Date: 2012-01-07 18:44 (UTC)
From: [personal profile] techiebabe
I remember when I had to use a tampon for the first time. It was in a toilet cubicle on a school trip. It was a non-applicator tampon so I pushed it up and then realised my middle finger was red. My friend was waiting outside and I needed to wash my hand so instead of trying to hide it I made a joke about it and she saw my red finger and nearly passed out. Whoops.

I don't think the first time we use any product is perfect and easy, is it? My memories certainly aren't so. I remember sitting cross legged at primary school (age 11) and my pad made my pants bulge. Someone spotted it and said "ha, your pants make you look like a boy!" without realising, she was SO embarrassed when it was explained to her. Awkward times.

And I remember waiting to use the toilet with the sanitary bin in it, the other three cubicles were free and other girls asked me why I was waiting for my "favourite" toilet... only two of us at primary school had periods so there were a lot of moments like that.

The whole experience of being young and learning to use pads, tampons or whatever is something I remember as being very awkward. I remember the "several iterations of getting things to work" only too well. But when you're 11 you just think you aren't very good at it or haven't understood it. And possibly both are true.
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