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Nicholas is getting old enough to be interested in board books, and so we have dug out the old favourites from when Charles was a similar age, reminding ourselves of the joys of Room on the Broom, and That's Not My Misc Item. An additional joy is that these are just about the right level for Charles to read aloud, and so more than once I have found him reading them to Nicholas.

Some of you my remember That's Not My Superhero. Last week I wrote That's Not My Avenger and put them both on AO3 while I was at it. (I got kudos this morning, it made me happy.)

That's not my Avenger. His hammer is too bumpy.

That's not my Avenger. His shield is too round.

That's not my Avenger. His shorts are too ragged.

That's not my Avenger. His arrows are too pointy.

That's not my Avenger. Her hair is too red.

THAT'S my Avenger! His suit is so shiny.

That's not my...

Date: 2013-04-23 13:48 (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jinty.livejournal.com
we have one with bunnies, one of which is distinguished by having shiny eyes. Cue irresistable urge to put on spooky voice (because I can only think of Coraline while reading that one).


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