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl)
"Spooked" (Polychrome Heroics, January 3, 2017 Poetry Fishbowl)

Buy some poetry!
If you plan to sponsor some poetry but haven't made up your mind yet, see the unsold poetry list for March 7, 2017. That includes the title, length, price, and the original thumbnail description for the poems still available.

All currently sponsored poems have been posted. Donors this time include: [livejournal.com profile] goldbach5[livejournal.com profile] rix_scaedu[personal profile] janetmiles[personal profile] technoshaman, Anthony & Shirley Barrette.

The Poetry Fishbowl made its $200 goal, so "Spooked" was the free epic.  We also made the $250 goal, so that's three tallies toward a bonus session.

The Poetry Fishbowl project also has a permanent landing page.


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