rmc28: Rachel holding newborn Nicholas (rmcf+nhf)
Nicholas is now independently mobile, moving himself unaided across the living room yesterday.  He's been cruising and walking-with-help for some time, but what he's actually using to move is a sort of part-crawl, part-bumshuffle that I've never seen before, but clearly works for him.  I'm going to try to film it at some point for the wider family.

We're doing reactive babyproofing at the moment - moving things as and when he discovers he can reach them, and refereeing quite a lot between him and Charles over Charles's toys.  I'm just getting well from one of the worst colds I've ever had (I was actually signed off sick, it went on so long), while Tony is just getting ill.  In the longer-term, we need to do what we did before: make the living room safe and reinstate the baby gate on it.  A challenge I am not going to try until everyone is better.


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