Date: 2011-02-21 09:24 (UTC)
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I don't like the idea of party lists.

I haven't lived under the Scottish system (though I might have voted under it) with first and second class MPs representing the same people through different sized constituencies, but it seems like a good real-world system to me. I guess that might have party lists somewhere in the details, though there might be a way to use the votes cast to pick which representative of the "extra" party gets in.

I ought to explore open primaries further. The idea that only those who belong to the winning party get to choose the representative seems bad, but opening it up to the whole electorate risks a whole new level of tactical voting: I could vote for the fascist standing for the right to be the Conservative candidate to ensure that the tories don't defeat the libdems, which seems to have very dangerous potential.

I'm much more interested in something more radical such as approval voting which lets me express what really matters to me - which of the candidates would I find acceptable ?

However I realized during (not after) the last general election that I need to figure out something much more fundamental before I'm really ready to choose a voting system. My vote in a general election is used to do two different things: it is explicitly picking my representative in Parliament and implicitly selecting a Government. Tying those different functions together is a big problem for me, but so is the obvious solution - presidential government.
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