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GoalCurrentLast set4wk incr28d avg28d succNext possStop at
Active mins483/80562024/960

I'm dropping in both 28d average and 28d success rate for steps and activity, and I've had a lot of days recently where I just cannot manage either, but otoh the actual goal is meant to be a more consistent rate of success, rather than days of wildly high activity followed by lots of days of underachievement because exhaustion. Also in another week I will be walking both ways to work rather than cycling one way via nursery, which should make the step count much easier to hit while leaving the active minutes about the same. So I probably shouldn't worry toooo much yet.

GoalAmountlast 4 7d avg28d succ
Sleep8 hours7h54

It turns out I find turning the sleep indicator green very motivating. Although also it will record me as "asleep" when I know I was lying down and listening to an audiobook; but then a) I had achieved lying down and getting my heart rate to drop and b) I often fall asleep fairly quickly from listening to the audiobook - it's a good thing I know the book very well. I have been doing better at enforcing my own bedtime and minimum-time-in-bed in the last two weeks; long may it continue.

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Date: 2016-09-12 13:38 (UTC)
lnr: (Pen-y-ghent)
From: [personal profile] lnr
Do you mind me asking why you've chosen ultimate active minutes and floors goals which are double the initial fitbit settings, while keeping the ultimate step goal at the default?


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