Date: 2013-11-15 12:09 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] rmc28
Oh god, sports bras! Last year, in preparation for C25k, I spoiled myself with a trip to Rigby & Peller for new nursing bras and a sports bra. We managed the nursing bras ok, but the sports bra was a bit of a struggle because "we don't stock any sports bras over 38 inch band". (In the end they also sold me a couple of band extenders, which I came to not need as the running continued, and also as the initial really-fierce elastic softened to merely strongly supportive.) But the assumption revealed there - grrr.

I recently bought a second sports bra, to ensure that getting behind on the laundry didn't stop me running. I got it off eBay, one band size higher, one cup size lower, for about 1/4 the new price. I do like R&P but there's no point going back there unless and until my body changes again (next most likely, when Nico stops breastfeeding).

My running top is a man's size XXL, because again, the sports gear for women just stops before it gets to sizes I can wear. The leggings are "leisure-wear" rather than "sports wear" but they work well enough, at least so far.
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