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This week has been full of them: the first day I realised something was definitely wrong with my breathing during/after exercise, the first time I saw a doctor about it and had a suite of blood tests ordered, my first ECG (which came back normal).

This weekend last year I packed to go on our family holiday to Bristol, knowing something was wrong with me; but also knowing that blood test results would take a while to come back, my blood pressure and ECG were fine, and anyway Bristol has a large hospital if I got suddenly worse. 

I'm really glad I made that decision to go: we had a great time, we visited the zoo and Clifton Suspension Bridge and @Bristol and the SS Great Britain; we found lots of Shaun-the-Sheep models and followed various trails around the city to find them, and although I kept getting weirdly out of breath, it just slowed me down a bit, it didn't stop us. 

We made a lot of memories of having fun together as a family that week. I never got round to posting here about Bristol, because I ended up in hospital a couple of days after we got back, but the holiday memories were a comfort then and now, the last golden days before I got really ill.

It's nearly another fortnight to the anniversary of my diagnosis.  I see my consultant a few days before then, to get the latest bone marrow test results.  I'm glad it's that way around.  I'm pretty confident about the results: I still feel like I am getting continually, if slowly, better.   Today I cycled Nico to a party over in Fulbourn, 10km each way, which I'd have found mildly challenging before I got ill.  I might have to spend the rest of the day in bed, but it was worth it.

Date: 2016-07-31 17:42 (UTC)
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*offers hugs* Thank you for sharing this. The complicated nature of entwined worry and good memories, anniversaries of bad and good things together, changes...it was a very moving piece of writing, and also very wise in a way I would not be able to write myself at this time in my life. So THANK YOU.

... Is thanking you for posting this a bad idea?

Date: 2016-07-31 19:48 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] alatefeline

Date: 2016-08-01 12:21 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] whereisirisnow
So glad that you're better now. Hope the trend continues! :)

Date: 2016-07-31 16:35 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pennski.livejournal.com
Every time I see an update from you, I see evidence that you are improving. It is so good to see!

Date: 2016-08-01 11:23 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] amaebi.livejournal.com
Oh, my goodness. I am so glad you're with us.

To your good health!


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