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Last summer in Bristol, we found 38 of the 70 sheep placed on trails around the city. I am now decommissioning the user account on which we ran the app to record which sheep we found, so I'm transcribing for long-term reference (and reminding myself of all the puns). I'm linking to the official page about each sheep. At some future date I may actually sort out the memory card full of photos of children posing by each and every sheep we found, but this will do for now.

A Sheep's Eye View @ Clifton Observatory
Air Fleece @ Canon's Marsh Amphitheatre
Alright Me Babber @ Temple Meads Station
Baa-lloon @ Sion Hill
Baa-wulf @ Bristol Hippodrome
Bagpuss Shaun @ Cabot Circus
Bahhbersheep @ Wapping Wharf
Beach Boy @ Cascade Steps
Buttercup @ Courtyard Cafe
Cecilia @ The Galleries
Dolly @ One College Square South
From Dusk 'Til Shaun @ Brandon Hill Nature Park
Great West Shaun @ Temple Quay
Green Poems for a Blue Planet @ Bristol 2015 Lab
Honey @ St Stephen's Church
Isambaard @ Clifton Suspension Bridge
Jarsberry Ram @ The Pump House
Justice Lamb @ Queen Square
King Arthur of Lambelot & Excalibaaar @ College Green
King of the Carnival @ Queen Square
Knitwit @ Castle Park
Lamb Chop @ Bristol Bus Station
Life Aquatic @ Bristol Aquarium
Lily @ Lower Castle Street
Lotus @ Aardman Animations
Maisy and Friends @ Bristol Children's Hospital
On The Waterfront @ Hotwells Road
Please Stand By @ The Broadmead Podium
Rosie @ Valentines Bridge
Sgt. Shepherd @ Baltic Wharf
Shaun Bean @ Narrow Quay
Shaun on the Cob @ 78 Broadmead
The Bristol Express @ Temple Meads Station
The Pirate Captain
@ M Shed
The Shear Speed Helter Skelter @ The Mall Gardens
@ St Mary Redcliffe Church
Wish Ewe Were Here @ Avon Gorge Hotel
Woolly Wonderland @ St Nicholas Market

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