Date: 2016-01-10 13:30 (UTC)
From: [personal profile] techiebabe
I just discovered this post, while looking thru your tags to try to find info on keeping chickens.

Thank you for writing it. I always said I could never have an abortion, but I respected other peoples' right to have one...

... until I accidentally became pregnant, despite being on the pill, and I was SO glad the option existed.

The procedure was hideous. I won't pretend. My case was unusual (my genetic condition wasn't known, and things went wrong; I bled lots and have Asherman's syndrome as a result. Ironically I'm probably infertile.)

But the telling thing was that while I was attending my nearest private clinic, many others there were from Ireland. The woman with whom I shared a waiting room had completed her family and left her children at home while she came to London for the procedure. So she was alone, at this vulnerable and difficult time.

It made me so grateful that the law here allows for termination.

It also goes to show you can't tell and can't judge. I've since been on pro-choice demos (anti 40 days folk).

I hope it was ok to say this here. I just wanted to acknowledge what you'd said and respond in kind. We are so lucky to have options in this country.
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