2016-03-26 15:40
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There's less than a week left until nominations close, and I've not read much in the last few weeks, nor do I expect to in the remaining days. So I'm going to try to wrangle something out of my placeholder list this weekend. (The placeholder list is where I've put things that were apparently eligible, that I've personally read/watched/consumed/etc and liked enough to think worth nominating)

Tasks to attempt:
  • enter what I've got without any further delay - DONE (phew)
    • decide on the best 5 of 11 short stories - DONE
    • decide on the best 5 of 10 pro artists - DONE (easier when I realised a bunch of my placeholders weren't eligible, at least not for the examples I'd noted)
    • skim the contents of Up and Coming[1] to see if I already like at least five Campbell-eligible authors enough to nominate them - DONE (and yes, I did)
  • finish The House of Shattered Wings so I can decide if it is displacing any of the 5 novels I already have
  • read the remaining novelettes on the handy list of eligible works published by Clarkesworld in hopes that I'll find two more I think worth nominating
  • if necessary, read stories from Up and Coming until I have five authors to nominate

[1] A collection of works by 120 eligible authors, free to download as ebook, available only until 31 March 2016


rmc28: Rachel standing in front of the entrance to the London Eye pier (Default)
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