Date: 2013-11-15 01:12 (UTC)
megpie71: AC Tifa Lockheart looking at camera, very determined (Give me the chocolate & nobody dies)
From: [personal profile] megpie71
I'm another fat woman who tends to feel defensive and somewhat resentful about eating food in public. The whole time I'm eating something which is labelled as "bad for me" in public, I'm on the defensive, pre-emptively ready to snap the head off whichever arsehole decides to walk up and try to shame me for having the temerity to eat something which isn't primarily lettuce.

I've also experienced the sort of "ewwwww... get your horrible fat cooties out of our nice clean gym" thing as well (both by implication, in having a couple of teenagers giggle at my fat, jiggly, sweaty self while I was on an exercise bike; and through hearing a colleague at work complain, in my hearing, about the temerity of some fat woman having the hide to be using a treadmill when she'd been wanting to use it at her local gym). Fortunately, the local leisure centre I've started attending doesn't seem to run to judgemental arseholes in the swimming pool; admittedly, the last two times I've been there, there's been aquarobics classes running at the same time for the "over 50s" set, and the majority of them resemble me more than the instructor.

Strangely enough, the thing which tends to stop me from getting involved in more sport and exercise is the difficulty I have in finding appropriate protective gear. The sports shops in Australia tend to be positively phobic about the notion of a fat person coming in and getting their fat cooties all over the merchandise - you'll be hard pressed to find anything in a size larger than a 14. I went looking online for a sports bra to fit me (Australian size 20 band, E cup) and quickly realised I'd be looking at importing something from the UK or the US. I was lucky to find the swimwear I did - one of the local discount chains (Best & Less, for any interested Aussies reading) actually has a pretty good range in their plus sizes stuff, and they stock swimwear which goes by the assumption that someone who's over size 16 is going to have tits which are bigger than the "12B or not 12B" cups which are standard in most swimwear. So for the first time in year, I have a set of swimwear I'm not spilling out of the top of - it's great.
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