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Otherwise known to me as "Lin-Manuel Miranda's cheerleader musical".  A few months ago one of my colleagues pointed me at the soundtrack and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to a bunch of catchy songs about young women being ferociously athletic and competitive, and about making mistakes, and a truly moving song about how you go on when someone has really let you down but you miss what you had together.  (Spoiler: this isn't about a hetero romantic relationship, but about the friendship and shared creative endeavours of the two central women.)

Unlike Hamilton, but like most musicals, Bring It On isn't sung-through so I've only the haziest idea of what plot takes place between the songs. I was utterly delighted today to find there's an amateur production of the musical being staged in Cambridge in a few weeks' time.  I am going to see it; either the Friday or Saturday evening performance.  (fx: clears diary).

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