Date: 2012-01-07 18:05 (UTC)
lavendersparkle: (Lady Garden)
I like my mooncup and took to it easily, but I realised in a conversation with some friends about bedikah cloths that I'm more comfortable than most about rummaging about in my fundament and my vagina's rather cooperative. My only problem was one time I was drunk and managed to insert it sideways.

I'm using cloth pads at the moment because I had my IUS replaced a few months ago and I want it to bed in a bit before I risk using a menstrual cup in case I accidentally pull it out. I'm also hoping my periods might go away again. I've tried a couple of brands and I really hate lunapads. They seem the least sensibly designed cloth pads I've come across and I think it's a real shame that they are the most well known brand, as I'm sure some women are put off all cloth pads by the stupid rick rak design.
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