Date: 2003-10-11 11:43 (UTC)
Warning: This is probably a yukky comment. At least to people who don't know what I'm like!

I see mooncups advertised on the back of toilet doors at Glastonbury every year, and can never bring myself to find out more. I mean, I remember when I switched from towels to tampons - I was 12 or 13 and on a school trip abroad. My period came and I was caught short, so a friend lent me a lillets. (I say lent. She didn't want it back.) I worked out how to use it and thought that tampons weren't too bad, and then came out going "you know what's wrong with non-app tampons, though?" and brandished a bloody middle finger while grinning from ear to ear. Luckily they knew what I was like (I've calmed down a lot :-)) and weren't TOO grossed out.

Anyway my point is that mooncups sound damn messy. And if you have to wash them out, that makes them hard to change in a public loo doesn't it? Plus you might drip while washing them... I'd be ok because I use disabled loos which have everything in one cubicle, but if someone was washing out their mooncup in the pub when I'd gone to wash my hands before eating - well, I think I'd probably hurl. Or ask the manager to persuade them not to. Because that would be a funny conversation to watch, assuming the manager is male ;-)

I can also see some of the vamp guys I hung around with during and post uni asking me to save my blood for them that way... which grosses me out now although at the time that kind of thing was "normal". They would see menstrual blood as sacred (and I'd be delighted to not have to stop shagging for a week every month) - but if they knew you used a mooncup, that could get gross. I mean really gross. I'm sure some men would pay to lick it clean.

I would however love to see a truly pissed guy finding it in the bathroom and thinking it was a condom, trying in vain to get it on!

Another problem with tampons is when you lose the string; I've cut myself with my fingernails many times, so I don't think I'd like having to remove something which isn't hanging on the outside (nor to sit down with silicon hanging out of me!)

Being serious, I'm not sure you could convince me to try it. I think you'd be better convincing tampax et al to make something that is more environmentally friendly. (Nappies are a much worse evil IMO.) And get the government to drop VAT on tampons, as if bleeding is a luxury!

Not that mooncup isn't a worthy idea, but I think there are better battles to fight first.
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